Tamara you really go married the man a Jamaica after how the man do you so bad really you couldn’t find another man. Same way him beat you him ago come America come beat you and your sons.


  1. Sad cause she’s a really nice girl ! But that’s happened when you loved older men for money ‘ they control you .

  2. Ppl really still a go back a yard go married man to come America, look like man done pon u over here, all ur ass a get buss and u nuh run.

  3. Sender,mi nuh care wah him waan duh to her or her first son …but lemme tell yuh dis HIM CYAAN BC VIOLATE MY SON ñuh day if what you suggesting is right….then somebody could really lef NY fi guh marry a man a Ja who haffi come live with yuh inna yuh mother house an beat yuh?dwbrcl sender you made my day you need to gimmi a link….you collected $55000 already in child support with nothing to show but remember I told you that KARMA will take care of you

  4. Nice looking girl, man really short. Mama the beating can lead to death, domestic violence is serious and be a life threatening situation

  5. nothing more than the guy find out that she had sex with just about everyone in and out of dancehall a NY,but if him have any sense at all he would ask himself why would a nice looking girl want to come to Jamaica and marry a ugly looking guy like him who dont have nothing to offer except his tongue but hopefully he get the papers and run go back to his baby mother that he really loves in Jamaica

  6. Omg a so much money Tamara collect from child support no mon i would have to buy a house up in poconose out a dat . A little house for me and my two sons .

  7. Yes man beat out har nasty r@ss when yuh fcuk yuh baby father brother an guh obeah man every week yuh fi blo0dclawt dead

  8. Senda some gal luv dem beaten eno…a which pawt ie wurl yuh deh caaah mi siddung an listen gal tell mi seh she immune to har tap up dem… an when she nuh get it she knows di man are cheated :nerd Suh she duh sumting fi get him attention Suh she can get har beaten like di madda wid di lass tuh di child baddie…. den she an him sex and she likes to get choke inna di an she likes when him bax bax har up when dem a sex it turn har on :rolleyes: yeaaaaaah yuh neva know. Good gal if dem naaaa get beaten, nuh tell dem bout now nuh love.

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