11 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE PLASKIT

  1. Pernnnnnnnnnn. Mi loike how she name out har hossets (assets). Dwlll Burnnnnn dem Trisha. 725 on the Equifax scale. Heh hayyyyy

  2. Name them doesn’t resovle the fact that she dress like a common prostitute. She should invest the $1000s in a long term account because the body isn’t forever.

  3. A round of applause because u r accomplished and ambitious. Not sure of the relationship with the woman that posted this but she does have a point sometimes u guys do look trashy. U did answer her in a decent manor but it’s ok to put on a nice sexy dress with a little showing, that is Sexy

  4. Yes Trisha you and your sister spent thousands on your body and even starved yourselves to by bleach. You girls come a far way from being dark and hungry. I can’t see the whole post but I hope Claudette and onikey nah style you

  5. Sum a Dem baddie soon stawt reject yuh wait. If mi caaaaah star inna di baddie an di color wey God gi mi eh nuh mek Sense a rasss . only if mi affi fix tings mi wee fix it an not dem tings needa maybe like if mi have a missing teeth or sumting an it affi deh round a front.

  6. A LADY WITH TWO SON SHOULD HAVE PRIDE IN HER APPREANCE. ALL YOUR ASSET has not elevate your self esteem. you still look like a man trying to be a woman, you still look like a common prostitute, you body still lopsided. so let go over this again assets don’t make u, have pride, so for your sons sake take better pride in your self and allow them to see u as a mother not a thot. in those low self esteem clothes. u do look trashy fi a big ole woman. leave that fi the young

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