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I wish to extend special commendations to the principal of Olympic primary school inna Olympic gardens.I’ve not seen anything too tuff in the media but I was given an eyewitness account of the incident.last week two men on a motor cycle entered the school and grabbed a schoolers cell.

An alarm was raised and the eyewitness description of what transpired next was straight out of an action pack top notch movie u go watch a Carib theatre!He said out of nowhere he saw this man striding in leaps and bounds with a cutlass!The man was moving so spiritedly that he was gaining on the robbers,to the point they ditch the bike. The eyewitness said he too join the Chase but they scaled a back wall and made good their escape.
He said it was only when the residents were cheering and hugging up the man that he found out it was the principal!The principal handed over the bike to the police.plzzzz unno DON’T bundle this one just go tax office and find out who the bike register to and bring them in for questioning. My source says it’s NOT being loud up because the principal will get in trouble for wielding the machete.nonsense that met ,for protecting his students??THE man is a hero!!

When we consider the lil lion jc PRINCE was killed for his phone,when just this morn on tvj at sunrise it was reported another teen was robbed his cell and is in hospital recovering
Over the those circumstances plzzzz join me in commending the principal!
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  1. TVJ just reported three Ardenne students robbed of lunch money and cell phones on Friday by a masked gunman. A KC student was robbed of his phone and received several stabs as well,luckily he will survive according to Doctors. We are in a crisis.

    1. I have been saying it since last week. These men are working for some don and they are sending them out to plague the children

  2. It perfectly fits the description of something orchestrated so you are correct. This can’t be just random acts,it is wanna know the solution? Police must carry out raids on all the make shift phone fixers and shop. 99% of these criminals harbour and frequent there.The stolen goods are carried there to wipe and reconfigured.

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