No Sah why this bitch spoil up the man picture. This whore from Mt Vernon weh f**k like dog. Every night b*tch lef Her Pickney dem gone a dance. Homeless bitch them finally evict you. Every man you bring pon rich Ave go f**k you Pickney them know. MT Vernon/ Bronx whore next time top man a tek picture tek weh you self



  1. Den ketch e top man to nuh …
    Sender he look gay and definitely not a top but a bottom hahahahahaha

  2. It looks like she just got caught in the pick she wasn’t even looking. And i’m glad she got caught in di pic cause Mi nuh know a wah dat Stan up desso….. What is it? Looks like a yetti. What is it???????????

  3. him a top man? inna one fake polo hat and converse, inna windbreaker cuz fall a top, and short, because summa a bottom. low the lady, she clearly looking on her ph cuz she nuh impressed by mr. topman, mi love ur color mumz

  4. You have a few females in dance that love to force them way into ppl picture. A try own up man wey no want dem. Sorry bitches

  5. It don’t looks like this woman force herself in no man picture and he doesn’t even look worth looking out her phat like dumpling… The woman doesn’t even know a picture was being taken I’m sure she would of removed herself from the equation… So sender you must of been looking for a picture for this lady to blast her on pink wall and you finally found one with her accidently being in someone else’s pictures… He didn’t have a problem with it because when he viewed the picture he didn’t want a retake… Sit down and low the girl… Top man I wouldn’t even look twice and this fool.. Him must be one of your friends… lol

  6. Top man as opposed to being a bottom bitch? Sender how you know he was ready to come out the closet? Maybe he was waiting till his bleaching reach to come out. Very inconsiderate of you.

  7. Sender i think you’re just really conflicted with yourself and nothing better going on with your life as yo why you’re pushing a topic no one cares for.

  8. Sender i think you’re just really conflicted with yourself and nothing better going on with your life as yo why you’re pushing a topic no one cares for.

    1. Did u see , all unu do is tell lie fi a hype this woman work hard and she only roll with only males, unu chat too much what unu no know, she have up her money she nah look no hype

  9. Sender are you looking a hype or something cause clearly your post not going no where.since u know so much how the lady how u never know that’s her friend and clearly she is minding her business and how u know so much say di man a fish em f**k u and Yuh man Inna unno batty already Yuh father,man and son chat too much and you unno fi Lowe ppl alone di boy look good and if Yuh know brand u will know that’s not fuvking polo dumb f**s

  10. Sender you need fi get a f***g life and mi know say a you dweet miss bitch and u see karma it a come fi Yuh slowly but surely cuz when mi pinkwall u it nah go pretty pussyhole idiot.not even know BC brand and di f**g woman a mind had business and yes pussy did come fi f**k not fi go pon exhibition and Yuh father, son and man chat to much when di man come fi f**k u inna ur batty em hold em nose..bitch go figure DAT ..set a Lowe lives

  11. Weh fake polo hat ago? The last time I check its a abercrombie & Fitch hat…If uno nuh have nothing to say just keep calm its that simple!! Sender look like the lady f**k ur man or something no sah poor woman..

  12. Sender I hope same as how you find time to propose a problem or to pick on this lady… u can find time to clean up your messy life. Because all a unu weh try Bring down ppl on social media unu life shxt up n waah sort out.. some a unu too judgmental all unu do a walk and chat ppl business and none a unu nuh better …
    That’s y some unu caah better off Inna life..

    1. U stink like the lady kids wear the latest bad mind ago kill unu , u must not know this lady check again, mi rate how she take care of her kids and other people. Unu need fi stop. Unu just a look a hype don’t involve her children

    2. What u know bout the lady, how much kids she have, u sound hurt and bad mind, make sure your kids stay good. This Lady don’t even acknowledge none a unu

  13. Bronx hoe! Club tender mattress! Expressions bed! Bitch never stay good always Ina easy pickings cheap clothes. She looks like a bleach out tranny

  14. Wtf is this a weh him favor wid him bleach out pink self…
    The girl not even a giv dem di time of her day, she busy a do wateva on her phone

    Sleezy bitches

    1. U must know a nuff u get, it bun u because she look better than u, she always look good she not bothering no one only u have problem sender

  15. nasty sender because u a mind man and pay man fi f**k u , u have a problem with the lady go look a life Trini gal , u nuh see no man nah stay with u ,yes we know it’s u , u wicked, all when the lady nah pay unu no mind,

  16. From I know that lady all she do is help people, she no mix up , she work and do what she have to do to survive. Unu should be ashamed for trying to bring down a hard working black woman, lady continue doing what u doing god is on your side, sender go get a life and go look into u sad life

  17. Y’all better put her up bitch got evicted!! She has a dirty heart. Bitch you think the man did want you and did a go wife you up. Gucci belt frighten you. All run go buy clothes fi man weh live with him woman fi try hold hm. Come let me fix your wigs bitch!

  18. The man u a take live with his woman and u a spend your money on him go and find out about the man u a take first before u write about another female and man , do u have a man ? Noooo him friend them a laugh after u , ohh iis not she alone in America get evicted so try again , Ohh god u life sad pink wall really how about the TV stations and the radio, boo man u heart sick u bad mind bad, may God go with u, ohh remember pink wall is there for everyone, the lady not even a give nobody the time of day

  19. I will defend this lady till the end so bitch watch u back, as a matter of fact this lady can do her thing she no need help trust me , continue sender u love mischief make sure u can back it up. Watch u back bitch

  20. Nuff clothes mi buy man some mi want and some mi no want so mi no see nothing wrong with that, sender u buddy to bimbo oh my the lady a pressure u all when u claim she no live nowhere, lol, u life sad, ohh god u need help , bad mind I s active around here

  21. You see that big sticking dash weh belly trini gal you gwan man. We f***g know it you a she first never want you dutty broke friend.

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