0 thoughts on “BIG PEOPLE TOSS UP

  1. Spice have the boy now ‘ but it wos frenchie daughter man first . Lard spice a wa tek u now last night me see u ready fe war a shake up moscato ina a gal face over man .

  2. Spice remember u are a return deportee ha ha if homeland security hold u dog Nyam u supper forget about the two son that born here . I see ramping shop rush u ass last night round robin tun over wey u run for u should a tan up wey gangsta dawn sey when unoo get a taste of the sweet lips for the first time it MADD unoooooooo.

  3. Dawn go clean out u house .as to romping shop go look some were fe live god be with u all dawn stop thief an give ray ray him wife say him have a lot a thing pack up in a the basement thank to stay bad dawn

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