Good morning! Well me read the comments dem n dem mek me laugh as usual. Nuff respect to the Metters, pure love.

13 thoughts on “FOWL SEH FI BIG UNNO UP

    1. lololollllllllllllllllll….Me wan know if a de head or de name turn observah on….she did sey him mind up him peeps dem…Zervah is which one turn yu on like a HDTV? lol

  1. Oyeeeeeeee Senor FOWL……Un boleto a Jamaica para mi amiga Zervah, por favor???
    Hey Mr. Fowl ……..One ticket to Jamaica for my friend Zervah please?????
    OYeeeeeeeeee @Zervah mi deh yah ah ask Fowl fi yuh ticket :thumbup

  2. Bigup uself me did have a crush pon u when u did in a u prime but me get too mature n leggo off a d BS but regardless a u flaws u a 1 a dem whe me rate same way fi keep it 100 – Long Life me bredda

  3. Im glad that people are finally getting to see what a jovial, friendly and down to earth person Owen Clarke really is.

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