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  1. Three beautiful, fertile goddesses with child. No belly nuh wear, it shows Blackwomen continue to bear ripened fruit and enjoying a good time no matter what hard times.
    A pregnant woman is not a joke, or something to be ashamed of.
    New life, any any precious life, is to be celebrated !

  2. @anonymous9:19am
    It is according to the event and the mindset of the mom, that there are a lot of positives things about going out and having fun while pregnant, if the event is soothing, nurturing or positive energy to the unborn child.
    I went many many concerts in small, intimate space and seating areas when I was pregnant. Lots of conscious, mellow reggae shows. I also did events that were enlightening, like corporate parties, simple and small calm parties
    Never will I attend a passa passa or ghetto throw down while pregnant with child
    . Or a wild out vulgar party while breeding with child. It is not the energy I want for a newborn baby.
    – this is just my opinion. To each its own. Congratulation to these ladies above, they look BEAUTIFUL, RIPE and HAPPY

  3. I haven’t bared a child yet…. HOWEVER… What’s wrong with STILL enjoying yourself? Pregnancy isn’t a disability… furthermore, as a pregnant woman what i there to do during party hrs?!?! Suppose dem tyad fi lock up inna house and decide to step out and hear some chunes?? It’s a crime?!?!?!
    To the mothers to be… You ladies are glowing!!! Safe delivery when your time comes!!!

    1. Your child’s safety should be your first priority so NO there is no place for a pregnant woman in a dance.
      Imagine if a fight was to bruck out or people start pushing or something happens and you need to run to the exit – If you aint ready to change your lifestyle then you aint ready for a child.
      There’re plenty descent places for a pregnant women to go

  4. I’m the 1 in the white dress, & yes I’m at my brother party supporting him with my husband by my side. Who mad???? & yes I sure did enjoy myself. When did it become a crime for a pregnant woman to party. I’m 5 month’s pregnant an proud.sure did dance & an enjoy mi self while sipping on cranberry juice. Why dem mad???

  5. First off being a mother is a blessing & the most beautiful thing a woman can do in their life. Secondly,the ugly monkey in the brown is not pregnant. Third thing, The 1 in the baby doll dress is a liar when it comes to being pregnant. She once lied about being pregnant for about 18 months an carried a fake belly for the 18 months. No 1 still haven’t seen her baby. & if u look on Mypartylife pic site you’ll see her drinking bailey’s in the party with her big belly. Wow is she serious???

  6. shev (baby doll dress) lie nuh bloodclaut ever ah “breed” & all now baby cyaa show. Shi wicked nuh bloodclaut. Di duppy bat inna di brown nah breed she have baby inna October but har belly just big & she stay very bad nuh bloodclaut

  7. The one in the brown have baby already. A she a bleacher. Her baby father that behind her. Always a call him woman dem ugly and she stay bad fr top to bottom. Shelly like how u deliver di beating ago start again. Shev u had about 4 mate in bashy dance. I laugh till I weak Saturday in a di empty dance

  8. No 4real somebody shev pregnant? Coz when I use to work in her shop she used to bad mouth the same girl in the white dress bout the girl cyan have baby,& me hear sah the girl have twins almost 2yrs ago an pregnant again. So a who a the bless 1 now not the girl in the white dress. Shev is very bad mind & jealous gal. Talk bad bout ppl & u cyan carry a baby all now. Pure things she used to chat up a the shop on the ave. U likkle gal gwan sofah.

  9. The 1 in the brown shape bad frm morning no bloodclaut. Har man need fi tell har fi stop the bleaching coz it nah reach a bloodclaut. She Ugly no bloodclaut. A she an chevy a fren now an har man cyan stand chevy she just use chevy fi do har stay bad hair. Chevy cyan even do hair she need to ole several seats. Den den she run down, coz the girl pregnant & happy.

  10. Who shev nuh chat bout. She is just lie & wicked from 2009 she ah seh she ah breed & all now nuttin cyaa show, she siddung pon everybody name & chat bout dem & she nuh have nuttin ah farrin. Hyoe brag & boast like seh yuh shit can mek patty & yuh nuh own nuttin in america. Everybody find yuh out & nobody nuh wah tlk to yuh. Now you & shelly ah fren & yuh done har dawg rotten, ummm ms. Shevvy what happen to the “shop” that you supposedly owned. MNFL

  11. On a serious note who shev nuh chat bout? She grudge everybody, from 2009 she ah seh she ah breed & all now nuttin nuh come outta it. She gwan like she happy & nice & she & har madda haffi use chandle & flash light inna dem apartment, shev what happen to the shop yuh supposedly own? Yuh brave nuh rass fi ah show yuh face & yuh owe how much in ppl money. Yuh have yuh dummy fren guh tell supa claude fi big yuh up pon mic but bashy nah own yuh. Yuh call yuh self first lady & bashy have how much in woman out deh,yuh obeah him suh him can stay wid yuh & it nuh work. Yuh grudge him baby mother & she nah look pon yuh. Yuh out deh ah try & find info bout di girl & still cyaa get nuttin. How yuh feel fi big up shelly as fren & she nuh ramp fi chat yuh. Mnfl

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