60 thoughts on “BILLY QUITE CONTRARY

  1. Sender maybe them means him teeth… Maybe the man brush ah floss before and during the dancehall. I’ve seen people do it before :ngakak


  3. so a diss di star gone to?

    a publish f**kery story?

    a who ova di star bill gates wid him worl a potholes pon him face a fu-ck fi get diss feature?

    dat story don’t even mek sense.

  4. good after noon Met>>>>>>>>>BILL WHOOOOO? one question what happen to Lucky British,,you not is boy toy anymore?????????????????????????????????????????

    Remember Diddy had a boy toy (umbrella dude),,,,,that’s bill whooooo

  5. Take me with you on that Bike Met,,dwll,,,dancehall been in the closet to long now,,, time for the closet to let loose,,to pack up nowwwwwww,,,come out ppl

    all dem man deh got SEASONED already,,

    1. No but seriously , if one of them were to talk off the record I would love to interview them and ask why di hype n gallist ting ina dance n dem do man pan di side

      1. good morning Met,,, off the record well that would be good.

        although me already know, me like the idea to inform people out there.

          1. lol,,,what you mean stop commenting ,,,me never hear this yetttt,,,spam or not look into it…:)

          1. Met something drop right in my lap last night,,,drama drama,,pics for you my dear.

            how me suppose to link you but me ago do the same thing soon

      2. wow met it look like u know the ppl them business too much….dwrcl…a who them a trick them is no flosser a 3 a dem par him luki an dean an dem nuh spend no money a ppl dance, them just dress up cum mek the video see dem an tek 2 pic fi show seh them di deh deh, a certain ppl dance them go, go hype uno wait an see in a December an January an certain ppl dance dem a buy a bottle if them buy or dem a wait pon the farrier dem fi cum so dem cah get fi drink out dem liquor, u see all the one LUKI him tighter then a voice grip u cah find….a him nah send a the ppl dem dance but watch how ppl a go spend a fi him dance…….met mi tell uno bout dancehall lair.

  6. @y do u mean bill gates an lucky are bed brothers or do u mean bill is lucky’s send out boy?

    cuz i did to know diss por favor :salahkamar

          1. lundun mi a beg u leave di spanish every time u tun ina hispanola mi laugh I cannot :hammer

          2. met seh mi nuffi speak no more spanish, so i can’t no more.

            but thanks, i just wanna send a shut out to google translate :ngakak

            i can speak any language because of him :sup2:

    1. @lundun,,,,BOTH,,,,I must say unno don’t look at nothing but the flossing,,who dem flossing with? that’s the question?

  7. don’t want to blow up the thing anybody can pay the star to wright a story on them theres is more to this story. look out mrs flakes in America soon if im get lucky

  8. a Y topic dem yah enuh…cum ere Y…a yu mek GQ put up miggle fingah weh day tru unnuh talk out em secret :hammer

      1. metty, all things in di dark shall cum to light.

        now when dem man ya inna dance a gwaan hype an a floss, wi know dem batty a bun dem

  9. I have seen bill gates plenty of times on videos and when he walk in he go and stand with any group willing to take him in then he starts to floss wit the people dem bottles and start pour out dem ting they just paid fah so mi want no where is this man women ar mi neva see him wit anyone maybe the battyman comment is true…lol… Mi want know all those men that floss in Jamaica where they making there money do they have money gram cum to them every dance or something???? Mi want know how they het to hype up so!!!

  10. Lord dont know where to start gates have a bleach out browning ( wife ) that live in England she come once a year a she a do everything fe him, from Sharon leave him he’s doing better me na lie, u have a group of them that walk bill gates dean Luki and a rass don’t know him name all them do is go stand up a people table and drink them champagne yo that shit play out, Luki gone like him a de shit and a bear fake shit I’m wear don’t forget Luki was f**kin Mario, boy it’s so much but me da a work I can’t even talk it so much shit with them boy da.

    1. Sharon did left, oh right (inna my sarcastic voice) as bad as him stay ah him did left she and liberty buss as well

      1. di man seh a girl tel em seh everytime em deh a DH a pour champagne pon shoes she tink a bill gates dem wikkid a lie bad ooooooo….mi noe she neva see bill gates a duh dat lyad raaws

  11. Bill Waste is jus dat..a big f**kin waste..Him nuff n plenty..n love get involve inna ppl passa..but me jus a realize y now..a ca him can drink out dem liquor..Him face fava Back Road b4 dem fix have some big ole pothole n it bleach out n fava Cocky weh sell a town hood…d whole a dem a unda cova battyman..n a gwaan like dem like oman..

  12. @ obs I’m always here it must have pass me, I don’t want to bust nothing unless I’m sure the cat out the bag, or should I say the fish outa de sea

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