Berry u ah worry bout the wrong person dwl u seh u get x5 so u babyfadda can stay wid u longer but him still use the x5 go pick up Tania aka blondbomb inna it but u a worry bout me a put emoj under pic worry bout blondbomb weh a put up Murdock as her mcm den delete it man mascot.. U like to pretend as if u have a perfect relationship when u man deh wid misswaterwerks and blondbomb little gal come offa me and go read a book dunce bat all u know fi do a fight over man..

0 thoughts on “BERRY COME OFFA HAR

  1. fACTS
    thats all she know how fi do dirty strawberry act like she nice but she and her dirty gotti body fren dem been a whore out bronx from when please!
    & she love mind man kmft

  2. A true him and blond bomb deh blond bomb don’t even live no way katch up inna soyrine house a sleep Pon couch dwl .. Berry she a man mascot because suh Murdock cheat Pon her a duh she tek him back , him all breed the ugly bald head gal Madison madda when him did deh wid her berry stop fighting over Murdock him nah go stop f**k Pon u because u too hype…. And Murdock him is a original dog can’t keep in cocky inna him pants and when she f**k Pon him ,him tek she back fi har cheating them no normal at least him hide and cheat but berry cheat right under him nose and eye ! Long time hoe berry u just have twins stop walk and f**k u too f**kie f**kie ,

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