A Zimbabwean man pleaded guilty in the Western Cape High Court on Monday morning to stabbing Mbuyiselo Manona to death last year and removing his heart.
On the first day of the trial of Andrew Chimboza, 35, it was revealed he had entered into a plea and sentencing agreement.
Prosecutor Jacqueline Sibiya told the court he was charged with killing Manona in Gugulethu, Cape Town, on 10 June last year.
“You did kill Manona by stabbing him with a knife and removing his heart,” she said, adding that the State would allege this was planned or premeditated.
‘I plead guilty, my Lord’
Judge Ashley Binns-Ward asked whether Chimboza understood the charge and how he wanted to plead.
Despite having a Shona interpreter, Chimboza, who was wearing a tracksuit, stated clearly and slowly in English: “I plead guilty, my Lord”.
His lawyer said he denied the murder was premeditated in the plea agreement.
The court adjourned briefly because of a technical problem.
His plea was expected to be read out.

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