The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) says widespread electricity theft in the community of Zambia in Central Village, St Catherine, is hampering its ability to provide reliable supply to the area.
The JPS says there are more than 300 households in the community and only 22 have legal supply.

The light and power company says it’s now moving to regularise the community as the theft of electricity has resulted in multiple outages in the area.

According to the JPS, about two weeks ago it was forced to replace four transformers in Zambia at a cost of $4 million, as they were overloaded.

JPS Parish Manager for St Catherine, Oswald Smiley, notes that apart from being very expensive to keep repairing the damage caused by the illegal lines, the widespread theft also makes it impossible to provide a safe and reliable power supply.

The JPS is appealing to residents of Zambia to desist from tampering with the company’s infrastructure.

Residents are being urged to contact the nearest JPS Customer Service Office at Burke Road in Spanish Town, or any other Customer Service Office, to start the process of regularisation.


  1. Its hard for me to defend big teefing JPS but people need to be held accountable too. These same people that are stealing electricity cry that they cant afford it but will spend any amount of money on their hair, nails, and especially clothes (even if its their last dollar. JPS needs to but more measures in place to ensure thatpeople cant steal…like electrocute them backside if them tamper with it

  2. The government not doing anything to provide people with a living so what must people do. How much millions are being invested in highways to accommodate tourist and nothing to accommodate the naturalist. Jps lucky. Kmt.

  3. Jps under new management, they customer care actually good now and my bills don’t look too wicked like one time. The pay as u go meters and dem suptn deh, deh deh fi di ppl dem to get!

    And you can’t blame them for the thiefing when is what the government at the time did sign to, along with them own collections on the side (that them still very collecting of a)!

    Central Village like nuff other communities will forever thief light because whoever in charge of them (don, councillor, mp) giv them right to, same thing with water and cable. Jps need fi tek out them pole and put up some tamper proof wires along di main, so dem wi get jook.

    Dem f**r deh bawl bout them nuh hav it, but guh inna dem house go tek a drink outta di big fridge, some ice cream outta di deep freeze and cock up front a di 80″ TV with the a/c and fan a keep u cool!

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