0 thoughts on “BEDOPEDIC CONCERN

  1. F**king piece a shit , come a farin a hwan like she smaddy. You Berta guh look first you baby daddy. Everyday you and f**k box harrysha get up and trouble people pon FB. Go fix oonu life.

  2. A welfare cash assistance buy that stroller, stop bleed the system and guh work or guh look fi yu pickney dem pupa. Stop being an impressionist , tell the gal dem a Jamaica sey a public assistance a tek care a yu malnourished big head rass.

  3. Omg really?????? I saw this pic on fb and love the stroller now jmg enlightened my darkness welfare people so hot or nah??? Can an illegal immigrant be on welfare? Because I heard she was illegal in America

  4. How di gal fi deh pon welfare and she na no papers? Uno explain that one to me please …. And sender if u wa kno if she get di bed room set why u neva DM har or IG Or FB

  5. Actionpaksadiki is her baby father for her 2nd child. Ah him mind the pickney n buy di dear stroller fi her.

  6. I guess these hood rats dont give a shit its not their money. Its so sad that hard working people have to pay for bitches n their kids.

  7. Smh send you sound hurt bad a sadiki white a shavel babyfather him have up pictures of shavel baby on both his Instagram and Facebook page So most likely a him buy that expensive stroller for the baby a bare false story send in pan JMG

    1. nuh badi wid de phucekry inna de satideh yah, if smaddy a tell lie pon yuh link seh suh but nuh cum yah bout bout a pure FALSE story send in pon JMG afta anuh unno muma pus-c dis doah mek di pink confuse unno much ooo,as tuh de welfare she can be de payee fi de pickney de pickney have social suh a de pickney a get it unda de muma name weh seh rejected but pickney active.
      good day met,metters,peepers nd others…

  8. Who care who is her baby daddy, she is on welfare and yes a welfare money buy the stroller. My f**king tax money buy that shit.

  9. The kids on welfare because they are citizen, shavel been on welfare from the first child. All she now is shoplift and yes the cash assistance to hype. And yes everybody a farin and Jamaica know sey a ground she sleep on with comforter.

  10. Unu hurt bad the stroller a mad unu get the fact straight a nuh welfare buy that… That baby set him nuh want or need nutn.
    As fi weh the girl a sleep look like the sender a sleep wid her mek unu know a floor she sleep the gyal have up her good good bedroom set.. Unu life sad bad lef her n her baby dem alone dem ever clean.. Sender u can borrow the stroller lmfaooooooo badmind is a hell of a thing I swear

  11. @bev shavel is a pretty slim girl go and kill your self hater that is a stokke stroller which cost a thousand add how the f**k welfare money is going to by that STUPIDS

  12. Shavel why is your mother a walk and a seh sadki rich but yet you on welfare from yuh breed fi him you shoulda come off, shavel you is a low life because mi see her inna the laundramat the other day a wash the baby Colthes.the reason why shavel buy the stroller because sadki goodup wive has it. Get a mind of yuh own bitch

  13. Wait check sadiki page his son is there right an him say only the best for all 3 of his kids so if stokke is the top of te line stroller why u feel one gonna have it and not the other….
    Sender u wa sadiki one fuk doh? A that a mad u cause Shavel get knowings and u just get f**k and duck?

  14. I don’t know this girl nor affiliate myself with dh ppl but I know a few ppl on welfare and the cash that they receive monthly cannot buy this stroller. Stokkes are from 700-1200.

    1. Well if a so she been saving from di likkle much fi buy it den. Pregnancy 9 months so she save $100 a month….otay…

  15. The gal 20 with 2 baby daddy .. And ah true she Nuh have bed har best friend juju long time walk and talk dat

  16. U know to all the ppl on here talking bad things about Shavel. A bet say u can’t breed or ur life miserable.. If she did dash it weh unu would still put r up fi dash it weh. Ughhh
    We talking about a young girl here that brought her 2 sons in the world. Noatter the circumstances she have to go thru. Welfare, saleP, hustle. Anything for her child that’s tho women I respect. Don’t matter about no daddy with r without God will provide as long as your trying.
    You could married to a man n he bread u.. If he wanna go cheat you can’t stop him from leaving.
    Bless up your self Shavel, you have the bounce back body. P.S 1 of your instaFrens that adores u.

  17. Har same f**k out fren weh name juju talk seh shi nave no bed n a shi n ar sistah sleep pon har muma bed so ano ntn new ,,, next story diss a ole newz.. Full time now dem Lowe har.. N she need fi find betta fren.. Cause di one dem weh shi have love talk bout har. .. Facts mi a talk .. Big up ya self Shavel body stay good

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