Dre blunt the “pine apple fi yuh pumpum” artist was not at red October but his two lady was present rocking the same hair style and clearly trying to out do each other …. They both looked good to me but I have one question who rocked the hair style better and who did it first ? Andre you got a thing for bald head light skin females LOL



  1. The lady with the big gurlde on fava a her old curtain she wrap up her self inna lol Idk none of them but they look like they in two different generation so idk why dem fi a compete or should I say battle let’s see what Dre blunt looks like .

  2. Freaky bwoy Blut di gal dem a talk bout yuh now yuh a put pineapple pon pussy gu get some talent and stop f**k and suck fi reach di top

  3. Lol leelee made that comment up to isn’t blunt you baby fuva? U trying real hard to hide it and her own friend chat it Seh a him a your daughter fada

  4. Stfu yall dnt know anything about olivia more than she dress half naked and she suppose to. Bloodclaat olivia look better than the woman inna the big red chapalin and the gurlde strong nuh rass . @LOL olivia f***d your man how u know how her pussy stay ? Or yuh big n shape bad ? A bet yuh deh pon r page fan ass bitch . olivia not worried about monster belly leelee nor her baby fadda dre blunt .sender u you sucking olivia ohdee. N the big stinking gyal dem weh a comment bout herpes , herpes inna yuh throat and your pussy u a look company bitch

  5. @LOL 206 come talk di business but lee lee y yuh a hide seh di boy a yuh baby fada no gal yuh bad yuh shame a him can we plz get a picture of dis man lets see if him look betta dan black boy Richie

  6. yow the gal dem look good move oonu fly catching pussy and gweh, woman a woman’s wuss enemy all we go dance for is to cut eye at people that don’t even see us cause some a we no tan good, that dress confusing as it looks to us its expensive, not for classless dance of bhuttoos and critics weh blunt grind and leff more for a U.S.embassy function

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