32 thoughts on “BIMA NO GENDA PAWDIE

  1. bimma is either a little titty lady or a big boob dude, gender ambigious bad. Met yuh nuh see how Mexican Dolly shim a get fat a wonder if shim preggers.

  2. U nuh si how the waist trainer mark mark up him belly and lef creases under shim breast ..if u look on Facebook ull see the pictures clearer

  3. But Met mi tell u say him a pimp dem out longtime. Bimma is a man a batty man. Matter of fact him swing both ways bcuz pimp affi check dem merchandise before it sell. After all a nuh normal client dem go affa dem have umpteen thousand dollar rent fi pay, name brand fi buy and hype party fi go. And met wah mek u deprive the man dem a the free look eeh? cho dem done inna the john public tan so mi nuh think u ago get call up if u post it. :hammer :hammer

  4. Met.. michie new name ah “matches stick” white on top and black ah bottom. Dwl hot gal deh bleaching cream done pon yuh.

  5. I see pain in michie eyes so sad.
    So all a dem gal deh come wid dem titty out.
    Bimmern have dem a do all kinda tings yuh can see all some a dem mouth look tink cause yuh can see di batty wash pan dem

  6. Met no Sah mi weak tpc bimma obliviously a girl because ketch the tits dem him just tape them down so much that it stop the proper growth then him get them reduced look good pan di pic yuh can see the breast form out

  7. Miichii looking sexy as phuck as usual…. Heard a rumor that she has the “monsta” is that true? Do hope that’s not the case, would be such a waste.

    1. Leave the girl alone and stop spreading malicious rumors. And as MET said HIV/AIDS can live with nowadays. The girl under stress that’s why she lost weight. Just be careful you don’t catch the monster because it sure as hell doesn’t discriminate.

  8. All a dem sadamite yah look sick n disgusting, u can see disaster pon all a dem.

    Dem need proper meals…not z ones they post on insta for likes..dem look beat out n mash up

  9. Nikki Chromaz look so bad. A just her face and her hands brown and the rest of her body black. Bleaching crème nuh dat expensive at all why she haffi mek it look so?

  10. @Simone
    This is a gossip site you dunce bytch, so confirming or comparing notes with regards to rumors is part of the territory. I simply asked a question that a lot of people are asking and even stating with regards to miichii, and I’m not spreading any rumors, just doing the upfront thing by trying to confirm whether it’s true or not as oppose to assuming the worst. If you’re munching on the miichii cooch then that’s cool, but no need to get feisty because your favorite snack is the source of discussion. Mine you catch the monsta because you look like you’re yelling #TeamSkettel

    1. You resort to name calling then have the nerve to call me dunce, LOL

      Mine a you have the monster and a look company enuh. You sound EXTREMELY HURT.

  11. This is miichii where these rumors coming from thou first i’m hearing it!! Ppl gone far now weight is ungrateful and I don’t see y I shud explain what’s going with me to anyone. Yes I am healthy and 100% clean don’t start a rumor like that yes I am hurting and a lot as seen it in my eyes but who are u ppl to judge me becaz of weight lost smh no matter how I try to just stay to myself and walk away from the spotlight it’s like these ppl just trying to tear me down smh… Bimma not selling anyone either idk wats up with these ppl.

  12. @SuckCockySimone
    Bytch the only way I could catch it is if I came in contact with you and I don’t phuck dirty bytches, especially raw. Go take your hungry, cheerleading azz back to back road and sell your codfish smelling crotches so you can afford to get some codfish and crackers to eat for dinner. Remember to charge them extra for unprotected sex so you can afford a bag juice as well. Hoes defend hoes, so keep on dry snitching on yourself bytch.

    1. A whore tek u man I can bet. Leave the girl alone and quit trying to spread malicious rumors. You are a VILE person. People on here have a soft spot for the girl because she’s been through a lot. I don’t even want to imagine what you look like behind your computer screen. You seem extremely angry I suggest you go pray or find a therapist. It seems like you’re lacking love in your life. God bless.

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