INA MIGGLE NIGHT SMADDY LEF DIS COMMENT;-Rodigan brother guh dig off the head stone because him baby mother didn’t include none of the family members



  1. It fi dig off fi more reasons than that! A nuff victims of rodigon nah no head stone,muchless grave.

    P.S. who no like me comment can come feast unda me fi de holidays…open invitation.

    Morning, Met :hope

    1. :shakehand2 They should dig him out the grave and kill him one more time again, bout even in the grave yard him flossing, May all his victims that he set up to get killed rest in peace.

      1. @Anony 10 24…u a next one…. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak
        Dem fi dig up and kill him one more time….,but what really a gwan ova yesso dis Thursday morning?

    2. Omg mi a do mi nails and the way the chiny oman a wonda why mi a gwan soh inna ar establishment……dem fi feast unda yuh….. :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak PP prayer a di best way fi stawt di day but laughter is second best….you ready for the holidays mummz?

  2. What a duty set a bet dem never put no money and dem outer order eeh still a fight over the dead A the ugly one mutt

  3. wow!!!!!if I were a family member I would not want to be on a headstone. Maybe they were upset because they weren’t included in placing the headstone on the grave.

    PS Mutt and Peggy were close back in the days and he was Lorna Fishbowl ex man

  4. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others….

    Forgive me a big dutty laf’n tek mi ove :ngakak :ngakak :ngakak

    what a dutty set a ppl all de bloodclaat dead unno caan respect,what babymada needs to be on a tombstone.if dem waan dem can dead nd get dem own enuh what kind of dirtiness is dis like phuck’n really

    1. Fi show you when ppl fool fool and nuh get teachment in life. When has the living ever gone on a headstone? Why would someone who is alive want to be on a headstone, and one of an alleged killer at DAT? Folks fi teck dem schooling from young years serious cause if dis story true den dis is the greatest act of stupidity ppl waan guh pon headstone*facepalm*

  5. Guh dig him next nd cremate what leff a him nd separate him ashes like clothes,sum guh wid he nd sum guh wid she …mi neva see dem madness yah yettttttttt,if dead did have power him use him spirit nd really fix sum of unno….. no man dis pass all time low

  6. Durty set of people! If this story is true, ask uno selves why di ooman neva call dem. They chat di ooman in front har dawta in the limo on di way to bury har fada. They tried to fight har physically, the very next day. Bung brother Bumpy stole har ring, that belonged to Bung out of di bedroom, and then Bumpy pick up di other baby Mada Sophia and bring har to the same Yaad that di ooman was staying. Classless! I hear Sophia sat on the veranda di whole time, until after 1 in di mawning! Bung family & Sophia friends was there, even Bung mada and no one saw that it was a wrong. Split justice! I rate Bung ooman, because she did him right! This is too much now! Leave di man grave in peace! Hats off to har! Take care of your beautiful girls and stay far away from that family! They believe strongly ina Obeah…

    1. Bitch! Sophia have rights fi commiserate with those grieving the lost (although a frigging long time death coming). She’s one of the mothers of the dead children…none no have no claims to hia rotting ass flesh. Split justice cause unu lopsided.

  7. A wha do Ridigan duty family dem should lucky she gave him such a proper funeral dem outer order eeh leave the woman alone a she Ridigan did live with all dem duty hype disrespect ya from wife whay left long time whay never have no. Money to Pickney a cuss Pickney to family a disgrace baby mother to next baby mother now a show her colors come on now when Rodigan alive a she him rate period a fe her house him left when him dead so what’s the foolishness fa a bet a through him licky licky brothers can’t get to spend the girl money


  9. Mi sure to gad him nah guh rest in peace. All wah a gwan, a LONG TIME HIM SHOULDA DEAD.yuh know how much man him kill? A doh sorry fi him.

    Dem fi kill him bredda next an also BIG PUSSY peggy

  10. real talk man dem coulda kill him again a nuff people him and him followers mek bawl… a man like him dem shoulda just wipe out the whole f**king family!!!!!

  11. Duty dawnette true you know radian did a go leave you you pay you man fi kill him you work to much obeah and it still no work you obeah sophia baby and a you end up with the handicap and no sophia make she look better than you and face up da you duty dawnette can’t cook can’t clean member you side teeth gone and you bun up you mother bun you up me no know wa radian did a do with you fi a hot man cause you never look ready yet you that why you a f**k radian daughter ieasha f*8k each other now you a nasty gal a guan like you a somebody sophia moldy Peggy them mash radian not you you little drag queen and a dress the Pitney them like little house and the parier dawnette the war is on stop suck ieasha

  12. Dawnette leave radian and him family make them heal them pain robert was a good man a him make you did stopped shop lift dawnette move on with you gal ieash member if you continue you na go like it tell the people them say dana beat you a Jamaica after the funeral

  13. Unuh too bloodclaat lie…unuh fi stop the f**kry dawnette and sophia stop war over the man dead nuh know ridigon as nuh murdera…only thing unuh can seh wen him young who know him can seh a only theif alone….sophia and dawnette…stop mek unuh friend them throw wud…

    1. Him was a damn murderer by the gun and de drugs. Add that to being a damn thief…so how you think him come up pon de coke business? :maho

  14. dawnette and hang with racqel sister piea and her tell her things pity she dont know say them same gal deh radigan f**k already and them a smile inna her face lol you never love robet just a look a hype and you dont even like jamaicans so why you around dem just a look a name after the man like likkle miss did with willy but likkle miss never a scrape like you thinking everything is 4 you and yours u preach family first on facebook but your fake real estate ass was adopted and dont know shit about family fake ass talk bout u rich know you so rich why your son father deh pon child support lol fake yankee wanna b jamaican but hate dem under the low a so the yankee dem gwan

  15. What a pity! Uno ah chat bout Dawnette ah scrape. Dawnette and children are Ok! She made sure of that! All property and TRN# she have in Jamaica. Look ah hype? Who? Dawnette been have ties to Jamaica years before knowing Radigan! Yuh ah talk bout Pia f**k Radigan and smile in her face! Bitch you f**ked your auntie man and Breed for him. Yes, your blood auntie use to deh wide Radigan. So, what if she collect Child support from her ex-husband? Yuh Jelly or wha? That gyal, from I meet har in 2002 have always been a hard working, progressive gyal. Eva working in real estate. She lucky if someone adopt har, although that’s not true. Nuff of wi nah live wid mada or fada, and haffi fen Fah self. Don’t be mad, that he chose har. Be mad at him! I met Radigan in the 90’s and it did not surprise me one bit when I learned he was with she! Uno stop mix up di story. It was Sophia and Shawawa who thief on di road not Dawnette. I’ve never hear her brag bout being rich! Stop tell lie pon di gyal. Uno sick stomach. Enough is enough! Everyone I heard talk about this story, only had good things to say about she. Don’t hate her, because she has her credentials. Licensed Realtor collecting Child support beats a school bus driver on government assistance any day! Sophia I’ve known you from Brooklyn and Sonny days! Go find your other 4 baby Fada’s! Yuh gwaan like Radigan alone yuh breed fa! On world tour telling everybody yuh meet, you’re Radigan baby mada. All Jacket yuh love give out! Ask Sonny! Uno want to war wid di gyal fa what? She did her part? Low di gyal!

  16. Dirty Sophia gawn wid yuh nasty self and go find yuh other 100 baby daddy, yuh go bout and breed fe ppl man. Because Radigan ppl dem hungry belly them believe every lie yuh tell dem. Nasty gal a can’t wait fe dem find yuh out…. keep chatting bitch NUh Mek me buss the tape weh yuh a beg him fe stop deal wid yuh so..memba the tape bitch weh yuh a sey how him inna yuh ole and Dawnett a call him and him jump off a yuh fe ansa har?? Bitch mind unuh, I will shame yuh! One room Sophia wid har million pickney watch yuh bloodclaut mouth. Nasty bitch f**k har aunty man.

  17. real estate mi bumbo and thief the man land title after she come a ja and see the man things and badmind ever deh a ja a look a hype a who a watch the kids you know one need it extra extra bitch real estate agent dont have time fi pink wall

  18. Radigan Sophia, if any of that is true, about land title, What does that say about you? He never left har. He was still wid har from he came back up 2012 up to the day he died 2016. He did not go and stay with you, your bag of pickney and battymon son. Nor did he get a place for himself to live. Something is really wrong with your story!!! Stop spread lies about di gal! I took up this argument, because I never liked you from Tilden days. You have always been known as a Liad from Brooklyn, Florida, to California. You ah worry about who ah watch fi har kids, what about your kids. From you went on tour for Radigan, you left your kids for over 3 weeks. Worry about your situation and how you’re going to pay rent! All in Jamaica Begging! I hear, you rent car just for di bredda to drive. Your funds was low! Go hold your Stop sign

  19. Dwl dirty Sophia!! Go hold yuh Sign bitch! And stop talking about healthy kids, because the little one me see a de feneral honey me rather have Dawnett unhealthy one. Dirty Sophia dress de pickney like she getting married and then unuh have the nerve a mess wid ppl pickney. Dirty Sophia pop dung. Yuh sey yuh a hot gal and look pan de Payless slippers yuh have in pan yuh two color foot, yuh want to be accepted so badly that you Mek de pickney wear de same wedding frock a de two funeral just fe buy de brother suit, you and you bleach out friend come in a unuh Chinese outfit. Sophia de man didn’t own. You NUh see you had to wait until him dead fe put up picture wid him fool fool gal. Unwanted Sophia come off a Dawnett name!

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