0 thoughts on “LADY ANN- OVER AND OVER

  1. Dis song nah go mek it inna de 2014 Top 10 hitmakers. Find a job that is more age – appropriate please. Let me remind you Lady Ann: Your 15 minutes of fame are already up, years ago, and it”s too damn late for a comeback!!!!

  2. The melody is good, the lyrics nuh bad but the production is crappy. Without good production, a song will not sound good and the mix is horrible

  3. Do you thing Lady Ann … I like it … love your fighting spirit. Every successful person has had their share of failures but it was because they kept trying and eventually overcame the odds and naysayers why we can read about them today. So mi a encourage you, use your talent like only you can. Blessings.

  4. LadyAnn a give di woman dem advice so they wont get hurt over and over, on a cool riddim and di people dem a hate. Same people we probably de a dance to gun chune while girl a dance wit brick pan her face. Unu lost!!!! Gwan ya LadyAnn, you dealin with a world of slow idiots more time.

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