8 thoughts on “BIG UP SANDRA SWEENEY

  1. God bless her,may her cup always over flow. We need more people like this. People stop acting rich!!!and give back. First time commenting I pep everyday loooool. met big up urself.

  2. Praise God! Mi like what was done here – de music, de support, and de kindness of dis lady. Thank you for being truly human and humanitarian! God bless you a million times Sandra! Mission accomplished, and a job well done!!!!

  3. This made me cry, thank you God for her service to you and your people. I cover her in your blood and ask you to continue to replenish her finances so she can continue to do your work in Jesus name.

  4. There r still good pple left on this earth. May God bless her so she can continue to give to the less fortunate. I need to do it too.

  5. @MET I was gonna send you the story about Olivia MCkoy. Have you heard of her? Yesterday I watched a documentary that she is a shotput olympian who is now homeless in Jamaica. Some people say she is mental. Sometimes she does sound that way and sometimes she sounds like she is fine. But mental or not what a way Jamaica treats its medal winning athletes?

    This is one of many links but the fast version of the story.

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