morning met and meters …this is bam bam left jamaica from devil did a bwoy and come mash up har self bam bam a go a dance from har eye deh har knee and naah stop, somebody anybody tell bam bam seh she need one year a sleep cos har forehead a fall down ina har eye…she up and down ina dance and her son tun (Edited) a ja fi mind himself yuh is a shame to the human race gal fi look after them kids yuh too wicked too your son yuh deh all bout a england a walk an a (Edited) clothes and left (Edited) and give weh the one weh yuh have a foreign may god have mercy on you for making dance a priority over your childern.

bam bam-Optimized

0 thoughts on “NOT PEBBLES BAM BAM

  1. WOW! seen this girl on loads of dancehall videos whining & having a grand time talking up in videos & the most seems like a fun person.

  2. Bam bam is nothing but a waste any day m find myself a go dance like bam bam and dont live nowhere something would have to be wrong. .

  3. I don”t have to go to the video store to rent any video today. Fe wah ? when mi could watch an entire movie at home on dis ooman forehead —— IN HIGH DEFINITION

  4. I have a feeling its u uno nasty big ole tracy from seaview.
    yuh man nuh stop beat out yuh narstniss yet? Wen him beat yuh yuh haffi siddung an tek it.
    I hope is not u BTW I don’t know bam bam

  5. everybody ina england dancehall see bam bam and tired har face ina dancehall….just a run up and down ina video .dirty nasty bam bam go look a f**king life duty johncrow

  6. Hmmm but u tek bus go dance every day an yu dont have a job and thst council house u live in is not yours the nasty dog u have in there mskes u an your house smell moley bitch moove do u have ur papers ur always making fun of others look at ur self ur hol f**king fambly is in sufferation from jamaica come right up. Remember I kno u u have no money u spend ur little benefits money what dat bruck man weh yuh tek weh from u cousin give u on fake hair and cheap close and going to dance till wen ur hungry u have to boil dumpling and eat it with butter where did u get the time to sen dis in look a job

  7. No sah how g tek up dis so everybody know seh bam bam walk an f**k dancehall man dem fia spliff and go ina middle fi go ketch money ina dance wid har ugly self

  8. what a fryers,have pickney dey yeh Jamaica who are beg fi hunger, and when man give you money go spend pon clothes, no have nowhere fi live, cant even look after the pickney that you have inna England look like you have a… why man wany you I don’t no ? you are an undercover sodimite

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