1. a whppen to da ediat reporter bwoy ya…………………………….a gwaan like him fraid a fire bomb….

  2. There is an interesting question that was asked about the phone being used while kartel was in custody. If you fast forward the video to 43:00 you will hear the police go try to go around the question .

    1. I heard it….but to me people keep saying this and that worst than this happen in other 1st world countries…Police officers are known to call numbers in a persons contact list …….while they are in custody …..really I dont see the problem here ……they used his phone they used his text messages were sent at that time…it makes no difference what the police did with the phone….the reporter is just scared and stupid…..vybz kartel sent his ass to prison …….he recorded and kept evidence for the police …..

      1. Mama, trial down and evidence is still in abundance. People ago find all kind a ‘lint’ fi nit pick pon and still the facts cannot be refuted.

        1. dem jus want to put him like something he is not …………he is a nobody that taunted the people who were vulnerable in society ..him oman cah even talk and I am sure he met other women but he always want to be around dummies…these ppl need to quit

          1. met yes but to dat he has one type……….look bad and dunce… di amanda and shantel was just a one time ting he dont dig those kinds of women..he has a type foolish and dunce a dat him like

          2. met u nuh hear lorne se him ckient neva de nuh where near di crime .which crime ??..and dem gi di wikid bwoy a chance fi g tan wid him mumma and picknet anhim se noooo

      2. Precisely!!! You hit the nail on the head. I wonder why the prosecution did not make the same argument? Maybe the prosecution do not want to divulge all the investigation technique in open court, although this one is well known.

  3. I do not condone bully ism , disrespect or murderer, xept for self defence, but by law , no one should have access to any form of evidence and i think this is where the prosecution or police mess up ,therefore case should not go on beyond this, therefore mistrial

    1. Mistrial why? The judge made a decision in that and he represents the law, wherein the victim here was your kin and the murderer’s phone was used by police but remained in tact you would not want a mistrial. The phone being used says nothing

      1. This is not a drug case, its not a traffic case, it is not a case of stolen property. It is a murder, a life was lost so it would be inhumane if the law would allow trivial mess ups to be the reason for a mistrial. It is not a case of petty theft. A youngman’s life was lost

        1. I am glad that justice has been served as Kartel been mad & evil from he step on the scene and just got worse as he got more fame.
          You kill you go prison for life (or get killed).

          However, as far as the law and judicial process goes, the person who mentioned mistrial is very much correct!
          Right, wrong, innocent or guilty, if that case had been tried in US, or the UK, it would have been thrown out due to issues such as the use of the phone, as evidence is to be undisturbed, or if used in anyway, there should ‘ve been clear documentation as to when and why.

          In no case would it be acceptable for police to go use a phone in evidence just because they want to, be fast in people business, or save credit.

          You also have the issue where the juror visited the office of the defence team.
          I assume was the one who ended up trying to bribe the others, but even it was one of the other jurors it would not have been ignored by the judge. In fact, it would have caused a British or US case to be thrown out, a retrial or at the very least a new juror or jury to be brought in.
          The jury are to adhere to certain rule regulations, policies and procedures, including not cavorting or corresponding with anybody to do with the case, witness, family of deceased or the accused, the press, police, and especially not the prosecution or defense teams, as it causes doubt, a conflict if interest or opportunity to be manipulated/convinced about the case, by additional information, and not just that of the evidence being presented in the case, as it should be.

          We may all agree that Kartel guilty and got what he deserved, but let’s not be blind and ignorant like the sheep that follow him – let’s be real here, the fact is we lucky this is Jamaica that the case was tried in, because had the foregoing happened in the UK or USA, no matter how high profile the case, or how strong evidence was, it would have been thrown out, or if found the client is found guilty, a good defense attorney could and would be able to get a retrial on appeal, due to an unsafe conviction.

          I’d like to see Kartel serve his time as him and his people got away with plenty, and can’t expect to kill people and get away… In the same breath however, the Jamaica Justice system still showing real flaws.
          In this case we got the right outcome and justicewas served for the victim, but we still have to accept that we got right outcome and justice, by way of a flawed justice system, some incompetent Defence Lawyers abd some sensisble jurors.

          We can’t act like because we got the right verdict, that there weren’t a multitude of legal shortcomings during this trial and just because some of us mention them does not mean that we are saying Kartel is innocent. It means we glad for the guilty verdict, but see how the errors made have left room for doubt in the minds of some people.

          Due to the aforementioned errors in the process, it is still apparent to me that the system still has many many flaws and they are leaving too many loopholes in this that can enable people to question the convictions and challenge them.

  4. So shawn got a plea deal and refused it! In my world a every man fi den self wen we get ketch! Me nah play no hero round here!

    1. The judge surprised them..I guess that is how disgusted he was with the case because they said he is a judge who does not give long sentences. They have confidence in the appeal that can never be approved

  5. @met , the law is for everybody including the prosecution dont ? therefore if a rule is been stated and anyone goes against it should b penalize, why wasnt this person arrested for tampering with the evidence, just like how the juror who alledgely tried to bribe the others? everything is just double standard when it comes on to jamaicajudicial system, and again am not a kartel fan , gully to di end

    1. What did the prosecution do that the judge should rule the trial as a mistrial? I did not respond to you being a fan or not. I am saying due to the content of the case a mistrial could not have happened. I want to ask you this, what did the tampering of the evidence include? I see a lot of people running with this and have absolutely no details of what the phone was used to do, it was only stated that the police used the phone

      1. I have great respect for this judge, he had to do a lot to navigate the many distractions that were presented. He truly did well in managing this case…

        There were missteps; however, those missteps don’t rise to the level of dismissing this case. Let’s not use another country’s legal system to dictate the terms of Jamaica’s legal system.

        It should be said that the police will be remiss if they were not to tighten up their means of investigation and evidence collection/preservation and based on their briefing, they are in the process of doing such…

        With lessons learned, the next high profile case will be better managed by all parties…

        1. Yes and that is what the police have said they will do. Mi nuh know why dem a look fi police fi be prosecuted and the so called usage of the phone did not result in any harm being done..protocol was not followed and that is an internal matter within the police

          1. Exactly, there should be no dispute in regard to when the voice notes were recorded; along with the fact that there should be no dispute as to whether or not the recorded voices are that of Kartel…

          2. dem seh splice smaddy show mi yessideh se someone a say tapping but his lawyers did not deny them…he denied being at the house and shawn storm said he was there mi a wonder how di fans nuh beat him fi dat :ngakak they are only looking for something to run with

      1. That hacker they need to put him away for a long time. He has no limit and has to be uprooted from society. Him go ask far as fi a tek up serious criminal activities he should be locked away

  6. Per the police, Kartel and his cronies were successful in perverting the justice system as it relates to the prior murder trial and that they have since learned from that.

    I am just glad that the judge, the police, the prosecution and witnesses managed to deny the influence of the the many intimidation tactics–else Kartel would be a free man today…

    Prior to this case and prior to this type of policing, individuals were of the opinion that they could bribe and intimidate their way out charges and subsequent prison terms. I am grateful for this precedence–even if it means that individuals were wrongfully imprisoned. and I strongly doubt that such is the case.

    It is plausible that some if the co-convicted were not material to any action that might have been taken to murder Lizard, et al; however, they are complicit in the creation and facilitation of an environment that function off subverting the protocols of a just society. As such, they are to be removed from society.

    Kartel should not be allowed to record behind bars. Kartel’s voice is in his craft and this is the avenue by which he poisons the most. If I were to go to prison, will I be permitted to practice my craft? If there is a need to compensate Lizard’s family, take proceeds from Kartel’s existing estate–at the expense of his family.

    1. I feel the family should be compensated, so I had been interested in hearing how the judge proposed that the recording be implemented.
      I was open to the idea, if the judge could specify how it would work and how they would ensure that he did not get considerable enjoyment or additional preferential treatment if was was permitted to do so.

      It was the compensation for the family that made me think that the idea was worth consideration.

      However, if he has anything substantial left (i say that as I dont think the man was ever worth as much as he led people to believe) I think your idea is the better proposal, as then he gets no enjoyment from it, nor the opportunity to further spout his self destructive lyrics (as he would from being given the privilege of making music in prison), but the family would still get compensated.

      Your idea is a good one, as Kartel gets nothing out of it!

  7. Di police an di reporter is basically saying di same ting dem jus word it different…..significant steps are being made to ensure better handling of evidence….but di reporte want him to say it more aggressive loll

    1. i agree, i liked his approach. i however did not like the approach of the policeman, he was not very forthcoming with what will be done, if anything will be done, to reprimand the policeman or policemen who mishandled the evidence collected.

      let us not forget, that we also need to rid jamaica of unprofessional policemen and women as well. this is also a major problem plaguing our society. so if they are now revolutionizing the way in which crimes are investigated, there should be a revolution in the way policemen are reprimanded when they act out of line.

      1. Yes Lundun but u haffi understand that the police couldnt have said more than he did..Every little thing the JCF said Finson run wid and will use their words to make ground for an appeal. It is an internal matter and he said that steps have been put into place fi see that things will be handled differently..He couldnt have said more. People already a run wid di notion that there was really phone tampering and implying that the police made up the messages..He cannot put the whole JCF and the Jamaican government on the line like that…See Moonie a sue deh…memba mi did say already that Kartel used to threaten the media bout sue and most a di people dem whey lef Gaza a dat him hold dem to..they have to tread with caution

        1. ok, i get what your saying met. your saying that the more he opens up publicly about what went on behind the scene in terms of conduct with regards to the case, he would be putting the jcf and the government at risk of being sued?

          1. Kinda, but there is nothing to open up to. Kartel’s lawyers dwelling on phone tampering is just what they are using make the public believe that the trial was unfair. If things were added to the phone that further incriminated Kartel then the judge would have no choice but to throw the case out. Telephones are used by the police all the time, maybe it was what they used to convince Chow to come forward ….all of that the public doesn’t need to know …The phone was in the same shape they got it in although protocol was not followed…di police cannot come say dem a do xyz next ting Finson dem go use that run wid likkle further. Remember a di same Finson lie bout the hacker was going to be his witness and how police tek documents from him which was a lie…….he was no witness only a hacker employed to do dirty behind the scenes job to tamper with the case…they are ruthless di police have to be very mindful of them

          2. oh seen, mi cyaah wait fi gaza slime she get fi har day inna court, mi want hear more tings lol

  8. Miguel Lorne said ” that going for parole don’t mean you’re going to get it “,and Chris Finson in a different interview on TVJ or CVM said that Kartel wants him to file an appeal. Well M’Dear, I doubt that Kartel will win an appeal. I am quite sure that the prosecutors are trying to gather additional admissable evidence in preparation for any appeal, in the event one is granted. To make matters worse , Kartel has another case pending in June with Gaza Slim. So, it’s quite possible he might get additional time for that too, especially if a de same Judge.

    Next, me never know say Shawn Storm a fool. He rejected a guilty plea with less time. Then again, if he did plea guilty, den tings woulda look more stickier pon Kartel before de outcome. But de Judge just put a 360 degree turn pon dem, and just apply nuff shock (both electrical and earthquake type a shock ) and deal wid dem case nicely.

    De Police Officer is a no – nonsense man to, wey hotta dan a cup a tea. It nuh look like nuh baddy can play him like a domino. De man say dat dem “plug every gap on certain issues” and “more arrests are coming ” Boom !!!

    Ninjaman a speak from experience(s). His best advice is to “wake up and smell de coffee”, and ” keep to yourself, where music is concerned”. True words.

    1. With the lawyers framing Kartel as being an upstanding citizen and as such, the judge should be lenient is ludicrous… Who would ever mistake Kartel for being and upstanding law abiding citizen?

      I think it is the other cases that are going to make it very difficult for Kartel to get an appeal. An innocent man would have no need to ‘pervert’ the justice system…

  9. Yow look I was reading about your all your comment about (kartel OK so how come the person that name luliable how you chat like that no sa jah know you know that (the supreme ago work along with this he 2ill fwd) 4th and trust me (good good Martel he be good so just observe listen learn also (Good good ( Bujju also menu others that was highly frame,,,,, now how u r making comment and one of vybes cartel case dropped Gaza slim her papers was returned did you see lo you not keeping up with a go on ,,, eny way this is my email addresses eny one wish to hit me up this is I email link there it goes,,,,, iamthkhatz61@gmail,com OK and to every one out there whether Martel did do it I do not condole in wrath wrath is wrong but lo the game of the system is wrong still yet what to believe is the causian queen still rule Jamaica plus you have the governor general whisper every thing to her she knows every one deeds there she sit upon the so called whatever throne and know every thing so there you go then the procesutor lesbian lellewyn lo yow and so and so on but that, that for now tatta (peace)

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