BADMAN RUNNING MAN,’My name too light. It blow from one mouth to next. Doan call mi name’ ..KARTEL TRIAL


****As was stated in 2011, Kartel was looking to leave by boat through a gentleman called ‘Dennis’.***** Below , he seems desperate to be out of Jamaica before authorities nabbed him

Aug 23, 2011 Mesages from Kartel’s phone ‘Oh, a wha kind a boat?’
Aug 23 ‘lickle boat?’
Aug 23, 2011 ‘How long dat a go tek fi reach? No don’t mention no reach’

Aug 23 ‘My name too light. It blow from one mouth to next. Doan call mi name’
Aug 23 ‘Mi a wonda if mi fi fly out while it kinda cool. What u think’
Aug 23 ‘No. State of Emergency a gwaan ova deh’
Aug 23 ‘U know no man a Bahamas who can receive me if me ketch di plane’
Aug 23 ‘Yea. A dat mi waan do. But mi naa go can access no funds fi move wid’

Aug 23 ‘Mobay a u place. Meaning me can go thru a nuh stop?’

Aug 23 ‘OK good’

Aug 23 ‘Right now a TVJ mi a watch keenly’

Aug 23 ‘Check out next flight to Bahamas nuh & ask ur bway if dem ago let mi inna di country cos mi did fi do a show & neva go. mi a wonder if di promoter black list me name’

0 thoughts on “BADMAN RUNNING MAN,’My name too light. It blow from one mouth to next. Doan call mi name’ ..KARTEL TRIAL

  1. Bowi kartel u crack mi up. ah wat mek u fraid suh, but wen u ah chop up di man u sey ah u name ‘worl boss’, tek yu punishment like a ‘worl boss’ man.

  2. I’ve always detested fagtel with a vengeance since 2009 how him f**k up de business so bad.. Him and Corey Todd buy out the charts and de DJ playlists.. Open de door fe all kinda f**kry fe creep inna dancehall.

    Fagtels army of sheep led by de john crow spit “waste of sp’ace’ dem all fe get a life sentence wid him cho, how me vex I cyan tell unu. Kmbct

    1. Reader, mi just read this article and yuh nuh say mi heart just heavy. I feel it for that youth and I commend him for his bravery. I hope he goes with God speed and nothing bad nuh happen tuh him.

      I also hope that the Observer does not end it’s reporting there. I hope for the sake of de people of Jamaica (Observer) them employ some real investingating tools and shed light on the wicked and corrupted police, gun man, politicans, and rapists in na di community. I hope the bravery on this young man is not in vain. My heart is heavy.

      Thanks for the article

      1. u mean fi say gov’t nuh mention nuttn bout this… seriously ?!!?!?!?!?! ..brethren jus prips me say since dis article run a 4 house bun dung in d a area…

  3. ‘Ting really start look a way fi him right now. The evidence irrefutable at this point. Only Jesus or obeah man save him rass yah now…..

  4. Dwl this dude is a punk b’tch y run when u acting like you’re the Pope…. I don’t feel sorry for him all that music just prove that he is not what he pain hiself to be…. I know mad boys that have life and trust me they never cry like no little girl… It’s a different thing to have money and order ppl to do stuff, that’s easy.. Opposing to someone that take the action and handling it themself…. Where I come from that’s the rule if you want to be become gangster….. Them mon deh a Jamaia not aoll but most a di so called badman a some punks….. Them fi bring him inna one one a dem tough prison and mek Bubba Shrimp rape him, worst him love bleach and wear extention them woulda mek im a perfect b’tch fagtell CTFU!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jah know world boss u a the real boss mi teacher but the ting look a way blood fi real but let’s see the out come no free the boss

  6. ask ur bway if dem ago let mi inna di country cos mi did fi do a show & neva go. mi a wonder if di promoter……LOLOL..MI FINE DAH PAWT YAH VERY FUNNY….WATCH DE PUSS AH CHASE TAIL…LIZARD DEAD BUT HIM AH HAUNT YUH, FRET RATION!!! CAN SOMEONE SAY FLATULENCE..LOLOLOLOLLLL!!!


  7. World boss was a soap opera gangsta weh watch too many scarface and mob movie. How you a world boss an nuh have no link or no way of getting away. The problem with kartel was that he burned too many bridges and let paranoya set een.

  8. Him only have a tuff face and a weak heart. Prime example of money power. Anyway big lame cocky kartel an soon your time fe pose fe de picha like lisa hyper. REVENGE IS MINE SAYS THE LORD!!

  9. kartel see if yuh can hire olivia pope deh dat a if she a cum awf a har maternity leave papa cuz it pass sticky rite yah nuh it stick

  10. Ah Sah!!!

    KARTEL burned all his bridges
    Roach (RIP)
    Corey Todd
    Not Nice
    Stephen McGregor
    Bounty Killa
    Beenie Man

    Just to name a few plus the idiot gal them Weh him start the gaza camp with
    Weh him do all forms of evil to.. One somebody can’t just have
    Problems with EVERYBODY just suh .. They guy is Ill mentally.
    He suffers from intense paranoia (LEVELS) ah doe kno
    WAH ppl do him Mek him stay suh .. Sociopath Psychopath All Schizo
    He’s clearly not normal .. I’ve heard plenty stories about him
    Which I won’t disclose but this man is something else .. Just wish he would’ve focused
    On being such a great artist & not a murderer … I never thought his songs were
    Made up shit it’s real shit that’s why the lyrics make sense! Seems he was impulsive
    Something bout dem gun deh so special ppl had to die? Lol I don’t get why ..
    If he did the crime he must do the time .. He has no right to take another human beings life. Worl boss look like he fell behind some hard times doh even have a good link … This was poorly done as a criminal .. Waiting on the verdict & the judges final say. ANYBODY CONSULT OBEAH MAN OR WOMAN AH STr8 EVIL IDC WHY UNU CONSULT DEM THAT IS NOT OF GOD!! INSTEAD OF FAITH UNU CHOOSE DARKNESS!!!!

  11. Kart wheel a drop off. Intriguing. But this case has some way to go Met.

    The defense if im correct will have a crack at it as well.

    That thing that Linton did with his facebook postings of negative remarks (if true) may come back in a wierd way. Similar to how they drew on the early release of info to the press – as a way to show how bad the police want to seal the deal.

    They pushing hard to create the thinking that the police might have inserted/manipulated images to close the case.

    Prolly you soon hear a photoshop expert being called in to testify.

  12. This a wa dem call reality tv and soap opera mixup in a one. I think Kartel should have a new reality show call teachers prison pet.

  13. while my opinion of u might object to my impartiality to clearly analyze evidence without bias if the attornies of the defence are unable able to prove that i have tampered with evidence and how my bias affected my investigation not alledged but proof.people seem to misunderstood the statement reasonably doubt it does not mean that the defence can use a far fetch ploy like the lead detective is trying to frame mister palmer as is allegations need proof that the police officer has previously and during his investigation derail and used illegal and unproffesional means to obtain or eliminate evidence also mr finson must be able to prove that the evidence entered is false.

  14. Met this lady on twitter “Emily Crooks”, giving live feed of the trial…. Finson trying to get sergeant Linton to re-open his FB page that he de-activate this morning…. seem he was badmouthing Kartel couple weeks B4 his arrest,,,,

    1. It look like di judge nearly haffi tell Mr. Tavares Finson fi “sit down” again. Mr Finson fi memba anno bragga bragga people dem pan di jury.
      Like Ms. Crooks implied in her twitter feed, even if the po-po did “drop wud” , what that can do? It never interfered with the legal obtaining of the evidence that has been presented in the court, thus far.
      If Finson did have any sense, he would know that it is not the character of the po po on trial…..or if it was the corruption that is prevalent in Jamaican police that he wanted to use as a means of making Kartel look innocent, him wudda try to get him to cop some other plea. It look like Kartel even intimidate Finson with his stubborn stupidity. Now Finson a clutch at straws, poor ting.

  15. The police testified that he is a man of professionalism and integrity. Yet he showed that he was unprofessional by his posting on an active case on Facebook.

    The same stupidity that Kartel did, the police do, he went and Facebook and run off him mouth.

    He also stupidly says that his Facebook account can be hacked. Very dumb statement. He is giving Kartel the option to say that his phone was hacked.

    1. Not saying he was right to make the facebook posts but from what I read, he made the posts 2 weeks BEFORE KARTEL WAS ARRESTED. Also, again based on what I’m reading, when he said “These things can be hacked” he was not implying that it wasn’t him who made the posts or that his account may have been hacked. From what I read, he didn’t wan’t to enter his password there in the court on whatever device they were asking him to do so on because of his fear of his account being hacked if does so there.

      1. I think he was denying making the statements. He was saying his Facebook account was deactivated and can be hacked.

        Fact is, he lied. They caught him off guard with the Facebook line.

      2. It was a silly move by the police, it reopens the conspiracy theory abs rightly so Tavares-Finson is on the attack. Is it enough to remove the stains of what the jurors heard yesterday, only time will tell.

    2. A picture of Kartel on FB is “an active case” in which universe??!! I believe the claim of phone hacking was already made, prior to today’s exchange. In any case, EVERYONE knows FB accounts can be hacked. Kartel can say his phone was hacked… He can say it until the cows come home… BUT.. He has to prove it!

      1. Most times when people hack a persons Facebook account is because they left it up unattended.

        Very hard to hack otherwise

        1. Not necessarily. Accounts of any kind can be hacked otherwise. You can actually be entering your password on your device and hackers can pick it up. There can be virus (s) on the device that can compromise your privacy, your account doesn’t have to be left unattended. If you are familiar with some banking websites and online sites, they will open a new window for you to enter your information and tell you to close the window after logging out to lower the risk of hackers getting into your account. Hackers don’t have to physically have access to the device you are using to get into your shit. bout unattended

      2. The burden of proof is on the prosecution. I’d say 99% of well thinking people know that kartel and co are guilty but if there are persons with a vendetta against him trying to persecute him then the jury MAY think that the evidence was tampered with. Mi personally know seh him guilty, he may not have been the one to deliver the final blow but by association he’s liable.

        1. The Prosecution has the burden of proving the charges on which the defendant is brought before the court. Any allegation the Defence makes in defence of the defendant, must be proven by the Defence, especially in order to establish reasonable doubt.

  16. Finson is a popular but not good lawyer,he is popular because of these cases which he always lose .I know of more than ten people that he represent and they end up going to prison ,I cannot name one that got off a charge because of him .
    He is basically a loser,he lose at elections and lose in court room but is popular because his father was a kind of successful politician .
    Next thing ,this seems to be a simple case where Kartel sink himself,.i love the way the prosecution present the case as being weak then dump the whole bucket on him in the end .People like kartel are truly wicked and vicious .They make money and use it to destroy people’s lives .

  17. Yuh see how every trap this fassy set came knocking on his door? That was another one of his claims to fame. Tek promoter money and “miss flight”… Mi a wait fi the texts and voice notes about Busy pop up….

  18. Not taking no side, but video evidence was not enough in the rodney king case(california). Again he(Kartel) will not get convict for murder(no evidence of him doing it or admit doing the act himself). But conspiracy is a total different scenario. Still a major way in convicting a person to conspiracy is getting the person(s) that did the act to admit that he/she was instructed by the defendant to do the crime(ex. sammy the bull n john gotti). There is evidence of Katel admitting that lizard was a deceased, even evidence that he was there while the crime was being commmitted(spectator). Still no eveidence of him authorising the act or participating. Still i can e wrong… Just saying….

    1. Great point but I should think that if a person meets upon his untimely death by the hands of others in your house and you don’t report it because of be itNot physical verbal or non-active, you’re still responsible by way of common design.

      1. not reporting a crime one will be charged for “withholding information” or “failure to report a crime”, not murder…. but in the end the prosecution has a valid motive and an eye-witness…. i see the case tilting in favor of the prosecutor… but still too early to call, becuz murder is the most difficult crime to be convicted of….

        1. Yes but when it occurs in YOUR HOUSE that’s different. 2 men were killed in flippa mafia’s house and he had to report it and also had to tell who did it, if not he would be jointly charged. When the police stops a car and find an illegal gun ALL the occupants will be charged for possession of no one is co-operating.

          1. Do not want to stray off topic, But in cases like that( jointly charged for not reporting a crime that was done in ur residence), anybody can be easily charged. But more difficult to be convicted. Still anyway u take it kartel loose. Even if him beat the case, the trial exposed a rotten side of him.

    2. Never in the history of the USA has any cop been convicted of killing a black person. Not with Rodney King, Sean Bell or Diablo…black men are at the bottom of the totem pole in the American judicial system so you cannot compare apples and oranges here.
      Evidence need not only take the form of confession but a collection of circumstantial evidence is enough to convict. In this instance, there are voice notes, eye witness and a clear conspiracy to commit murder as well as conspiracy after the fact. If any personal cannot draw an inference from this beyond a reasonable doubt, they are not reasonable.

  19. Jamaican law allows for him to convicted even if him deh a farrin when it happen and most if not all other legal jurisdictions do also allow for the conviction of persons who conspire to commit murder .

  20. Tavares the only thing mi can say bout u is
    Yuh look good nuh rass .. Any Weh mi deh an see him
    Mi a dash di pussc pan him …

    Anyways .. Mi sick a di case
    Wonder if Tavares want mi release
    Some ah di stress fi him (SERIOUS)
    Anybody know him???
    Is a good ting mi a guh yard April a muss get some a him

  21. @19 I agree with you 100% kartel is in a no win situation the entire world now sees him as murderous deviant person and nothing is life is more valuable than your reputation. Kartel himself said it once in an interview, reputation is every thing guard it with your life.

  22. yep he quote it (reputation)fr the novel “48 powers of law”… i guess he had all is pupils read that book, becuz i heard tommy lee quote the first law also in an interview (never try n outshine the master)….

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