So me inna one party last night and a bag a f**kry gwan!!!!!! Mi see Dah gyal yah wey name sandy come inna the party with one Yute them call insane general n it cause one big problem inna the party cause him other woman was there to my understanding well a mus fi him woman cause she gwan bad nuh bloodclat but the funny thing is sandy a Richie feeling gyal lmaooooo every year she keep her bday party n mi always hear she say a him keep r party cause she nah f**k fi nutten but I wah them beat r bloodclat cause she fi stop walk n tek ppl man now she deh wit the lil brown Yute wey she could a be him madda round a Brooke valley wey nuh ramp fi beat her plus she have Richie feelings a hoe much man she want so ? Mi kno Richie goodly hear by now cause mi hear the girl say she a come out a the party and call Richie no sah the way Richie can hype n bloodclat gwan shocking fi kno a so much bun him a get #deadddddddd



  1. Toya Pink Stink Marvelous Lovelife Insane….(every man u take u take dem kru name) u hurt bad though…..Two fuq u get and 1 breed u and u feel like u a wife. Beg Richie a fuq and stop slaughter the gal name. After u hungry belly and nyam the twin dem u come a gwan like u want look fame, member u step fada fuq u from you a 11 and every man after ram out u mouth. Toya u stink real bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! time u take a play watch dog fi gal pussy u get soap and rag wash out fi you. Sandy Unstoppable keep them talking.

  2. Toya Stink sorry Pink (whoiii) u naw ansa ,mi naw lie it look like u trouble the wrong set a gyal dem cause dem hv yuh secret dah brown girl deh nuh mix up yuh a groupiemet Liad ………… Richie Feelings big up yuh self …..

  3. A wah dis man sandy get lef nd soooo…. Richie have him gud up gud up uptown browning; him nuh wah unu. Proppa Gyal weh nuh manni manni

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