1. I notice that she always says things like this to come off real, but no decent female finds this tasteful. I cant believe she is still bitter from the bun dem when a she did a si down an a tek it fi reach some weh. When this bitch a perform u cant but look weh after awhile #NoTalent

  2. It’s not funny Ishawna. Not at all. Suh why yuh tek dem over and den leff dem. Yuh nuh supposed to marriageeeee by now wid one of di man deh weh yuh tek weh/ tek overrrrrr. The biggest challenge of taking over another woman’s man is KEEPING HIM Ishawna. If yuh cyaan keep him ….. tekking over is a waste of time.

  3. Yes, confession finally! U tek Toya man Joe and till nuh kip him Ishawna if u reading u r not great at all by looking at your history with men! so clearly down there has a problem! U have a problem taking people’s man cuz di glue dry up muma! Damn disgrace!

  4. Damn dirty mattress! You are one disgusting female. No. you’re a “Bitch” who will f***k all the dogs in the yard and walk away with your tail up in the air. No class dirty Jezebel.

  5. I think she’s a pretty girl but I hateeeeee her mouth/teeth anyway, at least she tell the truth DWL. It nuh nice if say out loud but I mean we all figured that much.

  6. Inna har mouth yucky, is so har teeth dem nacka-nacka? tek some a di dem man money and get some veneers bout gifted and great at tekking people man. Shameless crowbait

  7. all the female goin cuss her, but the man dem goin str888 if is even a night she need money so if she naw get none NEXX she is jus straight forward mouthy but she share the views of many, buy rope an tie up your men, a dah bi foot ugly bwoy mek she tan so too much murderation happens when u sit down long with a loser

  8. Her lipstick needed a brown linear,makes her mouth look shitty altho she talking shit, either way, she is being a clown to stay relevant …she may can tek a gal man but she cant take him over cuz him already know what him wat from her and dats two phuck and a suck.

  9. It’s a Ding dong neck n neck battle between she n the one with the Donkey roun a back ya to establish who is the lowest of the low,crawniest,grimeist,muckiest,revolving door punash,no talent,pass round donkey inna Dancehall histrie.

    It’s no coincidence that you will never ever hear or read abt the term “LADY” being used to associate with Dem two Deh.At least Lady Saw earned her name n even when she wasn’t behaving ladylike,she still commanded her respect n GOT IT!
    Ishallnotclosemylegs u too damn Disgusting now fi true n this is the last time I will comment or pay any attention to a attentionseekingproudhoe!

  10. Too much girls in Jamaica think it’s cool to be an unapologetic whore. I’ve seen girls in Jamaica brag about being a side-chick and wear the title as if it’s a badge of honor. I’ve seen girls scream out at the top of their lungs that dem suck cocky and say it ah Tek ova di world so dem proud fi do it. I’ve seen girls brag about phucking other gals and say dem money propa so dem go in…. SMH… The classy ladies of Jamaica need to step up and start really calling out and shaming these whores because they’re really messing up the reputation of Jamaican women globally.

  11. the question run up pon her and she reply on impulse with an attitude, similar if u hit someone they hit u back, she no hitch look like smaddy an her eena war.she haffi kip her benz, old man joe cant control dat

  12. For the idiots and yes you are idiots who love her and boosting her up unnuh sad…me not even a blame di man dem, cause wid all di man dem she f**k and still a run down fi f**k none a dem nah stick…so my girl nah win at shit…the saddest part is to see the women who boost her up and talk bout how she on top etc etc…she’s a whore and all if a man a go round and a try f**k everything weh a pass him, him a whore too…mi nah discriminate.

    Maybe if unnuh see wid unnuh own eye how she push up herself pon all a group a man and chat up all a dem and whichever one look pon har a him she a f**k fi dah night deh. Maybe if unnuh see how sad and low it really is unnuh woulda understand!

    Too much women a put down demself and hav idiots a boost them bout “winning” for likes, hype and to be seen! Something have to change!

  13. Now i know why i dont like this gyal, she never seem real to me yet. mi granny use to tell mi sey clothes cover shit..underneath all the makeup and clothes she a dwaag.

  14. Ah guess she a trow word pan old gyal Cecile true she a tek popcaan ya now!! Ishawna u tek ppl man but u DOEEEE tek dem ova yere boo cause from u an foota-notsohype lef u neva keep no man. Matta a fact u nuh tek ppl man u tek f**k from ppl man. poor ting kno say she naav a ting a work fi har but looks and pum pum

  15. Cum cuzzling KUNT….hope di next man she tek discharge some HIV down ar hole….no patience for this hoe todey in light of more IMPORTANT issues pon the wall…Fcuk this no talent hoe…all a 2016 is bout 2 show dis germs book fah and love gwan like she a happen….move and galong dutty town mattress.

  16. me think a me alone did feel disgusted by her saying that …it just sound hoggish an me use to root fi har an love her music it felt empowering to see she leff foota an a do har thing … but now she act very local an low life like she a beg a come up …so she a ride this whorin side bitch dunkya attitude a go mek she reach ishawna should a sekkle an fine a nice man an engage an uplift har self now har ex dem jus a laugh cause she look stupid smfh den she deh pon onstage a yry sound intelligent you music a dead out go look werk

  17. Dem seh di eyes are the windows to the soul, this gurl here have a whole heap a darkness in har, now I really just feel sorry for har- maybe is mi harmone, but hope she get help soon or try seek it.

  18. Well Ishawna I guess its all about the hype. Not a big artist from my point a view. Anything to make people talk about her. Many just want to be seen and say what ever it takes for people to look. They seem to forget that they have children and that the things that they say can be repeated to them. As I said its all about the hype even if it means hurting their kids. Not a good look!

  19. Her teeth them yellow/brownish. Girl go and use baking soda or white strips along with Invisalign for those teeth. Dem stay bad

  20. As a woman, as a mother, as an ambassador within music, as a future wife how would like for your son to see this and how yo represent your self a classy woman this brings NO class. it show how low you will sell yourself to make a life how disgusting. you talked previously about leaving a man for the being disloyal now here you are endorsing woman to do just that. how does this empower women how does this look on your “brand” how will you ever go main stream how will your daughter in the future look at you. i will never support you in anyway shape or form or even care to hear a ishawna song if it wasn’t for you looks there be really nothing to you ( still isnt) you really need to look into yourself.

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