Met me just a get the wayments. I’m hear say Dave Clans babymada find har way all the way from Tampa reach a him dance although him never did a look pan har a say she a go show ownership. But Sharon come out in her colours ready if her and done her BC. Sharon Mek she look like idiot, is a corner she hurl up in a fi the rest of the night.


  1. It is 2016 and women are still arguing over these one brief man?? My goodness they need to elevate themselves. When a woman is with a DECENT man she does not need to go out of her way to prove ownership or fight over the man. That man if he is decent will never put her in any situation for her to prove herself to other women he will show the world that woman is his and he belong to her.

    1. Tappy f**y! a pink wall dis no badda come pretty it up. Yuh know damn well some scandalous woman deh yah weh we skin out in front a man knowing him cocky ago get hawd an still dweet but any day any day any scabbi do dat me an dat a war! bout 2016 an gal a war…. any year a gal do dat tuh Mi good man weh Mi a tek any year Mi a war dat. Luddy 😉

  2. Mi tired fi hear bout this man now. For goodness sake is there anybody he hasn’t or doesn’t f**k? Him name all ova Florida fi f**g and sucking him soon start f**k batty to bloodclat.

  3. I saw him this weekend a pick up Chin a airport in Florida and the amount a sucking out tongue weh mi see a gwan if a mi a him babymada mi would leave him.

  4. Dat deh man yard comin like room for rent apply within. Comin like a every week him send fi a different gal from Jamaica or out a town fi eat out a nuh nutten new dem man deh like different pussy taste on him tongue.

  5. Mi see him a pick up chin a airport a Florida this weekend and a pure sucking out tongue, if a mi a him baby mada mi lef him.

  6. Sharon is stupid if she believes Dave is a prize. If he’s f***g everything that’s breathes he’s a dutty nasty man. He is infectious and diseased so you women need to leave him alone.

  7. This Dave Clans a make this wall too often now. Look like him time a come up. Them say when plantain wan pic it shoot. Him name a call up too much now.

  8. he is not ugly but not a face bwoy. He looks ok but him don’t have a good reputation. him f**k anybody.

  9. Sharon need to go sort out her crawny body bout she a fight ova man. The man babymother not threatened by neither you nor f**k out chin. Dave nah stop walk and f**k and suck bottom line

  10. Anybody who not f_cking Dave is because they don’t want him or they not into the batty f_cking.

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