1. Likes for tingz is the order of the day now – so by any means necessary for them down there – both male and females are doing some unimaginable tingz for money.

  2. POOR all a we/oonu stop mek it look like we under stone dem bwoy ya never stop, a grove road gully dem reach lol the battery place manager a complain for dem a interfere with customers, that biz deh deh so for years. look ya, A MAN CALL A RADIO programme say dem hold him up,.. a the conversation goes,, (please sire may I have your phone, the man say him draw a knife, him only hear a voice from behind him saying, please co-operate or it can be dangerous, dem a practice customer service a road while robbing people, I AND a fren wanted to walk to Chelsea jerk ctr,FROM MANDELA PK the taximan say no the bwoy dem a rob ppl, so…everybody back we up like miss gatha fowl, gunman, teef, and the rest, MORNING METT

  3. Gm Admin

    This is goodly my first time commenting on a batteyman topic. This is because we the men of pinkwall are used to u warning us it’s the norm especially when koki exposure a dash out.

    Pinkwall men are the minority on here but I figured you are considerate of all bloggers so please I humbly request you block out n pre warn us as is ur custom prior.Consider the fact that girls with stiff tatas n phat tun tuns get blocked out all the time n we get why.However I strongly feel that the bloggers on a whole ain’t trying to see no two bullas so close together.

    Kindly resume normal service by blocking out that kiss.Any consideration u can give in this matter is greatly appreciated so thanks in advance.

  4. SPOON: MI DIS A COME FROM DUNG DEH a jubilee mi bawn, mi gone a road at least twice a week, a 2 dance mi ketch a mas camp mello vibes, an footloose them deh dance sell off people party like u would not believe crime a dun people joy everyone from all walks a life, some gal eena crep and shorts to some chiney, white anything play a pure dancing, mi nw lock uo eena house a farrin from cold nd go home go do the same, dem bwoy fi gu weh kmt mi fi slide and wine pon ice up ya, and cringe out deh cho, when sickness come u cant move a one life we got mi no puss a rass, one wig, one frack and mi gone and a bag a bangle lashes, see smaddy say dem see mi pon RE TV sat night, its like that if u sexy and pleasant looking the camera man must pause, MET a FUNERAL mi come and the coaster a race lef the hearse rocking from lane to lane DROP EENA POTHOLE ANDD EVERYBODY BAWL OUT me mi tell dem let out mi rass outa dis pon boulevard they did not tek me serious, mi say let me out, mi jus cross the rd and tek sinting to hwt set a bombo hole wid the lef ova nine night rum eena dem system

  5. Hahahahaha if you think the fish dem is going to just tread in the ocean, while their female counterparts are getting endorsed and big up from both men and women in Jamaica then you fools are clearly delusional. The pro lesbian/bisexual sentiment that is hackneyed with way too many men and women in the island only makes the gays perceive that homosexuality as a whole has become accepted in the island thus giving them the bravery to take pictures like the ones up top for social media. The lesbian business been out of hand in the Jamaica and the gay thing soon follow give it time.

  6. I don’t see why these men’s are bashing the people den is there life they live how dem want nuff a uno way a comment a undercover an hiding but uno day shall com.

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