1. Morning Met and Family Good Blessed morning
    Doreen or Maureen thank God sey dem hole on pon him/she cuz you and the stool inna him hand was about to have a face to stool meeting no Sah thank for Simply Beautiful Coreen big up yuh self Trinidian Hair dresser to my Jamaican scalp
    My my my oh my dayzzzzs

  2. My beauty salon is a likkle stool inna the cawna of my room with mi hairdryer and alla mi hair rollers, pins, curling irons, perm kit, hair gels, combs and brushes inna mi bathroom….I haven’t seen the inside of a beauty salon since 1998…mi duh mi owna hair…demya kinda mixup very dangerous ah mi nuh wa get caught up inna dem summen ya :hoax2

    1. And dis is the same shit weh weena discuss bout dem ooman ya ah lick lick man…yuh si dem batty man deh?!…one ting wid dem is dem have di strength of ah lion when it come on tuh fighting; mi nuh know weh dem get it from, but dem fish deh can fight…why di gal lick dis fish we don’t know, but she lucky im neva hole on pan ar, cause she woulda get damage reaaaaallll bad….

  3. Good morning oooo..
    Is weh dem deh fight ova now?? no man dat man soo mad it look like him did a jump Pockomina. Tee Video man look like dem ready fi buuss him ass too cause him neva stop di fight. Mi wah see the full hundred cause me see di first lick all me see a di revival poco jumping. dwl

    1. Yuh right, but mi see some man deh ah get dreads weaved into their hair. Now adays, some of the barbershop and hair salon combine inna one shop.

    1. Dat is what threw me off too, di gospel music.
      Mi honestly thought it was some ppl rehearsing a play until di lady come talk up eena di video. Dis is not nawmal. Nowadays I doan even meck eye contact wid ppl cause some folks hab a rage eena dem waiting for the least provocation fi let it out.

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