Met mi hear say mariodopeboy man beat him an put him out a foreign tru him name a call pan tiffany goodlife belly a yahso nice. Who else hear?



  1. All a them a battyman. Juggist. A f**k bookie from jungle. Mario a f**k Courtney from Fletcher’s land. Richie pooh a f**k gq Dwight

    1. Waaaait deh Bookie weh used to cook ah Lorna’s Bookie??? :sup2: :batabig :takut :takut :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2 :ngacir2

  2. but wait :bingung Mario suppose to be tiffy boo so it must be his baby cause I see dem out all ova the place,and she dress much noicer now ,, :tkp

  3. Met sender too lie!!! Him know Tiffany a breed cause a him breed her and him never one day disown the belly him and her even engage! Yes fi the mixup fass liad people them him and Tiffany engage and happy Lowe the people them make them live them life unnu too bad mon and unnu know a him family him live a foreign with never no man ! Anyways naw swear fi nobody but him a own the girl belly and him live with him family him don’t get no put out yet

  4. @always a peep you don’t fraid them jook you inna your eye?? You dangerous though but for a fact he lives up here with his family (sister and daughter) and he owns Tiffany belly so the put out arguement a lie ! No know bout the man part but the others is lie !

  5. Mi nuh fraid a nuh baddi a di truth, a wen bookie stab him up n put him out him guh back a him family dem yard, n fyi mi nah stop peep nida

  6. Met met me body, but when it comr to batty man everybody know that Mario a one, juggist no say the brother is not, when it come to pooh I don’t think so but not 100% shore cause if he was going that way him woulda more da with Mario cause Mario is pooh son son if u know what I mean.

  7. Somebody run the file on pooh cause i here something is going on with him, I here him and him wife run gone live at a different country, boy 2013 it look like the law a catch up on all these high rollers.

  8. Noooooo juggist and problem deh good and propah!!!! Tiad fe see them ah lef party ah go eeen togedah.. Problem all jealous when juggis go party widout him

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