DAMNING BlackBerry messages and video footage painted a trail of possible involvement in the murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams by Vybz Kartel and his four co-accused in the riveting trial in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston yesterday.

People in the court had their mouths agape when a message sent from a cellular phone attributed to Vybz Kartel, on August 19, 2011 was displayed on a screen and read out by prosecution witness, Detective Sergeant Patrick Linton.

“Tween me an u a chop we chop up the bwoy Lizard fine fine and dash him way inuh. As long as u live dem can never find him,” the message stated.

Yet another read: “Yeah man a mince meat dat.”

But defence attorney Tom Tavares-Finson objected to the evidence and claimed that Linton had tampered with it.

When the message was first displayed only the words ‘Tween me and u’ were visible.

However, after Linton adjusted the format the entire sentence appeared and Tavares-Finson objected furiously.

This caused fireworks to fly between himself and Justice Lennox Campbell, who allowed the evidence.

“With the greatest of respect, Your Lordship is ignoring me,” Tavares-Finson said angrily.

“Mr Finson, you don’t tell what to determine. I will determine that. You will get your chance during cross-examination,” Justice Campbell said sternly.

“And you determination is?” Tavares-Finson asked.

“That you sit down,” the judge shot back.

At points during the trial, Kartel and Andre ‘Mad Suss’ St John could be seen leaning over and speaking in hushed tones. It appeared neither was happy with the presentation of the evidence.

Kartel and St John are jointly charged with Shane Williams, Shawn ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell and Kahira Jones with the murder of Clive Williams, who police say was beaten to death at a house owned by Kartel in Havendale, St Andrew.

Linton also read a message which suggested Kartel’s involvement with guns, two of which police said had gone missing and were the catalyst for the murder.

“Me tell Shawn say him haffi buy dem back and mi still gi him a new 45 weh me just get fi watch him head and me tell him say any man missin dis same treatment,” the message stated.
Another set of messages also suggested that Kartel was trying to flee the island and was worried about the probe into the murder.

“Member say a me name WORL BOSS so a mi dem a go send fah. But only ‘wee’ or ‘Shawn can sink we so we haffi watch if police ago pick dem up,” one stated.

“Forensic and Crime Scene de a Havendale a look blood sample and DNA,” another message read.

Dawg a bare f…..y me ago tek weh meself pan a boat or somn. It look serious as f…,” the evidence tendered by the prosecution continued.

“From you a do crime you ever see forensic get involve like this?” another read.

“Me deh far dats if anything me can leave,” another message read.

“If me haffi lef di island fast you can assist me?” yet another read.

“U have a link that can make me lef the island fast?”

“Yeah by boat.”

Make me know before it get too hot.”

At times during Linton’s sworn testimony the 12-member panel of jurors seemed riveted, paying keen attention.

The prosecution also tendered into evidence video footage lasting two minutes and 17 seconds which was allegedly recorded at the Havendale house on a cellular phone on August 16, 2011, the day when police say Williams was killed.

The video did not show any faces, but was nonetheless disturbing.

At the beginning of the clip, a man in a red shirt is seen holding a pickaxe and remarked: “Rocky, yow hear we me say a dis me ago use and kill him enuh.”

There were other voices heard saying.

“Chop him inna him neck.”

“Hold him down and cut him throat.”

“Stab him inna him neck.”

“You have a knife?”

“Me nuh have no knife.”

“You have a gun?

“Me nuh have no gun.”

“How unu a par wid the Worl’ Boss and nuh have nutten?”

“You nuh haffi swing it so hard and mek it ketch me.”

“Weh Wee deh? Me want him see wha a go gwaan, is him a go die anyhow him keep up any likkle f…..y again. Weh Wee? Weh Wee?”

The prosecution also tendered into evidence more voice notes and snapshots taken by Linton from the video recording.

“Yeah, but problem child, if dem cut weh dem a go cut go? a dat a di r…s question. Hombre, dem man deh caayn cut, but if dem ever, a Shawn Storm a go buy dem back,” one voice note said.

“Me a wait pan di (expletive) dem fi link me back and see wha dem a do if dem know a dem a go get (expletive),” another said.

The snapshots taken from the video showed a man inside a room with the words PH barely visible on his shirt, but in another photograph Vybz Kartel is seen posing beside a Toyota Lexus sport utility vehicle with a shirt with the word TRIUMPH emblazoned on the chest.

The trial is expected to continue today and defence attorneys will get the chance to cross-examine Linton.


  1. Morning Met! Di way mi anxious mi come work extra early and JMG a di first site me log een pan so me can read up on the updates of the trial.

    But Met, what a way Observer ACTUALLY start do dem journalistic work and a report pon every aspect a di trial now!? :nerd Is what? Dem never believe Kartel involve and did a play politics with the information of the trial before, and now all of a sudden chuu JMG start highlight everyting and video and audio message start chow out a NOW dem decide fi start cover everyting? :hoax2

    Kmt….dem can gwaan. All who did a support Kartel whether directly or indirectly inna di media, dem need fi shut di phuck up and hold a cawna. Phucka dem :cool

  2. so it was never their intention to kill wee? their intention was to kill lizard in front of wee to scare him?

    probably wee was more serious dan lizard wid di criminality and lizard was too weak so dem tek him out.

    boy oh boy, cuz if wee and lizard mek guns go missin, why kill one and not onl save di next one, but give a new gun tuh? dat mek sense?

  3. “From you a do crime you ever see forensic get involve like this?” seems 2 me a nuh di fuss smaddy dem yah ppl kill.. IJS….

  4. Bigz…Word on di street is a nuff people Kartel kill, sometimes directly and indirectly him involve. But dis a nuh di firs’.

  5. Man, di wholw world is watching and if Kartel dont go down for this will be the ast straw for the justice system. Ever hear anything more bout the X6 MAN WHEY DID KILL DI LIKKLE YOUTH? Dat story just dead suh, wah happen to him?

    1. To murasaki….

      Please dont leave out that the so called taxi bumped the X6 to rob teh driver. Please explain why this 17year old, had gunshot residue on his back right hand, if he was going to a fete…

      judge each case on its own merits…there are 14 year olds who are gunmen, don’t let the hype blur the truth

      1. he still murdered a 17 year old child

        and many others too – allegedly


        1. Ever heard about self-defense… how do you explain gunshot residue on teh back of the 17 year old hands…

          @anonymous…do some homework, the deceased had several open cases in court,including armed robberry and attempt rape…ask the police, they know..they just dont know how to retract the story after feeding the public garbage over those months….

          the Truth shall come out… everone in the community know the deeds of the deceased.

          1. What does the deeds of the deceased have to do with him being shot and what involvement did the x6 driver have with him?

          2. I have been following this case very closely and am privy to all the witness statements and forensic evidence…..I also live in Havendale and know that where the taxi was driving that night, he coudl not have been on his way to a fete at the meadowbrook school.

            the deeds of the deceased has everything to do with the case…it proves he was not the innocent 17 year old student as everyone so gullibly believes.

            Call KC ( i even believe he was expelled at the time of the incident) but knowing KC all boys, that would never leak to the media. They rally around each other.

            Please answer what was gunshot residue doing on the back of his hand?

            Any police and law student knows that you only get gunshot residue on your hand back if you release the trigger and the powder gets released. So i guess teh 17 year old was shooting at a gun range before going to a high school fete?

            This was a robbery gone bad, because the so called passengers of the taxi never expect any resistance. Dem bump di man car and run out with machine guns, little did they know that not everybody come out of their car after being hit in the back for you to get robbed and shot. the driver acted in self-defense.

            The driver of the so called taxi should talk about the men he dropped off at the gully before driving to the police station and fabricating a story. There is a significant lapse of time from the moment of the alleged incident until teh time the driver showed up at the station.

            Also, what do you expect, the driver has a dead man in his car, he has to go to the police station and say something!

            Shame on the police for going along with a statement they knew was a lie…The police tried to make an example out of this rich vs poor, X6 vs taxi, etc etc… its badmind if you ask me. They did not do any proper investigations. They relied on the word of the taxi driver and since the driver of the bmw didn’t come forward, everybody took it for the truth.

            FYI there is no previous involvement as far as I know with the deceased, except the 17year old and his cronies wanted to stick up a high profile vehicle and do as them feel alike. Why did the family of the deceased beat up the driver the night of the nine night – I can answer that, they were upset that the driver took their son “on a move” and him get killed.

            Weeks before this incident the police were issuing public announcement that if you get hit in the back you should drive to the closest police station. This bump in the back strategy was a known tactic used in Havendale to rob and kill people.

            Instead of going with the sensational stories( like the driver and the deceased did know each other…blah, blah, blah, do the research…

            if this case was as clear cut, don’t you think they would rush to try it. like Kartel and Wayne Wright….

            The media, the police and the DPP rush to judgment and it will blow up in everybody’s faces…and then they will say that money buy out the case..

            it is regretful that someone died, but put yourself in the shoes of a driver of a high profile vehicle about to get assaulted by a gang of men. Better di gunman dead than me.

            I wish jamaicans would start thinking for themselves.

  6. Mi cah believe seh people REALLY ah chat so pon text & camera?????????

    Nooooooo, people CAAN SO FOOL inna (dem time deh) 2013?????? Come onnnnnnnnn, dat is CRIMINAL 101!!!! Nuh chat NUTTIN’ incriminating pon phone, e-mail, text AND WORST PON CAMERA!!!!!!

    1. I think it was mostly through whats app and BBM .. people always use them cuz they think it’s untraceable but its not that only works when you’re cheating on unu woman thats why nuff man love MIXY ASS BBM N WHATS APP cuz the whole convo get deleted within seconds but im baffled as to why someone would commit a murder and a talk out pon phone how dem dweet and all dese fukkin tings … makes no sense.

      ah mi artist but him need fi guh siddung ah jail … big n serious
      GAZA SLIM mi sayyyyy a piece a burden fi she from here on wickedness that
      bout she see lizard and isnt she going to jail also if kartel guilty met?

  7. I know for sure now that all this demon sing bout in him songs are not made up but true. Him say a nuh likkle bit a people him send go a hell in a one a him songs and well here is the evidence. Him did think God a sleep

  8. wurllllllllll loss cellmate soon ask him if him naah cum eat him dinner((((((((((((( ”inna tony matterhorn voice”))))))))))))))))) lol

  9. Dem bredda ya wicked enuh no sah….all dutty Shawn Storm him wat a wicked f**ka him & dat devil worshiping Kartel nuh fi see road ever again. Dem fi hang dem by dem tongue

  10. Dem bredda ya wicked enuh no sah….all dutty Shawn Storm him wat a wicked f**ka him & dat devil worshiping Kartel nuh fi see road ever again. Dem fi hang dem by dem tongue

  11. good morning met,metters,peepers nd others…

    “And you determination is?” Tavares-Finson asked.

    “That you sit down,” the judge shot back.

    dat pawt de av me a way de judge waan hear nd c weh a gwaan tavares hold several listening seat :ngakak

    1. ————————————————–simply this is simplicity in its highest form …………….it depends on the darkest a so u know when light bright….when dem tell mi seh dem have di bwoy confession pon tape ….mi couldnt believe seh a bright bright addi the teacher really and trully seh dat ….a nuh man tape him di duppy tape himself …………………..Go si Tavares a side step kartel when di sentencing reach like weh him do Dudus … :cystg

  12. People if it was the United States none of that evidence would be admissable in court. All who have smart phones know that text messages etc can be changed. You guys trust the Jamaican police? Not even the dumbest of criminals is that stupid to be saying these things. It may be true or more likely Jamaican police dont want look stupid so they do what they normally do . Make up shit. Dont jump to conclusions people. ( Not a Kartel fan)

      1. Why unu always a bawl bout di US ..when dem sentence man fi 20 year fi teef snickers…………come a law is a law …..and which country nuh use video and recording fi catch teef and criminal ?????????????? I must commend the Jamaican police because this evidence is not usually this CONCRETE.

          1. NO A GUESS DEM GUESS SEH dem inna di mob …………dem neva tap DEM HOUSE phone…………dem yah police nat even go ina kartel house a GUESs they did not have to ………….he gave them what they wanted easily

  13. Met he is going to walk. Theyre all going to walk. If they get convicted based on cell phone evidence a higher court is going to throw that out. Furthermore that is Tavares jury who are well taken care of already. Sit and watch. I dont spread rumors

      1. When a case wins an appeal it is mostly because some evidence was not submitted…mistake made by the lawyer etc etc…from evidence is ALLOWED in court by a presiding judge…no higher court cannot throw it out a whey unno come from? This is what unno walk roun and tell people whey have no sense..Yuh eva hear a higher court a throw out evidence that is admitted and a conviction made? Stop it man

        1. Take them to school Metty! Thats why so many get tangled up and lost in jail because they believe the village lawyers and not do research…….before doing call any lawyer and ask a hypothetical question, you will surely get the answer prior to!

          1. I am here shaking my head for the past week……Kartel, what could he have been thinking.
            Corporate Law: A boss in the banking industry has been sending his genitalia to an employee by text message, employee saved and preserved by converting to PDF, huge harassment lawsuit peding as court allowed text as preserved evidence. BE FOR REAL PEOPLE!

          2. In real life…..in America subpoena’s are used to obtain cell phone and computer records daily. It is not solely the basis to convict but it is certainly a part of the entire evidence allowed.

          3. Quena of all di places fi say something like dat about a di U.S ..I cannot believe di person really se di U.S

          1. met, tell dem fi look up ‘kwame killpatrick’ big big mayor fi the entire city of detroit an a so-so cell phone evidence sink him rasss so till him all get evicted as mayor and charges were brought against him

    1. @anon all di video dem too dem a go throw out as evidence…ok if u say dem won’t accept the messages, but video don’t lie…if that’s the case nuff people inna foreign wouldn’t go jail, and to make it easier for them he had the evidence saved on his phone.

      1. The cellphone company had to send records to the court and to the lawyers, that is why dem mek sure dem testify say dem send etc…Digicel is not only a Jamaican company it a go worldwide..Do you think any company a go leave dem back open so just for a conviction..In the event the records were changed? No..

  14. Check it out Met before you say I am lying. Based on the circumstances those evidence would not be admitted in the United States. Check your sources and come back at me I know you’re very bright

    1. You are talking shit as mi se agen…U know how much cellphone records end up in court? Did you hear that the records had to be submitted by the cell phone company? People get ina problem by email, social media posting..why do u think the court summoned all them people deh whey come wid GPS etc? Mi nuh bright mi jus have likkle common sense because I don’t know any law but mi know fi sure……..nuff cell phone records reach ina court :travel

      1. If cell phone records couldn’t help fi bring convictions criminals wudden a change change dem and what what information is sent on them. Now that the records sent from his phone is incriminating and very much surprising a police do it? and superior court a go throw it out? What a dream

        1. Desparate sinking men grab at straws smh poor unnu
          FARTEL shit inna unnu mout n say swallow n all u can hear is yes bawssse

          1. Chuet how people come fi se cellphone evidence cannot be admitted mi cyan badda..look how buju get ten years ina U.S court fi something THEY SET up..n dem call dat a crime

      2. Met the person sort of have a point but they them self don’t understand the law fully. There is a debate about the use of cell phone messages in the court room etc. What the person fail to understand is, the concern is the manner in which the info was obtain for eg. if it was obtain legally meaning tht the police had a warrant to search the phone and if they didn’t then the defense can argue tht it shouldn’t be use as evidence in court. Since it’s already being used then the case already pass tht stage.

  15. well ah guess Kartel is THE dumbest of ALL criminals, him need fi go pon de show WORLDS DUMBEST CRIMINALS DON’T IT!!!!

  16. Any person with common sense would say they did that nastiness to that boy. If they did they all deserve their punishment but they are going to walk.Its Jamaica where money talk. Like it or not. Any time I talk Met its prophecy. Ill talk to you again after the verdict.Peace and intelligence to you my dear

  17. you know how much people get convicted and conviction get overturned because of faulty evidence that was admitted in court? Sounds like youre getting emotional and not thinking objectively

    1. Do you realize that they took over a week to go over the evidence…the court..to see if it would be legally accepted there? Faulty evidence can mean evidence not submitted…witness coercion which would make things faulty but not this kind of evidence..and u talk bout U.S nuh accept cell phone records…tell someone se u a go kill dem by text and see what they can do with that…as a test

      1. LIKE missa Obrien neva sign paper when him a buss digicel a Jamaica se government privy to all media files……………………….so dem neba have nuh problem a dump cable and wireless because they could not provide such info steadily …………………………him fi ina di world dumbest criminal fi true

      2. Excellent point Met. The person saying that cell phone evidence would not be admissible in a US court should try just what you said and see what happens. Since they don’t believe text messages can be used against them.

  18. Mi say Met, da trial ya hold mi like mi stuck to glue to rawtid !!! Yu give CNN a run fe dem money. Not even de OJ Simpson, Casey Anthony, or Trayvon Martin trials did have mi pon edge like da kartel trial ya. With reports of chilling evidences, a no – nonsense type of judge, constant updates pon every likkle detail, and no stone left unturned in dis case, mi a wonder how Nancy Grace , nor HLN nuh link yu yet. Mi say a weak, can one person really believe say dat dem so high and mighty dat dem can actually beat not one, but 2 high profile murder cases just suh ?? – a likkle atheist who think say dat a only him science ooman alone can help him ?? Right now de ting really look sticky fe Kartel and him 4 accused. No doubts. Poor Lizard get chop up like mince meat, but wid so many tears already shed, and so many prayers a go heaven – bound fe justice, we will soon see, by de grace of God, de right outcome a dis case soon and very soon.

      1. right now di bredda fraid fi touch road…..and I am sure he stillwants to lead Jamaica cause man have him up fi neda killing….ole wikid

  19. reading the comments of Kartels supporters since the case developed, I now realize that this monster really had a cult following going in!! The modern day Jim Jones, except through the sacrifice of poor lizard, de sheeps dem neva get de kool aide fi drink.

    No matter the bad a person does in this life, when that person is by them self, they are left with their conscience, but I truly doubt, as a matter of fact I sincerely believe that this mutant, (caws mi nuh know whey him come from) HAS NONE….However despite the fact that he will go down in history as one of Jamaica’s KNOWN serial killers AND axe murderer, he will also will go down in history as one of Jamaica’s DUMBEST CRIMINAL!!!

    He was egotistical, overconfident, bare faced (as Jamaicans would say) brazen and VERY INDIFFERENT…..“Indifference to me, is the epitome of all evil.”

    He was very full of himself, lacked remorse and very self entitled, (world boss!!) his personality disorders are more than we can count and he lacked the very thing which makes us human…EMPATHY….

    I am sure that if the devil existed, he would want us to feel very sorry for him!!
    as the Americans would say . “This guy is a piece of work, a real NUT”

    1. Mi dem gwaan sorry fi him…funny thing is he isn’t sorry for himself I doubt he knows himself..him have a psychological disorder

  20. @Met how him aguh know, A LUNATIC IS CURED ONCE HE REALIZES THAT HE WAS ILL!!..But no insanity defense here fi dis dranco!

  21. Unno doah cuss kartel die heart fan/ac dem ,plz a beg, its a very sad day for them,them simply a act/write outta hurt bare wid dem show likkle sympathy ppl cum on man

    may the constant hate of your
    shameless world boss soften your sadness

    may cherished memories of his music bring you moments of discomfort

    may lasting misery surround your grieving heart…

  22. And anedda ting, no amount ah money can make this criminal walk, de international eyes are watching this case and if ah even shame face alone Jamaica for once will do the right ting, Lizard yuh Justice is coming, and it will be severe fi de WORLD ASS!!

  23. I woulda let out 1 big ole dutty laff ina di courthse when Tavares get di lame up di judge woulda must fling mi out ORDER ORDER IN DI COURT. Frigga u Lawyer bwoy bout u a rail up, damn brite. As fi dat Wicked Murdera/ Lunatic an him band of evil Degenrates a leave it to GOD fi decide unno fate. Unno tink unno in a hell now unno no see or feel notten yet an mi no haffi wait pon nuh verdict caws Good MUST and WILL conquer evil. Appeal? dem betta try appeal to GOD beg Forgiveness and fi little mercy.

  24. Not sane sista Met, de bowy is functioning mad man, like how some people drunk but can still work and do dem tings, dis evil yah mek up suh, it inna him blood, wickedness coming from way inna de family line like alcoholism, it is him inheritance!!!

  25. I am not a Kartel fan. Personally I think he is a intelligent idiot who got caught up in believing his own hype. Long time Jamaica police want him. The whole a dem a criminal all Lizard too. If Kartel tell Lizard fi go shoot yu bredda or sista him wouldnt have to tell him twice.Him would better off find guilty but when him come out him career over. Paranoia gwie kill him rass and Bigga Ford na go stop .What goes around comes around .The jury dont have to get him. Remember Tavares dont start bore him hole inna them evidence deh yet. Stay tuned. A yah so nice!

    1. Kartel’s influence was strong and Machiavellian. He knew how to throw bones at the youths surrounding him to keep them loyal but still needing him. They adore him and respected his leadership. Yes, they were all criminals but I can tell you of a fact that when Kartel had no qualms about who he wanted dead, Lizard had a conscience unlike Kartel and refused.
      I fail to see what holes Tavares can bore into text messages and video evidence. The whole theory of being set up by the police has more holes than a strainer. The evidence is overwhelmingly against Kartel. Let’s just see what the 12 jurors decide.

  26. So hold on a minute r we to believe the police dem also make the video wit fartel n him boys a tawk bout cut throat n swing axe n no meck it ketch me ??????? Boy Ja police unnu talented baddddddddd

  27. Jamaica Jamaica a me same one tell you say the x6 murderer weh kill the little boy gonna walk. Now tell me, How the hell gunpowder residue get pon this little boy hand inna the taxi? Just saying.Dem man deh own private jet inna Jamaica. You know how much one of those cost? Even to maintain.All now case cant try yet. Money no share out properly yet. Tavares na loose da case ya like it or not and me no like it!

  28. KARTEL



    AN F**K IT UP











    1. X6 murderer…

      When you are driving a high profile vehicle and a so-called taxi bump into your back…you should come out of teh vehicle and see what you get @DIFF ME…

      Please dont leave out, that the forensic report states that this “innocent” 17year old (whose background is questionable to say the least) had gunshot residue on his right hand back.

      So i guess he was playing with gunshot powder before going to the fete?
      How about ask all the people in teh M’brrok Havendale area who will nwo say that since this incident, all the bump in teh back robberies stop! is that a coincidence.

      Please do your homework and stop jumping on teh band wagon…the media and the family run with ONE version…and now the police/prosecution are embarassed to even try the case.

  29. How comes x6 murderer get weh????
    Kmft & it was obvious he killed the person

    The law favors money!!!!!!

  30. I honestly don’t have any comment on this case cause I don’t know what to say. I am however, going to continue to kick back and watch this whole ordeal unfold from start to finish because I would love to see the verdict in this case. All mi know ah dis…people mus stop use God/ Jah Jah name in vain cause Gos see and know EVERYTING before it even happen suh ah Him same one know the beginning and ending to everyone’s fate. Dat mi can seh wid certainty :angel

  31. keep thinking that kartel have the power that u idiots bestow on him.he does not have the money that is needed to pull off an upset.ppl remember zeeks cellphone info and evidence along with dnaevidence were used to convict his ass.if kartel was this rich do u think he would need to beg money to pay his attorney and that is fact thats y busta ryhmes is paying is fees

  32. never see come see. oh bwoy ..i hope he is the one f**king in prison and not the one who gwen continue to get f**k. BISEXUAL CREATURE LOOKING FETUS BWOY. kartel is a serial killer( most a the drive by a portmore a him crew dweet). kartel love the don man ship and it get to him head. never see come see. from pickpocket pon bus to a fly the world . dumb f**k. him lucky dem never burn him alive in the town square like weh country people usually do back in the days to the district trouble maker dem. GOD NAH SLEEP.

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