Metttttttt Afternoon,
Met this young lady call ar self Biikey, which woman in a dem right mind woulda call them self that ?? Imagine everybody ride pan bike and a dat deh name she give ar self well it fit perfect cause she just a jump from man to man because as a young girl she nuh have no class or no direction fi ar life young girl wise up this A di second part of the year full time fi yuh lef old man and go do two evening class instead a run dung Photo(ar man name) and a look like fool everyday a cuss pan Facebook it don’t look good girl yuh can do so much better but yuh too busy a chase man faster than Usain a beat Gatlin oh and by the way yuh hairstylist Weh yuh Eva a big up Weh name Annie don’t do a good job yuh hair Eva look f***d up and stop rub look how yuh knee them black and elbow kmt stop hype cause hype life is not for you yuh tiredddddd young girl ya just 19 and di man about 39 or even 41 go and restart yuh life yuh need a refreshing


7 thoughts on “BIKEY

  1. Then why u sit and inbox all a this crap then hide you id!? Why u left out the mere fact say mi attend denbigh and got expell and mi still manage fi get 3 out a 5 subjects???including maths ? Why u left out that I attended a nursing school after??? And why u left out the fact say mi a go HEART September ??? Why the fact say I got the name biikey because daddy use carry mi back and fort from school pan a bike?? Why you a assume mi a 19 and photo a 41??? Mi a 20 and a 30 zeen !!!! Gal Wei write this nave no bravery Ina her !!! Caz me know and u know say mi wi see you and put mi bc size 8 Ina face !!! Mi wi walk up and down Ina chest plate man !!! U ano no nobody that’s why u a try go after hype ppl !!!! Biikey is the name and me adi baddest bc bike bou ya ere !! Don’t hide you id ere!!! Just remember mi party HYPE LIFESTYLE DEC 25 Sqeeky clean car wash ,cannan heights, (royal blue edition)

    1. Bikey jus a ? mi dear. Firewall eva hot so y u always popdung? Wah dat u did inna a full black tho

  2. SUCK U MADA GAL !!! Strictly name brand !!!! Mi wear anything mi wah dutty gal u chat off u stink mouth and u afi a hide a chat up u batty face bitch u fi see me and chat up u mouth Man U no see ya clown u actually see down and watch mi bitch stop stalk mi dutty gal !! Move u head so mi period can flow good gi CURVES a chance bitch ! SAD GAL STEP TO D BIG BAD BIKE NO GAL PLEASE AND THANKS

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