1. Metty good morn! Yes mrs COSBY defend ur husband, them too dam lie a pension money they r looking. All crack head Janice Dickson a singtin she a look cause if fifthy men deh pon har she wouldn’t even know the way how she stone up. Look from wen dem sey all this took place y now f**king liers man old mek him enjoyed wat he worked for oonu blood suckers.

  2. If Bill Cosby was a regular Joe, some of us would say he’s guilty, but because he “Bill Cosby” some assume he innocent. I don’t believe all these women are lieing,something happen. Now Beverly Johnson is accusing him of drugging her. Is she lieing too? What about those that he paid off, is Camille not aware of those accusation too? I understand Bill is her husband, and she’s being neutral , but at the back of her mind she has to wander “is all this true”. Then again, she may already know it’s true.

    1. Because her name is Beverly Johnson that makes the story credible?? Why now Beverly Johnson, did it just register to her brain that abuse took place? Sometimes people lack relevance and lend there name to the wrong cause to once again become relevant. No one knows what happened but just the fact that they waited to tarnish a persons name after all his success makes this less than credible. No black male hero’s they must find something before death……such a shame! Never on the way to greatness always when you have arrived!

      1. And because him name Bill Cosby that makes the accusations untrue?
        Met, Love you but me a ride with the abundance of complaints against him… until proven otherwise. I’ve never liked him, so me going to admit that bias factors in as well.

      2. So, if a person got raped as a child and said nothing for years dem rape no relevant?
        Then years come and they feel to bring it to the ears of others…then other adults, raped by the same predetor as children come forward with the same complaint…dem complaints is irrelevant to?

  3. bullshit!
    if any of these women wanted justice! why they take so long to come out? why are they sueing? if that’s the case i want his ass locked up!

  4. The ole rass lot of the a tell lie, why wait this long, the statute of limitations gone too long now, and they got an opportunity when a few years ago, when one lady came forward and made a claim that he date raped her, and she got paid off, so none of them didn’t hear about it, it was made public, and all of them sat down with them lips sealed, so why now? I don’t get it.

  5. Karma ia bitch and more time it tek days,weeks, months and fi him case yearsssssss fi ketch up pon him.There is some truth somewhere in all of this

    1. I think so too but not rape. I think he had sex with everyone of them with their permission. They slept with him for fame. Again this is just my opinion. Bill Cosby is guilty of giving bun.

      1. Where is the fame? Because 2 of them are famous in their own right and others were unknown to the general public if not for them coming forward.

  6. Big oman ting…Bill Cosby have big lawyer and intimidate di ppl dem …all mi know fi some strange reaswon mi believe every one a dem…da man de have a look inna him face…….mi nuh know if some a dem a ride di ban wagon but dah bredda nuh straight ….producer pon di cosby show done did have di pree but jus like will smith him a di star a di show and a bring een di money and so nothing could be done ….nuttn cah hide a fi him time now him wife nuffi se nuttn cause a nuh di fus shi a hear

  7. I believe Bill Cosby has committed these dastardly acts. I cannot discredit these women’s allegations because ”they took too long to come forward”. His modus operandi seems to be the same, whether these women willingly placed themselves in settings conducive to being taken advantage of and concealment from prying eyes is not relevant. What is relevant is if they had consented, un-coerced to sex with this man and I think not as they all stated they were drugged. Camille is in denial. This is not the first allegation and it will not be the last, she can love him all she wants but the facts remain. To date he has not denied having sex with these woman, he is very outspoken on matters that affect the black community why remain silent on this? As Jamaican people she if it nuh go so it near go suh. IMO Bill Cosby is a proper raper man.

    1. I’m with you on this.
      Love you Met, but me have fi ride with accusations given that too many women are reporting being drugged.

      1. Drugge is when someone put something in your drink n u tek it not knowing it is there..dem claim deis man gi dem can give u a pill n u dont know what it is but tek it? Not defending him but they dont make sense..Lisa Bonet mad long time

          1. das what she say?? so is drug nygard drug her to because him have a bag a drugs to him ting…these women do these things n then grow up n regret the things they did for money..mi nuh sorry fi none a dem..In beverley’s case she go to the same kinda man because nygard have young girls over there too …same drug setting but these women know what it is about from dem get there..beverly character is not clean. I dont believe them not because he is bill cosby because I dont have any special like for him but you would be surprised at what these women do for money from a young age

          2. Also…how di whole a dem find Bill Cosby? Were they looking for him or was he looking for them? Janice say him call she bout work..

          3. Me get you met pon the Johnsons’ and others. I would like if they were willing participants not to cloud up the issue for the ones who weren’t; Of all a them Dickonson suspect, lol

          4. One a dem seh bill cosby pay her school fee from she 15 n was sexing her..From I hear she I closed the case pan every single one dem..They got older and saw how sick he was in regards to sexing n exploiting them..and I will admit I believe he did that but rape nope ..

        1. The take pill ones are responsible for their actions, but the ones recalling the after effect from a drink have alrights to make a charge against him.
          These accusations aren’t new.

  8. @Quena: My reference to Beverly Johnson was merely saying: Here’s another woman accusing Bill of drugging her. I didn’t say her coming out make the story moor credible. There has to be some truth somewhere. Yes, it’s unfair to bill if he did not do it for this to be out there and folks like myself assumed that he did it. And, if he did it, it maybe unfair to the women that he gets to get away with it because he’s “Bill Cosby”. Cases such as this (sexual assaults) should be investigated to fullest extent whenever they arise. I don’t know if you are aware, Bill was known as an habitual harasser on the Cosby Show, this is no secret. I read it in a paper back in the 90s, I can’t remember which paper. If all the allegation turns out to be lies, I would apologize for believing that he assault all those women.

    1. I believe he did sleep with them but it was consensual . Beverly Johnson is an opportunist. Nuh shit she shit pan di man a Bahamas fi money, so me knowing that dont put nothing past her. What is despicable is that these women would do anything at a young age for money…that dont make him no less of monster but they are no better

      1. So all these consensual acts turns out to be allegation of rape/drugged? Regardless of the fact that Beverly alledgely shit on a man in the Bahamas , that doesn’t mean she was not drugged. That’s like a prostute said she was raped, and nobody believed her because she sell sex for a living. All these accusations are alleged, but for me there’s some truth.

        1. honey mi jus a say mi doe believe not one a dem das all…bev is known to sell thats all i am trying to say and all a dem questionable sorry to say..if u in the business and see how these women operate then u will understand why mi seh dem haffi come better

  9. I do believe he did it. And looks like he gets off on drugging druggie models. I think he did it in a date sense sort of way. Like they consented to date and things but Bill wasnt going through the motions of calling and courting for the sex. he just drug them and screw them and done. Knowing his popularity and circumstances he probaly figured they wouldn’t talk to risk being blacklisted and the shame. He probably would have gotten it eventually but he took it. Still Rape or unconsensual rape. These women probably have been living with embarassment of it thinking it was something they did to lead him on or it was just them but when they hear the stories of other women they realize its something he’s been doing! I believe them. as far as Camillie. i would keep quiet!
    She coming like these dancehall wives that let their man and husbands sleep around and just swear its not happening because he denies it. No it happened she is just to old to deal with the embarassment and no old age retirement so she is in denial.

  10. Bill in his prime was a very powerful man in Hollywood di type dat cud tell a young actress/entertainer/model do you know who I am? you will neva work agen in dis town, dat is enuff to intimidate a lot of young and naive fame seekers who is trying to formulate a career to shut up and take wats being done to dem, di accusers maybe new but not di accusations, rape bin a ring pon Cosby name from back in di 80s…..rape/molestation is a disgusting and shameful ting ppl who are victims of such atrocities deal wit it different ways some have di strength to come forward right away, while some may take years to can be able to talk about it, am sure there’s som dat prolly take it to dem grave….. suh dem taking so long to come forward is not enuff reason to say dat he didn’t do it.

  11. Bill Cosby was a very powerful black man in a pre dominant white Hollywood, I wasn’t aware of that, I am not saying that it is totally false, but I don’t think they’re being truthful, not in this U S of A when freedom of speech is very active in America, them grind him, fi the fame, same thing happening now, same back then, groupie, and these people are questionably, not 100 % truthful, 15 of them, and all were scared? Is could a what this ? In America ? Please I find it hard believe them, sorry, not buying it, nopes.


  13. As mi seh in di later post, I nah defend no man and dem penis. Sorry, nopes. Man and dem hood nuh loyal, and some a di least likely ppl do di vilest tings. If di church full a sinners even worse dan dis, den who out a road caan nuh betta.
    His wife should defend him yes, cause dem is one, feem disgrace is hers, so at the end of it all when him cheated and humiliate di family, a she same one haffi bear it wid him. Some tings in life you name nuffi call pon, and whole heap a black men wah hab illustrious careers inna entertainment name neva call pon no rape tings, dem live and die and dem name untarnished, suh is just a Bill Cosby specific situation, where dere is smoke dere is fire.

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