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Would Love To Know :

This Man Recognize His Chil’Ren????
Dolly & Sweets it’s obvious y’all have
Cushing Syndrome Filters Can Do So Much. When I See Sweets In Person She Tie & Dye (with them damn knuckles) & Dolly Looks Like A Burnt Orange. Face big & round like bubble very unattractive! Y’all took the advice about too much makeup cuz unu all stop wear eyelash DWL but please.. Too much bleaching unu look like Vampire!

54 thoughts on “BAD PPL

        1. dat r ride awayyyyyyyyyy dese ppl bad oooooo a caw deal :ngakak cassen seh all dis man yah doah noe sweets n dolly from adams smh

          1. DWRCL Sara Shari & Yonique please behave O.. Dem think dem look good but dem stay very bad

    1. Why would your reasoning not be I must know Sara…..or better yet Sweets is a friend of a friend on IG and wished her Sister Sara Happy Birthday!
      @FP….you are developing an obsession with this investigation :nerd

  1. Met those lil girls usto shit inns pit toilet they acting like them boassy like dem nuh member where they coming from

        1. Dolly can’t even spell NURSE much less bout a go school I know for a fact she is not in school YONIQUE ROBINSON go to tek man & gal school.

          How u in nursing school & didn’t graduate high school ? … Last time I check Dolly major was Pum Pum & minor Dick

          1. shalama shalama, metty dash di holy wata pon fp fi mi cuz she getting very bad round here. spin mi roll an cut :ngacir2

          2. you and your frenz dem bad mind!!!!!!!!!!!! stop it,,,,,,,, it dont sound good ……………..

          3. Zerva I wouldn’t lie she doesn’t have a h.s diploma lol the girl can’t even read. The time dem ah model an pose dem go tek up a rass book! Dolly couldn’t even read the first page of a book she woulda buck like bull cow every 2 minutes. Dem gal deh nuh wah further them education dem only wa further them front to the highest bidder she need fi change her name to Yucky Robinson.

  2. Go see her picture she post, she’s in School. Well that’s what she may want the world to think Sweets said meet you at the top Sis. IJS

  3. Lmfaooo sweets is doing a CNA course in school ! Dolly is just for show! Sweets need to shut up tired ah she now cuz she Nuh bad OUT LOUD .. Kmt can’t even cuss .. Dolly been talking bout she going school for medical billing & coding lmfaooo she been cocky billing & pussci coding.. NAH LOOK! All she a Gwan no school she Nuh guh & broke like Dog! Like c’mon you girl try something new now u Nuh find d rich man yet u na find him again u a whore too long!

    1. So her School picture in blue and the class room is just a lie? Wonder why people love show off and living a lie. IJS

  4. Sweets shut up or yucky Robinson is that you? Who BADMIND ppl with Cushing syndrome???? LIKE WHO THOUGH… Lmfaooo dead to rass

  5. All me know, dem very white. As much as this is NEWS to me, me neva know dem ave anada sister, SHE IS AS WHITE AS DEM…Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  6. All me see is a separate picture of a classroom & a single pic of dolly elsewhere … DWRCL dolly love fool unu up GAD KNOW .. She has on a blue jacket!!! Bout uniform lmfao I’m dying

    1. What more will they do for attention, poor Dolly, Sweets always takes the spot light. Sweets went to Jamaica with Kim P. and show off her pictures while Dolly sit back and watch. So the other girl in the pictures is their Sister from they Father? Bleaching is taking over the Women in that family, what happen to love the skin you’re in? IJS

  7. Don’t know y somebody coulda bleach demself to look white like chalk but to each Is own frm da before pics me see of these girls before da bleaching dem did tan good now me nuh know wah dem fava dis a sickness

  8. i cannot cross it :ngakak I need a ship DOLLY DOLLY POSH DID u do your entrance exam :cystg DOLLY VERSACE did u get your GED :cystg DOLLY are u currently doing your prerequisites ? DOLLY BOY THIS IS ALOT OF QUESTION I CANNOT CROSS IT :ngakak :malu :ngakak come sit over ere with me DOLL DOLL :peluk

  9. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    dolly do go to allen school of health sciences on jamaica ave…mi nah ask

    (Simplicity soon sign in)

  10. Every post wid dem zutupek yah dis spanish gal quena always run een bout my fave sista, their dressing sweets is ur girl blah blah like they are significant get a LIFE & stop with this ass kissing of these broke birds

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