Prime Minister May has announced a visa-free policy for Commonwealth countries.

With the UK preparing to leave the European Union, the British prime minister could be looking to the Commonwealth countries to gain some of the economic support to be lost from Brexit.

She has announced a visa-free policy for Commonwealth countries, with the exception of five nations. Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and Ghana will continue to have a visa requirement for entry to the UK.

When RJR News contacted the UK Home Office, a spokesperson explained that the Prime Minister’s announcement is still at the proposal stage and is still taking shape.

He said that Jamaicans will need to continue to apply for a UK visa until the details are finalised.

Visa restrictions were placed on Jamaicans in 2003 in the UK’s attempt to clampdown on drug-trafficking via Jamaica. But this requirement could be lifted under the new proposal.

Under the new policy, holders of passports of approved countries can travel to the United Kingdom without visa for up to a period of six months. However, travelers are required to sit for an online exam known as the Commonwealth Knowledge Test.

Applicants aged 18 to 30 are eligible to apply for a Tier 5, or Youth Mobility visa. It allows them to live and work in the UK for a 24 month period but they are required to have a savings of almost £2,000. Visa fees have also been waived for the Youth Mobility Scheme.

Persons who abuse the opportunity by overstaying in the UK would be sanctioned with a 2 year travel ban.


  1. Britain need fi sort out themself before them a come bout free visa! The damn country can barely deal with its citizens much less the whole a Europe/Middle East and Africa weh dem did a tek in, so much so that the ppl over there a bawl to send nuff a di immigrants a dem yard!

    So when you a tek in half a di world, how that a guh guh!? Cause first thing everybody a do a guh deh fi di free things!

    Funny how dem tek everybody and make slave and did a run things and now them a look fi run back a everybody!

  2. Relative to Jamaica, this is actually a positive and it were to come to fruition, that would be a great look for Jamaica! I am curious to know why those other five nations are being singled out–especially since Ghana for one is doing way better than Jamaica.

  3. Basically what they are saying is they are leaving the EU therefore the EU nations will NOT have free entry into the UK… They will rather give commonwealth countries free visa travel with the exceptions of some African nations… This is good news for Jamaicans aged between 18 & 30… The headline of this blog is a bit misleading

  4. They’re trying to deceive people by making it look like they’re atoning for their inhumane, unfair and unjust acts by “easing visa restrictions” on so called “common-wealth” nations or most of them, personally if you ask me NOT A SINGLE ONE of those nations share any type of “COMMON-WEALTH” with britain, if you should ask me, britain steals the WEALTH, retains it, so they have the WEALTH while those other nations including jamaica are regarded as nothing more than “COMMONERS” hence the term “COMMONWEALTH”, britain’s own blunder by initiating EU membership backfired on them and they are using the very same people they are expelling as scape-goats, britain was tricked by their WHITE EU counterparts into thinking britain’s role and membership in the EU would bring them more economic gains than liability and they fell for it, instead was an influx of immigrants from WHITE EUROPEAN countries like poland, romania etc. because those EU countries knew well in advance that the collapse of the soviet union in the early 1990’s would have implications and repercussions on those same countries that were influenced by the soviets, the EU wanted to fill that void but didn’t wanted to shoulder the high influx of economic immigrants so britain was tricked and end up with the tab the british citizens smell the rat when its too late so its all playing out on our jamaican countrymen & women ,,,,,,, we’ll see how this so called visa policy is gonna play out.

  5. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea, especially for some young people who haven’t seen parents for years because of increasing restrictions. However, i’m one to believe that this is just another scheme to extract every bit of resource they can from people from the common wealth. My advice to those people would be to take their chances elsewhere as the benefits of living in Britain greatly outweighs the costs.

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