BLACK PEOPLE STOP BUY DEM TINGS PERIOD! Barneys to Require Proof of Income for Young Black Males


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Barneys to Require Proof of Income for Young Black Males

Written by Alex Kuzio October 23rd 2013
(Photo Credit: NBC 4 New York)(Photo Credit: NBC 4 New York)

NEW YORK – Barneys New York CEO Mark Lee today announced that the luxury department store will begin requiring young black males to provide proof of income before shopping at its flagship location on Madison Avenue. Lee—who has led the company since 2010—said the new policy will “prevent incidents like the one that occurred in April,” when a black teenager was arrested on suspicion of credit card fraud after Barneys employees didn’t believe he could afford the $350 belt he purchased.

Lee said that, in a perfect world, anyone could walk off the street and shop at Barneys. “But the reality is that most people can’t afford our beautiful, high-end products,” Lee explained, “and some people—almost always young black males—resort to credit card fraud to get them.”

Barneys’ new policy will require all African American males under the age of 30 to show security guards pay stubs or income tax forms before being granted admittance into the store. “This way,” Lee said, “once they’re inside, we’ll know for sure what they can and can’t afford, and we won’t be forced to racially profile them.”

Lee admitted that the new policy was conceived in response to a lawsuit brought against the company by 19-year-old engineering student Trayon Christian. In April, Christian used his debit card to purchase a $350 designer belt from Barneys’ Madison Avenue location. Outside, undercover NYPD officers—who had been alerted to a possible case of credit card fraud by a Barneys employee who believed Christian couldn’t afford the belt—stopped Christian, handcuffed him, and took him to the 19th Precinct stationhouse. Eventually, Christian was released without charges, but he is now suing Barneys New York and the NYPD over the incident.

“What happened to that young man is unfortunate,” Lee said, since Christian was paying for the belt with money he earned as a work-study student. “But if this policy had been in place back in April, we could have avoided the whole thing. Trayon would have been perfectly free to buy that belt without being accosted.”

“On the other hand, we wouldn’t have let him anywhere near the formal wear section,” Lee said. “I don’t care how hard you work, no college student can afford that stuff unless they’re selling crack or pimping
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0 thoughts on “BLACK PEOPLE STOP BUY DEM TINGS PERIOD! Barneys to Require Proof of Income for Young Black Males

    1. look like u ave more sense than most a dem ppl yah pon di site star, everybody so gullible and no one ever tek time fi do likkle investigations on the origin of this story, smh… #jussaying…

  1. WTF?!?! NOOOOOOOOOOOO SAH its a sad reality a how dem tink/feel bout wi…rich, poor, common r celebrity 🙁

    dis fi reach pon IG FB Twitter all a social media fi boycott dem store deh

  2. I know the your belief here is that Spanish people are black……..but Barneys will not require this of a Spanish youth. Unbelievable!!! Minorities are to stop shopping there….JayZ what say you now?

    1. Spanish people are white, yes the ones from Spain…otherwise the rest of you have AFRICAN blood running through your veins. You’re puertorican, you should know that.

  3. Lol @ Puertoriquena HERE.WE.GO

    Idk why I find this amusing Lmfaoooo
    & for some reason don’t wrong them
    Pare theif deh bout LOCK DEM UP!!!

    1. What an unfortunate person you must be to type that last part of your comment… must not have Son’s, Brothers, Father. I’ve never shopped there and because I am married to a black man I will be encouraging everyone in my circle to not shop there.

      1. Unfortunate???? Lol You are right I don’t ..

        I don’t feel bad because it is what it is & IF DEM NEVA THIEF SUH this wouldn’t happen
        & you don’t feel bad either because after all they won’t do it to Hispanic boys lmfao
        I just don’t feel sorry for them the good must suffer for the bad
        That’s how everything set up now .. Everywhere black ppl guh
        Dem watch n stalk we in every store because of Apple dem ..

        But pay Stubbs though lol it’s funny .. Cuz it caah real mi just can laugh
        U want mi cry?

        1. If uou allow people to treat you wrong forever then thats how it will be. I am married to a Black man and although I do not consider myself as Black my Son’s are and for that reason, I will not support Barneys.

          I have no idea if you are Black but assuming you are I would of expected you to think differently about what is taking place. People that do fraud are wrong but to allow this is to say only Blacks are capable of doing it.

          In any business there is a risk of loss, but as a business owner you take that chance. I have rented to Jamaicans in the past, who only paid their first months rent and security…..nothing further and because they had children they were allowed to stay for 4 additional months. Would it be fair of me to ask only Jamaicans to pay additional security when EVERY nationality is capable of doing the same?

          1. @Yep……Tell me why you cussing me especially when I ain’t said sh*T out of line with you.
            See me trying to keep the piece and look at you play actin’ up in here like I won’t lick auf yuh face midget when mi buck yuh ah BX!!!!!!!!

          2. lawd man unnuh nuh badda wid it caw ppl caw bad pon internet a di wol a wi anonymous in ere ooooooo

          3. simpleeeeeeeeeeeeee yuh nuh see entertainment yet oooooooooooooo wait til yeppie she arrive

          4. Cause for some reason or another, you keep reiterating that you’re Mexican, Puertorican, Columbian, Latina… WHATEVER the hell you is… Ok, Let’s call you a mutt for argument sake… Why is that so relevant in EVERY GOT DAMN POST, AND WHY DO YOU THINK ANYONE CARES??? Are you seeking some sort of validation from us? So you feel that because you’re of mixed descent, that you’re a step ahead of the game, that you fall within some hierarchy, pecking order of some sort?? I’m almost certain that alot of the Metters are also of mixed descent, but I have NEVER seen anyone else runeen with that nonsense as if them ah try look acknowledgement, so let me be the 2nd one to brag… ” Hi, my name is Yep!. I am part of Afrocaribbean descent ( Jamaican), part Irish ( my great granddaddy was a white man and that is why I have freckles on my cheekbones ), part coolie ( granny on daddy side was a Indian which is why I got that good hair) and part European (.03% to be exact)… So there you have it Quena!!! And please ma’am mi ah beg yuh duh… Lowe mi and continue to ignore me, as I have you ( out of respect for Metty and the Metters) cause I don’t like you. I will however, respect you, but I don’t like you, so let’s leave it at that, and agree to disagree on JMG

          5. den yep u did really serious wid di badwud? u cudda se dis whey u write and nuh cuss..mi tink u did a play but lets done it ooo it nuh look good

          6. __________________________________________-yuh knw YEP! kill me dead wid dat repy dwrcllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll admin gwaan guh pree adda chead likkle bit mek dah wan yah run :ngakak

          7. Metty den yuh nuh notice since wa day when couple ah wi wid season ar up reaall good and Servah shut it down on her, she run guh mek peace wid Servah and still ah come afta mi?? She betta jus look right pass mi cause she don’t sit too well with me. Everybody on ya display dramaticism, suh why she haffe come comment unda my space fa? As mi seh Metty and Metters, I do again, apologize for any disrespect that I have displayed on this thread, which was not intended towards anyone of y’all. Mi like everybody onya cause we all agree to disagree and always have great conversations, but she :hoax2

          1. a rite yah it deh admin dont step in just yet plz a beg…keep going at it lazy maybe a few more swearing perhaps :ketupat :hn

          2. Smh the nerve if IT about tump off face eee tho
            Met did put mi under manners fi yuh & mi did chill
            But I couldn’t by pass this ya today ..

            Not only she is Fake Latina she Can Fake see who is typing
            Yeppie are u short love? Lol mi WAH know
            FakeQuena call mi when d war start .

            No don’t “keep it lo” SOUND D BIG TING DEM
            CALLL NAME!!!! Mi WAH know yep cuz mi loikes har !!!
            Please fakequena say name.

            Histrieeeeeee !!!

          3. Passion yuh nay ask mi this sed question inna one sex topic and I said I require a step stool for everything, yuh nuh memba? :siul

        2. And one more ting to you Ms. Latina… And mi ago seh dis one time… Ah one time only!!! Afta yuh lick aaf mi face, yuh BETTA mek sure ah dead mi
          Dead!!!! Ok.. NOW mi dun wid you :travel :bola

          1. bytch puleeeeeeze you nor BattyWasherPassion not ready. But like Mettty suggested i’m adjusting the screen whatever that means, keeping the internet thuggin’ brief.
            Entertainment at it’s best, no worries.

          2. @Zervah, no I don’t know that freckled midget. I am positive I don’t know any of you because you would of realized………I’m not black and yes I am Latina, Boriqua to be precise, a hundred percent. Know some like @yep don’t like me to throw it up on the wall but if y’all happy and prideful about being black, why can’t I rep’ me just as much!

            Quena – lazy to sign in, to early maaaine!

  4. No way this is real. I don’t beleieve this.. CNN didn’t report it… cant be so. That’s a lawsuit within itself!!!

  5. This is very sad….unfortunately Black people are still going to shop there for bragging rights….not understanding that these people are out right telling them to stop shopping at there stores because they don’t think much of us

  6. so sad ,AMERICA, the land of freedom and home of the brave,wonda what the PRESIDENT have to say or do about this, how does he feel as a black man.

  7. No CEO in his right mind (even the most racist one) would risk the marketing backlash from adapting a policy like this. I have to count this as 100% fake until I hear it from a credible source.

  8. ah doe believe this at all nopes…by the way

    Spanish is not a race, but people from spain are called Spanish.

    Spanish people are Indo-European cross north african. This is due to the MUSLIM invasion that happened there some time ago.

    Don’t get spanish people confused with Hispanics

    The U.S. Census Bureau also concurs that Hispanic refers to region, not race, and uses the term to describe any person, regardless of race, creed, or color, whose origins are of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central or South American, or of some other Hispanic origin. Areas conquered by the Spaniards were considered part of a region originally called Hispania, which is where the term “Hispanic” may be derived from.

    big up de black race of which I am proud to be black!!!

    1. Thanks for the description @Bara…..I AM LATINA, to break it down further.
      In any case I am not wanting to go through the entire Spanish/Latina education under this post.

      I am just under this to say it is wrong and I believed America should be further than this, I am beginning to lean on the side that this cannot be true, however if it is, I believe people should come together against this sort of singling out.

    1. Kemmy, you and me both…** CLASS IS NOW IN SESSION!!! TEACHA MEJI HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED**( *raises hand* Present teacha) :rate :nerd

  9. Thanks Kemmy, I am so proud of my race that when I see these things and some comments when people here and everywhere try to distance themselves from our race it sparks something within me, because I know our worth and our contribution to the world and because of fear others do all they can to cast us down and oppress us and rob us of our rights and history, when God deemed it fit to begin civilization on our great continent, Africa!!…if only the others knew our worth, and that we are black because we have been kissed by the sun, and how we are highly favored by God, and our extraordinary knowledge, and that one day we will rise again…. they would bow at our feet….

      1. Races: Negroid=black ppl. Caucasians=white ppl. Mongoloid=yellow ppl. Ethnic groups is like a race within a race. Eg. hispanics, Chinese, west indians etc. Most time this has to do with the territory a person is from.

  10. As a Lit Major with my B.A. in Literature in English, I have critically analyzed, evaluated and read between the lines of this subtly insulting interview, and have come to the agreement of one thing…


    Dem too f**kin’ outaorder!! Which smaddy whe me Spend my hard earn money pon can come tell me to show proof of salary? :marah

    Me a Boycott dem shit and tell eveybaddie me know fi nuh go deh!! Dem can come Kiss out me (BERE BADWUD)

  11. The story was posted on

    This is how the site is described (on their website): ‘JUST ENOUGH NEWS…Newslo is the first hybrid News/Satire platform on the web. Readers come to us for a unique brand of entertainment and information that is enhanced by features like our fact-button, which allows readers to find what is fact and what is satire.
    Newslo’s “No Need to Satirize” brings you completely factual stories that are so ridiculous, they don’t need our trademark touch. Whenever you see #NNTS, you’re reading COMPLETELY real news that only seems too absurd to be true.’


    The definition of the word ‘satire’: 1.
    the use of humour, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

    (Sorry for the long post; mi juss a try save uunuh blood pressure)

  12. no problem quena, I am not here for a debate, just stating facts and some disappointment at the world at large when it comes to race and ethnicity, because the WASP (white anglo saxon protestants) sees us all with same view, but because of skin color and what some might think of as good hair, (which it is not, because our thick black curly bush can withstand any trauma, oonuh tell me now what is good hair) even our own claim names of countries and language as an ethnic group of which to call themselves rather than identify with the kings and queens of Africa and of African decent, please read, read, read!!!..READ THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS BY DR. IVAN VAN SERTIMA..yuh wi si how de Puerto Ricans became who they now are….lololollllllll!

    1. No laughing matter @Bara, I am an open minded individual who believes you learn something everyday so I will be sure to have a copy picked up of ” THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS” BY DR. IVAN VAN SERTIMA.
      Open mindedness is what kept me here at JMG along with the fact that I can contribute to the suss.
      You were certainly respectful today and I appreciate that!

  13. If true that is plain DISCRIMINATION of the highest form, I tell oonu bout that wicked evil country oonu a run down gonna be black people worst nightnare.

  14. Oh and quena, mi nah pick pon yuh, but it is OBARA, mi si yuh dweet more dan once and mi madda tell mi sey once ah mistake twice ah purpose, Obara Meji is a sacred word, it is one of the sixteen major ODUS (16 kings) of Gods universe it stands in the seventh position in order of hierarchy and it happens to be the name of my destiny.

    1. Obara!!!!!!! mek mi ask yuh a thing deh caw mi need clarification. Suh di PR’s dem black an latino ppl quick fi associate dem shape wid “black” ppl but den seh dem no black oooooooo mi need di history PREACH PREACH I’m here ooooooooooo

      1. Servah, mi seh!!! Mi use to bank with Suntrust and dem eeh have wa black lady weh WUK up in deh, mi seh black til she blue…missis, mi seh whe. She open fe ar mouth, ar bare espanol she ah spit…NO ENGLISH WHATSOEVER!!! You would’ve thought she was African just from her physical appearance. Mi memba one time mi go in deh fe mek ah withdrawal and she had a Hispanic customer that asked if anyone in the bank spoke Spanish, and when she said she did and started speaking in Spanish, the customer mussi seh summen like I thought you were black ( negro) and the bank lady get offended and start shake ar head, ” no no negro”or summen to that effect. Mi jus smh and laugh. No no she nuh black but if yuh turn off the lights yuh cyaah seh ar :hoax2

    2. My apologies @Obara, I thought I was being cute….I had no idea your name held such great meaning, but, I should have known. I won’t make mistake going fahwud!
      If you don’t say I would never know 😉

    1. Obara, blessing to the Most High, everytime!! We love, respect n’ appreciate you :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk :peluk

  15. @Observer :peluk ..yes mi love, de big batty..dem sey yes…de good up shape dem sey yes…we big black males dem sey yes…we black skin dem sey no! no! noooooo

    1. yes ooooo mi notice dat mi hav one inna mi class an mi juss shake mi hed wen she talk caw i doah wah dem fling mi outta dem skool

    2. What I think is we equate the shape to black folks as you are known for the Bootyliciousnessssssss but I know for a fact mines is from Mufungo Y Chuleta Y Arroz con Gandules and an occasional Brown stew Chicken or Jerk Chicken 🙂
      And yes I love me my black Jamaican man :thumbup

  16. and it soo sad Observer because we can trace our history right back to the beginning of time and they are so mixed up that they know not who they are….but one thing is for sure we all have a common ancestor and she comes from Africa, the oldest fossil ever to be found in Ethiopia nicknamed Lucy, every living, breathing human being is a direct descendant of Lucy, SHE IS OUR MOTHER, OUT OF AFRICA SHE COMES!!.. like it or not!!…they do not have to be a part of us Observer, but They must and will respect us, caws no matter how old you are as yuh head hot yuh..YUH BAWL FI YUH MADDA….LOLOL

    1. yuh noe a big man inna class seh di same thing but di story was going off topic suh dem quickly end it but em seh dem roots is african weddah dem like it know it or not….den a man inna class seh if dem nuh hav di nice battam like em black girls dem em not looking em need sum trace a balck ooman inna a nexx race suh em hood caw stan up mi sehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :ngakak a gud ting di teacha neva ovastan wat em saying

    2. @Obara……so to believe WE (as in humans) came from Lucy, then how does God and Christianity fit in? And oh…….then WE (humans) are all of one race, the black race, is that what your saying… whites, no nothing, just all blacks. I had a Muslim friend try to break down the Caucus Mountain theory but, but……I can’t wrap my head around it. Just asking about what you believe (short version please)


  18. Assuming that it is genuine your apology is accepted Quena…To be honest with you, there is only one race and it is the black race, Anthropology teaches this, while the Caucasoid mountains may be real, the whole race being Caucasian was made up by them to place themselves as a race of people coming from somewhere. We look the way we do due to genetic codes and social clines, our climatical conditions depends on the regions we are from and also determines our looks. Africa is hot, hence the dark skin, the broad nose, the tight curly hair and then some, God in his wisdom designed us to survive where ever we lived regardless of the climate, regardless of nature. The color of our eyes depends on how much melanin is within, colored eyes such as blue, green grey , purple are all due to lack of melanin, I wish I was a good typist, I would say much more, but to be honest with you WE ARE ALL BLACK PEOPLE, IT IS BECAUSE WE HAVE TRAVELLED OUT OF AFRICAN THAT WE HAVE MORPHED INTO DIFFERENT LOOKING BEINGS AND HAVE BEGUN FIGHTING OURSELVES….SO DAMN FOOLISH

  19. Definitely was lectured on Lucy in My history class in college
    Hated the class but it was really interesting!

  20. See wa mi a say thanks Obara it was Anthropology & not history lmfao couldn’t member the name suh I just said history class .. Hate it ..

  21. very good FashionPassion, Kudos to the late Senegalese doctor, Chiekh Antop diop who fought to bring the knowledge of Lucy to light, They the oppressors wanted to sweep it under the rug and hide her…may he rest in peace, please all who are interested read his book, CIVILIZATION OR BARBARISM, PRECOLONIAL BLACK AFRICA, THE AFRICAN ORGIN OF CIVILIZATION,…GOOGLE HIM..TEACH YOUR CHILDREN ABOUT THIS GREAT KING AND HIS CONTRIBUTION TO OUR RACE…MY HATS OFF TO YOU SIR!!!

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  22. Ima call at least partial bullshit… I don’t see the CEO of a company, such as Barney’s.. making that statement, especially the last part bout crack or pimping.. and especially not now while they’re being sued.. Ima need the audio on this

          1. oh yes she,sweet,kunta,wickedness,cindy,you ,obara nd many others chead dem ere a dont even read it from mi see the title BARNEY cuz mi knw sey sum weh dung de line sum wurd deh deh weh mi caan cross nd mi nuh feel like using de google dictionary dis nite here…dese chead bring out the JMG top scholar dem a luv e’ yuh luddy ooo

            mi fren mr.skeng how yuh does..yuh upgrade from google tuh bing yah nung r wah :nerd

    1. mi glad fe see yuh log on she tell me all the time sey yuh ask nd mi send out mi big ups as always miss yuh dearly man…yuh nuh dream c me yet 😀

      thats good to know hail har up fi mi deh wen yuh get a next link


  24. Simply yuh know she tell mi de last time mi tawk to har sey she deh yah every day ah peep, as wid all ah we,caws de odda day when mi did missing ah Africa mi did deh fo Seven months and mi deh pon Jmg almost everyday…pepping!!

  25. Met says:
    November 7, 2013 at 5:00 pm
    quena ur pc screen need di glass it a show real life tuh much :nerd fix back di screen oo

    _________________________________________—-mi side toothache deading

  26. This is article fabricated. Fake. Spoof. Stupid. Foolishness. Not real. Read with sense and logic people, not emotion.

  27. This is fake, I’m sure it will find it’s way on Snopes. But seriously we need to stop wasting money on these labels. Even Kanye West who is riched denounced LV and said their prices were too extreme and he wouldn’t design for them again. He won’t be used to have black kids saving up all their money to buy these labels.

  28. Mi still a dead to RASSS quena say yep pie know she wi see ar n tump off har face

    RAYYYYY :kr :kr :kr :kr

    1. yuh noe mi neva wah cum bak til simple gawn caw she bad oooooo she nuh stop run weh admin chue she wah pred out n buss big :ngakak

  29. I don’t blame them.

    1) is not like I will ever shop their anyway even though apart from being black I wouldn’t have a problem qualifying but f**kem anyways

    2) too much yankee niggas and ole naygah who cyaan stap tied won’t leff the people dem raas tings alone

  30. If this did real you woulda see how much dancehall people a where knockoff/ioffer clothes cah we know them naav no pay stub. Lol

  31. Hi Met havent read the entire comments but me no believe this story at all somebody mek up dis shit a caan d land a Democracy and equal rights n justice whe dem have a BLACK PRESIDENT – :nohope

    Barneys’ new policy will require all African American males under the age of 30 to show security guards pay stubs or income tax forms before being granted admittance into the store. “This way,” Lee said, “once they’re inside, we’ll know for sure what they can and can’t afford, and we won’t be forced to racially profile them.” :nohope :nohope

    However is this is true me waan kno dem high roller ya if a so dem a go sidung n send d white girl dem in de go buy fi dem


    But mu glad di post took turn fi di betta/worst (hush Quena, caws mi really like yuh), caws mi glad bag bust and mi mouth start run lele wata wen mi see OBARA MEJI!! OBARA MEJI, BIG UP YUH GIFTED SELF ANYWEH YUH SIDDUNG/STAN’ UP/LAY DUNG/LEAN UP INNA MERICA! FIRST LADY OBARA, yuh know say ah last week Friday mi ah tell one ah mi good, childhood friend bout yuh! Omg, yoooowww, one can only imagine di amount ah RESPECT mi have fi OBARA! MADAM OBARA, you are like a breath of THE FRESHEST AIR! I LOVE YOU OBARA MEJI!


    1. admin luk yah quick

      nuh petttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt inna de bloodclaat building c mi ppl dem ere no a my nite dis yah a tretch mi tretch out________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


    1. De article fake but we crutcha and fraudsters aren’t FAKE…psst Happle an Mannette tell anon sey onu REAL. ..Mannette figet sey yu de a ohio pon lock dung. :takut

      Guess anon neva see happle a Chanel counta a get har bag skin clean whey purchase pon somebody credit….lol :hoax

  33. Jmg exercises our minds, it stimulates conversation and starts an argument which is sooo refreshing, mix up part of it us entertainment and a part of life..Kudos to the Admin who knows how to keep us wanting more!!…we are all our brothers keepers and we are all a apart OF each other instead of a FROM each other, love conquers all..big up oonuh self all metters and peepers and passing through (ers)….IN THE WORDS OF THE LATE GREAT KHALID MOHAMMED (GOOGLE HIM), GIVE YOUR SELVES A BLACK HAND!!



      1. :repost: MET! That was an EXCELLENT ANSA! lolol.

        @ we nu pet ppl…you should request a pool fi see how much years it get or ‘which year’ it will get out.

        Me sey 2040.

  36. To all who will see this comment I would like to share this with you….anyone who is always happy and have not one lick of problem, will not have long life, Anyone who sometimes (does not have to be often) go through trials and tribulations, life at times goes up and down for them, are destined for long life, we should however pray that we don’t see any great devastation….also anyone you feed, clothes and shelter shall never rise above you….please remember this!!

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