Opii opii opii the years I’ve known you you still haven’t learnt still just a lil dumb b*tch tryna trick the crowd for wat thou? So this gal opal chini stay on snap bashing broke niggas n she fu**g the brokest nigga of them all I will not call any namezzzz n females who actually have a real job n don’t fly from state to state n sell p** n on top of that b*tch u live with u mada in u small ass apart in Florida on the other side of the world??? Lmfaooooo of all the bitches I know sell p**y world wide ur shit dumb local cuz u rotate Bronx Florida n la kinda bum basic escorting dat my girl ??? If u f**g u should have something to show not just a box a Richie Rich food! I’m sure u all now this basic b*tch !

12 thoughts on “BASICALLY

  1. All she do is sell front and act like she is somebody !! That you lef Queens fi do?? Fly from state to state and escort ?? Dem young gyal ya no ambition !!

  2. She de a Vegas now so I guess one more destination de pan the list of where she go sell. She’s trying to be important so bad wid d ole bruk dem whe she a sell. Girl bye

  3. I stop follow her when i see she and her mother a smoke weed pan snap. No sa, she and her mumma big and red and careless alike

  4. Haha my nigga fly opii in all the time cheap pussy dat ain’t worth nothing and that bitch can’t stay more than one night that way!!

  5. Opal is no bloodclate body all she do is try fren all the bit he she thinks be doing shit one gal can friendly so? Bitch live with her mom don’t let this basic bitch fool u pussy deh pon her Farrid God …… Gwan like she is elite like live ur life n do what u do but when u start front n pretend to be watt ur not then u will be addressed likkkle sketel and idk where the f**k she get them ole brick deh a sell fi true Maine no wah she him have him gd good woman she is just the first pussy come to mind when u tryna fly in some front

  6. Basic bitch alert !!!! This bitch and her friend Nastasia (the so call model ) all them do is sell pussy… and make rich man freak them out. Nastasia the man on Waterloo road weh drive the bmw and him own the garage say anytime u come him yard u don’t want to leave him have to tell yu him a go country to get rid a yu, yu love people yard too much.Them is Ntn but a set a hoes

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