question to mariodope

who is wife?????????????????

so far niki a lead cause him breed tiffany and nah luk back

pon she met mi go towerhill and she her and she stay bad but hld up mi

coulda swear tiffany live uptown with mario and married….

WHERE IS TIFFANY NOW?????????????????????


  1. I tell u about this batty boy how him use people girl child. You Eva wounder why every girl him da with him bread them, the only smart one was pinky fe dash weh fe when him bread her cause Mario can’t take care of him self much leat take care of any kids. If a never fe Ven the one him have with her would dead for hungry big pussy Mario. You and u brother need fe stop run up and down all over the place and go take care of ur mother bitches.

    1. So why YOU women keep having unprotected sex with a man that is obviously sleeping with multiple women? This tells me YOU women are stupid! You claim the guy is penniless, yet he seem to be attractive to all these women who are willing to bear his child. Something is not adding up for me? Maybe you can explain what is going on in these women heads. They seem to be playing Russian Roulette with their life.

  2. ISpy,

    There is just something abou this dude that I cant sem to put my fingers on. why him face look so horrible fi someone weh have so much money and all. Dermo fee that expensive in the US. Tiffany I dont sorry fi that, she get tricked love hype man too much now she get used and refused.

  3. a gud fi tiffany u a suffer mi sorry fi the baby doh ,mario u too wicked the gal dem a jamaica fi stop pay u mind u r nobody them soon find u out u ave gal pickney stop walk and use and abuse woman you daughter a go get it back karma

  4. mario and ven dont even divorced so how him fi married tiffany how dem gal yah so fool fool ,jamal need fi reopen back a jamaica ,dem gal yah too dunce mario betta u did make u fren stay with tiffany if a so you did a treat d gal ,yes a did him fren woman

  5. A one wife Mario have an a ven wha Nuh want him,Tiffany you need to take care of your child,the little girl look like she nah grow,ven nun want Mario shi are green card!!

  6. Suh nakeisha yuh really deh with Mario no sah yuh nuh have. A how much Man U aggo tek inna yuh young days smh

  7. Met I don’t feel sorry for idiot tiffany at all she walk round and tell people how she and her bby father (Mario ) leave uptown inna apartment when. A dun a duty towerhill she live with her baby on her lil old twin bed smh

  8. Smh. Mario f**k d easy bitches… Dem think him money n d f**ka bruk like dog. Him Eva a bawl sey him have gas. Hush Tiffany but a beta yu did stay wid dressmeka wearing clothes sediki at least u wud b ok now u n ur bby… As for Nakisha, ur a whore! Rachet

  9. No dutty platti u neva inform u bestie say yo n mario did deh gud gud all did ave in relationship wit mario on fb smh figt say ever man platti f**k nacnac f**k too, as fi nackesha u a d biggest shit house a wah day mi see u pon pic wid flippa a kiss nw its Mario smh yo sick mi

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