1. Yuh beat mi to it, I want call PETA dat wen I see di dog all I hear is,”in the arms of the angelllssss.”

  1. Aaaaaah bwoy you see how ppl stay them always a watch and see ppl business..she can tell dolly how much time she wear the bag with how much color outfits but she never did member bout fi her rass self how much time she judge it..lmfaooooooo screen shots real dont lie..thief nuh like see thief with long knife

  2. Ah fi har own. She coulda wear it until the stap dem drop off. And lend it to whomever she chooses. These Bobbette posts are so unnecessary seem like Dolly & her team mad.

  3. But she lend her one lil cousin the bag big friggin deal. Just like how dolly wear all her sister draws. Dolly nuffi show passport cause she naa use it. Kymarly fi a thief you you really always look dirty. Ur whole damn family illegal. U start send things fi ur mom yet.

  4. So why can’t she and her family own the same bag why does it of to be that they r sharing each other stuff. Jamaican people to rass badmind and nuff Lowe the gyal them. Dolly face tuff nuh bloodclaath a show off her son passport. Kmt

  5. I bet when dolly see robbas or they see each other in party they ain’t go do shit both of y’all are internet bad gal. Robbas I hope u box dolly thief don’t like see thief with long bag y’all are the same

  6. Pot ah cuss kettle dwl
    No one in the WORLDDDDDD wear an return like Robbas! Half di bags Robbas wear fr 2 or 3yrs ago u will not see it again FACTS. In fact Dolly should challenge her to show All her so called chanel bags she claims to have many of. Trust me it’s sooooo many lies lay behind the body of Bobbette she’s only fooling ppl who don’t live in NY. Bobbette my frien works in Bloomingdales an she seh di way u return tings a di one in Long Island all pic dem keep a u inna dem office now! U wear an return like dog u nuh fi chat bout hotness cas dat nuh Mek it

  7. Bobbette Dolly and bloggers challenge u to show ur Gold Snake skin Chanel bag u wear few yrs back at Claffy party an the Sliver/Grey Chanel u wore to his party with the high boots! show ur Chanel collection show us u really the “BOSS” u claimed to be cause mi certainly sure u bring dem back cas to how u wear dat red one like it going outta style no way dem deh get one wear an put down. Liyad ugly gal

  8. Bobbette tell the world how u mash up ur ex life Bobby u life so happy an hole so comfortable why every mon u tek Eva dead or heading toward death. Tell the world bout di carrot juice u give ur Ex fi drink an fr him drink it him tun mad an all now caan come back cas him still did a Fuc Samar X
    Same juice u luv put up Pon IG bout Daffy Sunday dinner ready
    Dats why Daffy gut big an swell up Suh cas u nuh stop poison him licky licky self fi tie to u
    All now ppl can see inna Daffy face to how him look lost an outta space in him pics cas u mash up di boi head
    U ah wicked ppl who can’t breed mi always seh a reason fi why God a punish dem

  9. Mi seh dem e thieft walk and talk like dem have something on ambitious people, gal we all know u thieft and scam so u n ur nonfactor crew is nothing important, we jus waiting ariind to see whos going to get to wear that la prison organge jumpsuit. Orange preferred. Tonks

  10. I saw her and her sister and cool out Sunday and that cousin. Cousin had on a Valentino shoes that was obviously too big for her. So a regular ting. U cyaan sit wit us inna aldo shoes suh u haffi barrow one of ours….. i guess

  11. Robbbas love obeah she obeah Marlin cause he wanted samRa and not her smh as soon as she dislike you or feel some type of way she obeah you but robbbas how come your obeah man on ocean ave can’t get your bff out of jail ? Bout you is no hoe lmfao talk bout how you suck Paul smoothe baby mother pusssy and it video talk bout that

  12. Paul Smooth baby mada always inna some waste argument wid suck pussy! She a walkin 3sum chances are if u seen with Marvette she done suck u out or ur man or both! It’s just wat she luv to do! That’s why she par wid bare fish an gal who go both ways! Waste gal for dat good Bloomingdales she will like Robbas toes

  13. @Goodie more like an unboxing video challenge.. apple, yankee Michele, robbette.. ghe bloggers admire you ppl collection of bags.. with the next purchase can you do an unboxing video.. would greatly appreciate it. .thanks we want to hear bout how well the bag wear and its durability (wear&tears)etc…

  14. Maevett isn’t a long time lesbian always sucking some gal pussy kmt Paul smooth left her because he had too much class for her, marvett do 3 sum with daffy and bobette for wear and left clothes bobette all chat marvett say she beg too much

  15. @met apple berkin purple bag is not real. Apple you and robbas love talk bout uno only wear authentic stuff uno a liad. Apple stop use the piece of cloth to hide the front of yuh purple bag. You broke ass stupid bitch. A bet you don’t show us your receipt for this berkin bag. This bag is $22000, apple you nuh have no credit card with that amount on it me and you was friends suh mi know . U so fake bitch. U and robbas always acting like you are boss bitches, but uno job, no ambition thiefing, scammer bitches apple and robbas. A bet both apple and robbas don’t open them closet and show all them bags and shoes they be faking on the instragram. And robbas you tell dolly to show her card. First you can’t have no legit credit card because you don’t have a social security number and second nuh care how thief yuh is you cannot steal nor scam all those berkin bags so f..k off whore uno tink people a fool. Apple competition start let’s see yuh receipt fi yuh purple berkin bag wey value over $20000 us dollars. Uno so dumb. Apple let see yuh receipt and robbas open yuh big bad closet and let’s see all your name brands. Robbas u and apple a really germs. Wannabe broke bitches.

  16. I second what @Real Chat say….ALL these bitches are FRAUDS. A Hermes Birkin in ANY color leather hardware, etc. is hard to obtain for a real celebrity let alone these fools. Most celebs are rockin secondhand bags, don’t be fooled! I challenge any dancehall gyal with a Hermes Birkin to show their receipt…I bet you won’t see any! You wanna know how real the Birkin game is? Call a store and tell them you’re looking to purchase a Birkin in Black Togo Leather with Gold Hardware and you wanna see if they have it in stock so you can come in and purchase. They won’t even give that information over the phone! And best believe with all the scammin they doing a FULL credit verification before you leave the store with a $22,000 bag, especially if you not dropping a Centurion card cuz the average person RARELY has a credit limit to allow one 22K purchase. These hoes need to go siddown

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