KINGSTON, Jamaica — Opposition spokeswoman, Olivia “Babsy” Grange, says that the 34-year-old mother of six beheaded in the Mountain View Avenue area on Sunday morning, was pregnant at the time of her death.

Grange, the Opposition’s spokeswoman on Information, Youth, Culture, Sports and Gender Affairs, was speaking in the debate on the Joint Select Committee’s report on the Bill shortly entitled The Criminal Justice (Suppression of Criminal Organisations) Act 2013, also called the Anti-Gang Bill, in the House of Representatives, Tuesday.

Addressing the issue of the rise in brutal crimes committed against women, children and the elderly, Grange she said that the woman, Karen Renford, was known to her.

“This woman had six children — four of whom were for this man — but because she had left him for another man, she became a victim of his threats of violence which, I understand, were reported to the police, but nothing was done to protect her,” the Opposition spokeswoman said.

“Eventually, she was beheaded by this man because, as I am told, she had become pregnant for this other man,” she stated.

“ My question is, where is the mechanism to protect our women from this kind obsession, and where is the support they can turn to when they need help?”

She asked whether the government was giving any consideration to the resolution, moved by Opposition member, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, in 2013 pointing the situation facing women, children, the elderly and disabled in these situations.

In that motion, which as unanimously passed by the Senate, Senator Johnson Smith raised the issue of the need to amend the Child Care and Protection Act, the Offenses Against the Persons Act and the Sexual Offences Act, to deal with acts of violence against women, children, the elderly and disabled.


  1. Hi Met. This is terrible. This mad misogyny that seems to be “justified” by men and women is disgraceful. I am still thinking on the comment made by a loose cannon when that girl from Brooklyn and her cousin were killed couple months back.
    And I’m thinking of the other loose cannon who posted when you put the NSFW post up about this lady weh day.
    There are some men bright enough to come on a public website justifying killing women over Cocki feelings. No shame to their game, at all. Sorry for the rambling. This have mi a way.

  2. So since it is said she left him 2 years ago. He was fine until him hear she pregnant fi anodda man. Sick f**k. Heng him by him balls in public

  3. Met do anyone knows how to get in touch with the family I think she have a sister name Paula. I would like to offer some help, boy o boy six mother-less kids sad times a yard.

      1. My cousin used to attend Primar school with her son who now attends KC will see if I can get a number for Met ok.

  4. I know this shit is beyond me the way how crime against children , woman, and old people deh pon the rise and the government not doing anything to stop it.

  5. I used to go to school with her, we were in the same grade together, I left our school in the 7th grade, I still cant believe it’s her, what’s going to happen to her six kids, no one deserve to die this way. R.I.P. My friend karen

  6. somebody need fi send in him picture no one to suppose to a hide this demon people need to know who to look out for and hold him before the law do.

  7. @Meme guh chuck off run off a bridge n jump u wutless piece ah shit domestic violence is sumthin me wouldin wish on anybody smfh is no joke thing

  8. Real talk not the way this lady, mother ,daughter ,sister loose her life no joke no Ina this at all. You shallow minded

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