so met y mi a hear sey rere go look her friend man (kiddy) & hear him f@ck her too

thats y dem no talk ( the girl in the black short dress) smh

u nuh tired fi dey with married man gal

so mi see them kick the girl outta the crew now fi that whore shauna who cant even keep a friend fi too long

the girl in the black with rere was friend and she drop the gal fi shauna who a walk and talk shit bout her so

that y she and indie and bubbles a friend wid her now (thats shauna)

come to think of it shauna and her own cousin cash is not even friends smh

kizzy get a 1 f**k from the girl in the black man kiddy and so did rere caz she always throwing herself at the boy

rere & rankin……. rere& kiddy ……………. rere& shaun ………… rere& half of philadelphia

i like seeing that girl in the black caz she always humble but what a crew u really put yourself in child

44 thoughts on “PILTEKATON

  1. All these girls are classified as HOES in philly. non is excluded. Rere and shauna is the most nastiess gal and dem have the innocennt idiot gyal a follow them like kizzy and nicki then u have indy weh a fuk and dont know who to fuk har man or keno mi glad keno lef har tuff ass not to mention di old woman bubles she need fi reitre now she washed up. rere u nasty u fuk ya bf you ah fuk bengo, kiddy , burgs, shabba, your friend lil brother the little boy,outlaw and god know who else Rere you need to have pussy principle man

    1. Indy a fu**kka gayl long time she stay bad and always have one some shit that dont make sense u ever see her . Toes inna the good good slippers them how them stay bad she need to wear closed mouth shoes or socks with her slipper u need to goo a doctor and go extend u ugly toes

      1. unu notice seh from Indy stop pay Keino rent him affie run go backa NY. . Indiy fi a big woman you no have no respect or pride. Ah so you desperate fi man dat Keino you pick as ur choice.. Keino look like him wah a good scrubb. Mi cah desperate so and go pick up young dancer bwoy fi come dance ina my pocket and dance out my hole.All ur man wah a bax fi meck waste like you a teck him moneyy gi lickel bwoy. Indy when was ur last doctor visit? cause you a sleep wid Keino who a sleep wid everyboddie. yucck . Mi fren seh fi tell you ur Truck meck a comfortable bed when dem a get busy after the club. :ngakak :travel

        1. Keino neva did want stinking puxxy pig face indy a long time she a fukk pan her baby f noather cause them sey she did give him jacket and she tie him she a fukk out a door no man no want her f she na spdnd up pan dem cause them say she no know how fi suck di hood good and her sex game lame bitch go sit ur f**k up looking ass down big head clown

  2. Bubbles(curly blond puffy hair) you ah di worst teckka weh mi know. From you a teckk ppl husband all now you cah show nutten but clothes. You forever a kotch wid one a ur fren dem and gwann like you hot. You go do batty and titty and all now you cah dunn pay fi it. 2yra and counting. Ur dawat ah jamaica muss be proud to say har madda deh a Merikka and she a hot gal wid no abiding city.

    Indie Stick wid you man and stop watch Keino crablouse buddy. Di lickel bwoy coulda be ur son and u a gwan like him belongs to you nad ypu only. Buddy fi share. dwl. half a di gal dem weh you a smile wid ina di club a help you wifd him and a laugh afta you cause dem seh a you name mrs sponsor.

    Nikki you need fi stay home, cause u know ur madman weh claim seh him a badman meck you affi a look behind you every where you go. Tell Daymeon fi stop flirt wid you cause you man don’t like it. :travel

    Rere you lost, and nothing can help. After all di embarassment wah day you proud two man a war ova you? A so Rankin money sweet meck you stil a clean him up.

    Shauna Mi notice you a stay een hard it’s a good thing,but u know di ppl dem a seh you a get weak and u need u sleep a night time :travel :travel :travel

    Pretty indian you in the wrong crew and they making you look like a whore just like them. stay wide cause that is not you.

    1. Met good morning omg shaun a not changing she talk bout all her friends from she was in nycshe use talk about savy n her daughters and ugly ophilia and now she a chat bout indy and indy short pig toes she call her friend and a tell them how indy want to be like her n every thing indy see her in she want it and want buy it and how indy ugly n her head big like warff dog and her toes dont look good inna slippers

  3. afta di man nuh belong to nikki him still a run back and forth between the two baby mada nikki is a idiot the man nu want her thast why she start sleep with batty boy daymion

    1. Met all a dem a doggggg shauna cant keep friend member before these bitxches it was dutty munchie and big mouth kay and now a nast bubbles and ugly chicken chest indy she told my friend how bubbles dont take of her kidz and how bubbles love fukk for fame and she always want borrow r beg she told mi frend how indy red eye and want to be like her and how indy love hide and fuxxk and every thing indy see her with she want skirt , tghts, blouse.all earing she a beg shauna fi mek fi her indy stop trying to be like shauna cause she a chat u with u big head self .stop live in a shauna name brand shadow …..just a word of advice

    2. Mi wah know ah who a di next baby madda. does she live in Philly too?? no man him badd like yazz.. i guess him badd dem up so dem fraid fi leave.

  4. Nikii fi memeba seh har man is a woman killa. Me no rate madman weh kill woman. him a ppunk ina my book. Yes mi a talk bout di girl weh dem meck disappear ova 5years ago..If she conn unu and teck unu things call it a loss. Mi no rate him, him fi gweh. meck she gwann play wid har life. chu him send fi har come here it look like she fraid fi leave him Mi cah believe Nikki a get bunn di way how she gwann like a she alone a him heartbeat. Nuff gal a yawd get con just chu man a send money come down. When dem reach a farrin a real nightmare dem come live ina Nikki is a real proof.


  6. Nikki your so call man is a money guy and you always look cheap. indie u always a copy some one style, bubles is a old woman and try dress young and still cant look good. rere you just dutty and nasty u frig anybody man all your friends man and relative u pass through

  7. nssty daivine Ithe one in the black) you a look attention… , you upset with the ppl them because them keep boatride fi shauna and never do shit for your birthday , the gal them don’t rate you that’s why . go fix your stinking mouth and stinking pu**y the man them a chat you , who hide and f**k like you a two family you did a f**k the other day ……….stop carry feelings fi nasty kid you fi member a did sum man first and you go f**k him ………………………you a 22 and in philly 2years and f**k 14 man already

    1. I hope you are not a girl kepping tabs on the girl pum pum like dat. How you know seh ah 14 man di girl sleep wid?/ no baddie nah go divulge dem kinda secret deh. unuh sick bad. :alay

  8. Indy u finally get the fame like shauna every thing shauna do u do thsts y she no stop talk about ur stupid stop try to dress like her and act like her u need to let she teach u how fi suck di hood …dick good cause u puxxy nah help u stop teck likkle boys and mine them u f**k face bitch.shauna can u can’t

    1. I knew this day was coming because shauna can’t keep friends she friend them to know their business to talk about them she and cash was closed friend n she drop her for these hoes thAt walk and fukk for free shauna u always talk about people kids u talk bout Indy likkle son but u always have the likkle boy with u but u still talk about her kids Indy u love telk and brag and showoff and act like u richer than any one else and remember what come easy go easy member shauna no have no documents so she a go walk and talk how u marrigeo no real n u do it fi paper u have to know what u tell people stop make shauna dress u and tell u what to buy r wear u see u make shauna Mek u keep party and then a walk and a talk seh a she mek people come and u what fi look fame inna Philly but she love chat people to cause u talk about bubbles and how a u take care of her likkle son n u have to buy him cloths and things and that’s u friend so I guess u meet ur match

      1. last check I c heck I think cash and shauna a family not friends , member blood thicker than water so come out a family business

      2. Is not Indy alone talk seh bubbles run from her motherly duties.. har owna fambily dem say so.. She need fi stay out the parties and spend time with that child who still does not know his father. sad.

  9. guess a shauna this person have a problem with ……………….why if you always see her out why don’t you go tell her to her face , because look like you a walk with a big belly for her …………………..what happen she thief your friend from you , poor big bird you sound hurt

    1. Shauna stop it cause you know you are no bad girl.. unuh go passiefy out unuh lesbian self elsewhere. di whole a unuh did tite wah day and me know is nit a party a cause all a dis. Gi back RERE sweets to har rightfull woman.lol

        1. If Junior fukk she me ago classify him as shit pit. cause him look like him love shithouse. Him wife better mine Shauna really suck him weh cause she desperate bad. evrrybody know har file and man dunn pan har.

        2. Is Bubbles first did a swear afta Junior and now she team up wid a bigga freak. Weh dem ago do gi him a 3some and meck him choose
          Teeka I guess you husband too good for you . stop smile up wid dem vultures in di club who a plan fi over throw u..

  10. whoiiiiiiiiiiiiii if i laugh i dead nikki say she dont need to prove to social network. what you gonna proove nikki u dont have shit to proove. yah man a fucc on you,him still a fucc him other baby mada. u have noyhing to proove so yuh cant proove my girl sit yuh cheap ugly ass down and stop act like yuh a somebody crawl bacc in yuh shell ole dutty gal

  11. jr loves teka him dont need you all whores you no see teka three pretty kids that she give jr that him and him mother loves teka.

    1. Him Love har and no stop gi har bunnn. Chu she so showoff all a di gal dem wah piece a har food. Him no how fi keep har quiet while him go do him thing. she so frighten all him affi do is gi har $50 and tell go shopping and she get excited.

      :supermaho :kimpoi

      1. so correct no man can give me 3 kids and still have me in a 2 bedroom apartment. Main point Teka watch shauna around junior she talk already what she will do 4 him.
        # I hate a hoe#

  12. Teka is di biggest whore inna philly …jr love to f**k whores so him will marry shauna one day like him du tekka…yes tekka kids dem pretty but a jr mek dem pretty…me want a f**k offa jr too lol.

  13. Lol mi want a f**k too from jr. Not because he makes cute kids but him look like soft like charming. Jr Can be mi sponsor And mi look ever so pretty . Him would love this pu**y mi hav.

  14. Kids get the looks from junior not teka. Only thing them boys get from her is a beard they will soon grow. I have never seen a woman with so much facial hair in my life . Sorry

  15. Can someone pls tell mi if this is Indiy in Philly were hve 1 child for Wayne that get dep cause if its her that’s 1 man fool from long

    1. Sikes a drop /\ /\ /\ To di $1 fool up above no bwoy no con mi fren and breed har in less than 2 months. You no see she leff him fi you and him capsize. All when she nah sleep wid di gaza man him still a rund dung har. Loew mi pretty fren cause she a mad you and it nah go change. When you teck you fi teckkova not tunova.

  16. Hey shhhhhhhhhhhh is me first ah look ah f**k offa junior enuh…wait your turn lol,tekka muma ago obeah me n u fi har dawta husband lol.

  17. Unnu need fi run di story about tekka big gut weh she carring n she’s not breeding if a laugh i popup…from teacher get suck off do whole lot of dem crush to rass…

  18. ok chick got issues I just want 2 point out watch u man around shauna Teka she wants him. All the jokes about her stop.

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