This is chubby mad dem weh strawberry hide and go weh wid and people see dem a new rock a hold hands and a kiss up like lovely couple…. this Little gal bad from her eye deh at her knee who just have baby twins at dat and hide and go weh go sleep wid next man.. Nasty strawberry it’s not a good look .. All the picture wid she inna the green swimsuit who go places and dem kids is only 3 months and skin out like dat…the other day she chubby and her friend dem go holloween party there was no babyfather wid her but she always wan war wid people over him dis little gal have no class real getto rat


  1. and me did think she did a breed enuh by the looks at the picture. smh sad.. if she just have baby she nuh muss a breast feed?
    Goodmorning met and metters

  2. She and chubby did deh from before the baby father murdock WHO IS FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRR cheating on her lmao like everyday ! … Chubby use to just get pare teefing clothes and money from her she love mind man believe me it nuh look good from strawberry in her teens she been on the road she use to live with Jackie Goldstar that own that restaurant because har mumma did put ar out when she was in high school she par wid some one in d same wutless bitches di whole a dem inna bronx a lost cause she loveeee fight over man is a shame she always a chat bout she wah fight smaddy over dem owna man weh she want or fi her supposedly man. Shes delusional .. she living in the fantasy world with murdock that doesnt exist!

  3. Berry is so whack this bitch has no shape no wonder she have to mind man to keep them. She swears she’s better than people when she don’t have shit with her old ass BMW TRUCK. Murdock doesn’t want you he’s just using you

  4. Berry you should be a shamed of yourself yuh jus have baby yuh hole didnt even close good yet and yah f**k down whiteplains same suh you di f**k di big man cuz yuh hear him buy him good up woman red bottons think you di ah go get red bottims too and yuh get one pair ah jordans lmao di man seh fi a young gyal how ya hole big and all di wine yuh did ah give him couldnt feel nothing likkle girl lock yuh leg and stop make munchie dem hype yuh up and she too gwan like she ah somebody weh lisa feel sorry fi she and give har did bad weh she ah sleep pon dirty hoes

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