MONTEGO BAY, St James — Marvin Orr and Adrian Morgan — the two men charged with the controversial beating death of Mario Deane at the Barnett Street lock-up in early August — are fit to stand trial, the Jamaica Observer was told yesterday.
Reports from psychiatric evaluation done on both men and submitted at yesterday’s hearing into murder charges against both accused in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrates Court said they were capable of facing trial.
The results of the evaluation were not read in open court, but a source told the Observer that the report stated that both men understood the charges against them could face proceedings.
The case was postponed to October 3 after it was heard that the file was incomplete as the results of the post-mortem and forensic tests had not been sent to the clerk of the court.
The date for resumption was originally set for October 27, but the absence of a representative from the Independent Commission of Investigation at yesterday’s hearing resulted in the date being brought forward to give the independent body a chance to inform the court as to their progress.
A third accused, a deaf mute, has not yet been charged, and the court was told that there were difficulties in locating someone who could interpret for him.
Attorney-at-law Franklin Halliburton, who told the court he was representing the deaf-mute man, said he had made contact with a communication specialist who would be making an attempt to communicate with him.
The deaf-mute man, who is facing a charge of assault occasioning grievous bodily harm, is being represented by another attorney, Martyn Thomas, on that charge.
Families of the two accused men as well as Deane’s relatives were present in court, along with the various attorneys representing them. Miguel Lorne, who represents the interest of Deane’s family, was represented by Chumu Paris.
Yesterday, attorney Everton Dewar, who is representing Morgan, asked the court to request a number of things important to the case. These include medical journals for Morgan between July 11 and August 3 and for Orr between June 24 and September 18; the duty roster for the police at the Barnett Street lock-up on August 3 (when Deane was allegedly beaten); as well as the telephone records of the officers on duty that day.
The medical journals are to be on the file by 4:00 this afternoon, Senior Resident Magistrate Carolin Tie instructed.


  1. dem want a translater fi di deaf man. don’t look too far. him deh right inna court wid unno. ACCORDING TO POLICE VERSION OF EVENT, one a di accused allegedly ordered deaf man to beat victim. that mean accused is an excellent communicater with the deaf.

    1. same way judas ……and di whole lot of the police force a dummy caw mi wah know wen did deaf man tell dem ..if transalaotr did dede

    2. ___________________________________:tkp
      sorry but a de damn chuet yah tawk,how di deaf hear fi guh drop lick a wan voice alone him nuh deaf tuh :nerd

  2. Dem find two mad man fi blame fi di yute death. Suh di police B!+©h weh fi write up di man bail, an put him back eena lock up, what a gwaan wid she?
    Di yute deh deh whole night an nuttn nuh dweem. Den she detain di yute fi 2 owa an him beaten to death?
    Dem really a tek John Public fi fool.

  3. Morning Met,JMGers,
    Bwoy dis yah look like it out to turn out innah one kangaroo court. Met u nuh hear nuttn more bout di witness wah escape thru window right infront a di police yeah? Mi nuh hear INDECOM or nobody else a seh nuttn suh far.

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