Gay man murdered by his lover in Guyana but di chief gay a talk di tings him say when di man dem go down ina dem car trunk dem doe waa come out


  1. Hayyyyylllllllpppppppppppppppp pa maeeeeeeeee no sahhhhhhhh the man say him don’t teck big man him don’t want worms smh I don’t know wat to say at all

      1. Met look like a him a di muuma fi dem u hear him say him give thin slice permission to turn prostitute no sahhhhhhh n watch him hand movement to him say mcm man den owe him lmaooooooooooo fi services rendered

  2. :ngakak Ah doe know if mi fi laugh or cry. How big men fi gi dat ole tuff crusty turbit deh hook worms :bingung :bingung Den unno see him tam inna di heat ah Guyana :ngakak

  3. Met, Metters Good Afternoon,
    “Gay-ana” mi weak. Mi seh mi love how di Trini an Guyanese dem chat u si. DWL

  4. Met, Metters Good Afternoon
    “Gay-ana” mi weak. Mi just love how di Guyanese an Trini dem chat u si. DWL.

  5. No sah di lip clapping and hand movement have me weak, and the car trunk comment have me dramatize like wah shorty did seh me really dramatize

  6. An why “thin slice” a ask fi shim permission fi come prostitute? It look like a shim run the corna

  7. How on God’s earth dis yah man can deh admit to sumuch crime innah one tory, prostitution legal dung a Guyana deh? and pardon mi if mi rang im seh a pure likkle bwoy im like im nuh love di big man dem? It all look like im deh seh im behaviour was learned. A larn dem larn fi bi gay or wah…caz wah journalism ha fi do wid being gay..a guh im guh a school fi guh larn fi bi gay see yah, bout u cannot stop people from being LG or journalist? smdh. Man u want lock up.

  8. No sah reverse back n mek me look pon MUMMA BUGGA what a piece a crosses. She n d journalist need fe switch roles cos dat dey illustration wa she give is she can tell story. Caca fawt she say she nah assume but d man dem love d car trunk n dont want 2 b released. When dis ya trial ya reach a court mumma will b d 1st 1 2 testify pon d witness stand bout d buggering in a d Cathedral.. Now dis is how u LABRISH n tell story from start 2 finish:) Gwaan choo ya mumma u n u car chunk:)smh

  9. The name of the the person in the video is Otisha. He is the head gay madam! The lover killed two of his ex lover’s friends because he believed, they were responsible for the ‘break up” He then committed suicide, by fire, when he reality took him!

      1. Perfect way to do it yes fire burn more fyahhhhhhh bun out di nastiness yes mi look pon da untidy batty man up top nopes smh

          1. Met this ole hag look like him deh ya from when dem say dinosaur roamed the land him a hook worm him self cho

          2. That name twin slice mash up mi bombo :ngakak :ngakak mi nah lie twin slice not even half slice it no meck lolllllzzzzz

  10. @Met he took a bath with acid then scratched the matches. The head bugger otisha was baptized a Christian as a child but is currently being mechanics buy many politicians and business men who have women/ wives but love like otisha’s car trunk. Word is Otisha grips better than daily kegal exercises. Fu….ing nasty devils dem!

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