Benzino accuses StevieJ of posting a personal picture of him and his girlfriend…took the war to twitter where he brought up Joselene’s promiscuity and StevieJ;s insecurity

0 thoughts on “BENZINO VS STEVIE J

  1. Gecko and Jecko..dyam asses…di Beneeno im love liff up im skirt sah. Or im guh look one a dem spring sinting fi stretch out im neck.

  2. They are both in love with hoes. What arethey beefing about? It must be who’s hoe been with the most men.

      1. _________________________ u know say! is yessideh whole day me and mi idle fren talk bout joselene…it was jose before because dat IS NOTTTTTTT woman mi can put one a mi ole shoes pan dat fact.joselene is not a lady nope :tkp

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