goodday met you didn’t hear the breaking news, that us marshall arrested chinchilla in bagwhite babymother Tasha house. lawd god met all the big dance did have to cancelled, but I know something was about to happen, after all that gun play at fish night in border lounge. chinchilla shouldn’t be sleeping in the man house n a drive the man car. word on the street bagwhite fly from California to come lock up chinchilla cause chinchilla is a wanted man, him wanted in 3 different states for drug trafficking, met yuh haffi run this story mek the people them come talk the things. how can you be a wanted man and in a so much hype that nuh mek sense, and a keep dance. it really sad thou, chinchilla tek Tasha, then bagwhite tek back chiincilla baybmother, now bagwhite supposedly locked him, that’s what the streets is saying, met what you think

10 thoughts on “BAG WHITE MIXUP REWIND

  1. Tiffany Barbie is f***g chinchilla and she hate Tasha so me think she help bag white with this. She probably was f**g chinchilla to get information to bring back to stink mouth bag white all the money he have and his mouth smell like pit toilette.

    1. What money… what happen to unu? MONEY!…..please
      Dem sey on the streets dat he is working and tiefing….dats all him do

  2. lie dem a tell pon the man dem , how u is a wanted man and ago call us marshall on a him ,Tasha did think him have money, him same fren dem a chat him already say ,all the jewel them fake , no rose gold , him tek the man them tings ,and dem come a big red and see him ,they went to expression too, Tasha aone big money him get, u got trick, him fren dem say him go strip club ,buy pussy ,trick gal ,him a get a law suit fi the shot in a him mouth, Tasha bag white do more for u girl ,him tell lie pon the man dem say dem rob him ,all now the youth deh a prison and one dead ,mr nice u next ,all a u too tief

  3. Then Bag white name neva call up inna the Bready killing saga. seh him run left Bready. Shouldn’t he be low key or the big man not looking for him?

  4. This is truly a mixup men turning each other in because of a dirty woman, everything is confusing to me… And who choose such nickname chinchilla the names these people use around here… Well more and more of them will continue to betray one another that is nothing new.

    1. Mimi won’t know shit this is BRONX SUSS not LA suss ! Ppl are speculating that white did it only because he went n FCK chilla wife and a walk up n dung a tell everybody so the ppl
      Them a seh he fck her to get chilla Info cuz mi hear seh d wife did a squeal tru she hurt they all nasty !

  5. Gavin Thompson, chinchilla toastman ,renne Thompson f**ka u , u think god did a sleep dont it go take care of your kids them u have so many kids in almost every state and not taking care of them

  6. How is illegal immigrants calling police ? Lol y’all need to go home with all this drama y’all not ready for America GO HOME !!!!!
    You all should be in hiding you all definitely don’t have any papers

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