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  1. He is not attractive for true, but there is still no reason for you to refer to him as a “nigga” it’s uncalled for and an insult to all Black people especially those of us old enough to remember having to constantly beat white people for calling us that.

    Find a better word and some black pride! KMT

  2. fi real @itsme these party vultures be feening ang thirsty as ever and when dem nuh get a forward a suh dem style ppl. gweh n low d man. unuh fi go have some pussy principle man wid unuh community pussy. If unuh careless and free wat unuh expect. Kmt NEXTTTTT.

    1. @ gf, pussy principle? Dem gal ya need a pussy principal, smaddy fi put dem unda discipline. Dem need fi guh unda detention an suspension from f**king.

  3. him have on ring to him look like him married….a wish gal married this frog face looking bwoy…kermit de frog…smfh

    1. Constant is a married man indeed, sender, yuh eva hear dem seh every hoe have dem ‘tick ah bush? go find urs and loh Constant alone!

    1. Obara Meji thank you I appreciate that.

      Imagine, when I wrote it I thought, I bet someone run in an wanna cuss and tell nothing is wrong and try to excuse the use of the word!…but no lie, in the same train of thought, i said anyone with knowledge & pride won’t come and show that kinda of ignorance, but if they do at least some ofthe regular bloggers with sense and pride (and yours was the first name that came to mind) will totally understand & respect where I was coming from.

      I always like the way you reason, you come across as humble, intelligent and reasonable.

      Happy New Year to you.

  4. All me know the boy that him parr with all the while the one that name ray that boy is with one of my friends from bx and him can lick ass good

    1. Well if this is true and a only ur fren him deh wid from bx den u mighta jus get ur fren a buss lip. Why did u feel the need to share this piece of info?


      1. u see how much time mi delete u comment dem and u still come back a change name and comment?? mine u get ban next

      2. A she did man trick buy har a biscuit n use har fi one night a fun, unnu see if fi 2014 unnu can use unnu eyes n nose inspect the man first not unnu pusC n then unnu come a bawl bout stink n all dat shit cho

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