1. About damn time…lets see if she sticks with it…what you fail to show is how you achieve that vacation/that bag/or that rich life…thats left out…we dont see any of you going to work

  2. I don’t know why these media whores like to project their insecuries unto others she’s the number one violator of way too much, every plate a food land in front a she it reach pon social websites, she gets validation from this she overdoses on these empty compliments so no she’s not gonna stop likkle from dis yuh soon hear who a copy and a falla har style she really nuh memba har rainbow, pretty girl and canal street days

  3. :bingung hmmm does this mean she and Ken broke up? So no more flossing? Mi feel sey there is more to that post.

  4. met meck she gwey a di man lef r that’s why she write it when I read it I just smh because her life is insta ,she a wait until she find another man fi eatout never see come see , when it stop happen fi dem dem come with some crop kmt wining pls

  5. is she serious is herself she talking about. . .she love post up pics of receipts,places she travel and every single food she eat . she say she graduate from nursing school and i have yet to see her post up pics of working in a hospital. har sugardaddy probably leave her and know she talking all this shit. im tired of these ugly black bitches that suck these old crawny white man hood and battyhole fi material things. she will never post up a pic of him because him old and wrinkly . I seen him and her before at ruth chris steakhouse is a wrinkly old man she did a f**k and suck . Them gal lifestyle sicknening but them always have the right advice fi tell people pon instagram and facebook and them never tell themselves the advice them a give. This bitch been selling her pussy from when and she lucky she find rich sugardaddy but this man is married and she was his black slut/mistress when i see them at ruth chris i said omg is this she have to resort to the man look in his late 60s seriously. .. .me can’t stand them dutty black gal always say people jealous of them because of material things that them haffi suck f**k and lick out dutty white man battyhole fah

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