POLICE ARE INVESTIGATING an apparent episode of elderly abuse at a Christ Church nursing home.

A shocking video of an old woman being hit with a book, kicked, pushed and verbally abused by a caretaker went viral on Facebook today, prompting many messages to THE NATION to get involved.

Investigations revealed the woman being struck was Jasmine Hall, who has been living at the Roseville Nursing home in Durants for the past three years.

She has dementia and daughter Barbara Daniel-Goddard said they would be taking legal action.

Meanwhile, Pamela Hill, owner of the nursing home, said the video was not new and they had “taken action” against the caretaker two weeks ago.

Police went to the facility today and spoke to Hill who said she felt betrayed. They had also been to the home in response to a complaint from the woman’s daughter weeks before the video became the centre of attention this week.


  1. Dats why from me likkle me never prayed fi long life, cause long life only a blessing if you are fully cognitive and independent. Those who desire to live to 100 please also ask for the health to go with it.

    Most nursing homes are dumps, and di cheaper it is the worse it gets. Some a dem from you buss di door a pure piss you smell, nuff of the residents heavily medicated and it’s about a damn zoo to live in before death approaches.

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