Met what a thing when Frenenemy feel betrayed and start show them true colors.Amba and Blackeisha fall out and now Amba claiming all of the exposing is being masterminded by Blackeisha.Who is Blackiesha?

The people are saying Blackeisha is the worst of the worst the Ghetto has to offer.

She sleeps with men,women and pickney daily as her mood suit her.She licks out everyhole pon the human body and brags about it,nosehole,earshole and bottomhole.When most freaks have 1 or even 2 tounge piercings,is 3 times she bore fi har own.All the things a come out now but the time Blackiesha took to stir up trouble, she should have taken to clean up her own file dutty life.She tek every Don and their concubines in the area and surrounding areas.She breeding currently and Jamaica don’t have enough fingers to count the amount of men who are in the jacket raffle as her babyfather.

The Reggae boyz Captain really sick to leave his executive wife from the liqour top company to go pick up Blackiesha. He is currently fretting that she doesn’t insist pon DNA cuz him know him guh deh without using the mandatory 5 condoms on to enter Blackeisha.

The baller don’t seem to have a loyal women because Amba said that in addition to the mate Blackeisha,baller other woman Nikki did a share the voicenotes.Amba buss that him and Blackeisha did inna things too and she did want set up her bad man brother with him.This is how diseases spread because is mostly crawny ppl a swap fluids in this saga.The Reggae boyz Baller is a good person who got mixed up in the worst possible crowd sake a how him love threesomes.When you handsome and can get any girl ,why go for cast eye crawny always naked a day Blackeisha?

Met we hope them can done the war vibes now since Blackeisha exposed them and now she get put up too.We a beg them to done because other persons files a guh get read out the more this thing perlong.
Dollar man is a DL battyman and there’s a voicenote with Amba coming out fully as a battyman.
All a who on pinkwall who did a defend Amba bout no man never call his name pon batty,please go somewhere else pan di www.Met we don’t know what Blackeisha is cuz words can’t describe such nastiness.Barbara who favor the aliens in Men in Black 1&2,you evil sell out woman is for another day soon. Where does Nikki and Shavar come in this because Niki and Shavar deh fi years and Blackiesha seh she and Shavar deh. Another day, another set a mixup

29 thoughts on “BLACKIESHA PART 1

  1. Bomboclaat, dis nah dun fi now enuh. Jah kno star. But all di reggae boyz captian bout him deh wid blackiesha? Him doh have nuh ambition a bloodclaat.

    It fi dun still, cause man ago dead if it nuh dun. An id Barbara is the reputed leader of this unwanted mix up.

  2. Hmm popcaan in hand, what a way Barbara she mek this battyman a draw her in his mess. The police need fi tap and start monitor Amba’s phone seeing upon hearing that statement that he made about dating badmen to page man. How much blood deh pon yuh hand Amba?
    I will forever say it these so called gays and badman goes hand in hand.

  3. Everybody hear now outta the Demons mouth, him is a battyman, no questions ask. Bwoy mi loose offa unno, a nuh now poor people a know hunger and hard life (UNNO FI GRIN AND BARE) because of likes unno sell unno soul. This bwoy have few dollars and unno mek him have unno like idiots. Da bwoy yah a guh cause his Death, is not everybody him can run dem battyman joke wid.

  4. I can’t bada what a way him did well cuss me off say him straight n a photoshop dem photoshop him picture. Likkle nasty liad batty f**ker hope them find him body somewhere. F**king piece a shit

  5. Issa breeed a backside tings a gwan inna di world eno….. suh a barbara him mouth piece and hear she a laugh like eediat chu him can buy har fi duh anyting…. battyman have powas doe!! dem seh ting wid shit always……. whteva :nerd

  6. A who di gal wey a stick out har tongue doh…. it messy up indesso.. no man!! wid di amount a bakteria inna ppl mouth not even suck she fi a suck hood… all yuh cocky full up a jerms(yes mi know a g it spell wid :rolleyes:)

  7. Wat a nasty looking creature,if mi dog bark off har mi dash him weh. Amba seh him get the pinkwall story 6:45am mi nuh have no life and deh pon di wall well early neva see a new story buss so early. Supm nah add up.

  8. Janet Bembow lives in England,She do hair,bleach out, madda young gyal, one of Ragashanti’s big friend/follower. She too used to be a go go

  9. Met yuh buss the case so let’s recap to bring everyone up to speed. Stay tuned for the shocking confession at the end. This all started with Amba recording the baller and don’t be surprised that there is a video at the house. This is not uncommon because like you said Met is a regular thing Amba do as insurance policy in case these vulnerable men and likeshead men won’t do his bidding. We know this because Met you must of grown weary to be talking, lecturing and counseling Amba.No one therefore should think Met has an Agenda or a fight out Amba.

  10. Met exactly how you said it go ,we have confirmed that Amba and Blackeisha been a freak out each other. Amba shared the baller VN with her.She went and shared it with her preferred choice babydaddy Shavar.Shavar shared it with his brother Alex then they went uptown and shared it with Shavar’s lady amazon warrior that a Nikki.Met you have highlighted that the way Amba so fool ,he still didn’t connect the dots that Nikki and Shavar deh too.Amba is quiet now because he is just slowly realizing he got played.Amba let me connect the dots for you wait little.

  11. We will deal with the innocent and the guilty now by separating them.Amba you have wrongfully blamed Blackiesha for spreading and sharing your VN.Poor you even now don’t realize that is your big fren Nikki who yuh say rate you was the one doing all that.In her mind all Blackiesha did was share it with her babydaddy, if them going to share a baby what’s wrong with sharing a Voicenote?Alex only got involved to say he doesn’t want that guilty DL baller around him.DL baller and his sadamite sista and careless mumma rush innocent Alex threatening violence and denying everything. Then Blackeisha guilty now to go to you with news that those 3 turn against you. Amba went on live for 57mins and read them out.Even on your live remember Blackiesha and u were still big friends and she kept on saying she doesn’t know why she and all this about.

  12. Before the shocking confession lets look at Amba’s lies which is very important because his lies are jeopardizing ppl’s lives.Amba said Blackiesha sent him link that he is on pinkwall from 6am-6:45am.Met can confirm that her first posts are usually WtF Africa, daily Devotion and Funny Pictures 2 ,which Always goes up 7am-7:10am.You can easily go on the post now and see that it was not close to 6am but long after it put up.He did all this to divert attention from the main person stirring up all the mess,his vomit slave Barbara.

  13. A lot of intimidation,threats,gunplay jostling did a gwaan Met so Amba was paged.The way dem so fool look pon the solution they came up with to clear DL baller.Amba do a video denying all,saying that the baller is not a battyman.They then turn up the heat pon a somewhat innocent blackeisha by changing the thing to point all fingers at her.Amba listen and read carefully how all of this backfired on unno.Amba you were giving Barbara instructions how to do the clear. She even did turn to you and ask how since you had already class up the baller and sadamite sista.You even confessed u had all the proof and he is a known DL man who you have to pay for every little thing so no freebies.Amba you told Barbara that you sorry u did all that but now you saying all that wasn’t true.

  14. Amba now for your moment of truth. It was not Blackiesha, nor the Dl baller nor his sadamite sista who married recently foriegn butch,not the Thomas brothers not even your slave Barbara.Now all the threats can stop and who fi go lick dem wounds go do it now like shame dog.The way you are such a dunce battyman I suggest you ask an educated person what and who is Othello.I took this all from the playbook of Othello because you’re one of the worst cancer in Jamaica today and you had to be stopped. You were constantly denying that you were a battyman,search the Archive on here for the war with you and Marvin where you insisted you straighter than 6oclock.You were decieving and exposing young men who never had the principles to just say no and wait them turn.You exposed dem and then come a talk them must wait dem turn.

  15. Othello Is a novel in which he was betrayed by his own ppl.You gave Barbara instructions and a chicken feed money. Did you know she would betray u for a bigger money. Did you know that your VN were going to go out,on who fa order? Certainly not yours right because the truth is no one has never heard you promoting that you’re gay and even when caught,ppl defended you and say photo shop and is badmind a try bring you down. Well guess what your shock now is,we orchestrated all this and got you out your own mouth to confess to your criminal acts since you use gunman fishes to page ppl.But Amba you must a wonder how did I get your VN,remember is Barbara alone you voice noted

  16. There was a big professor battyman but he wasn’t doing nearly half the damage you been doing amba.When you see Met fed up because she tiyad to talk to you about your corrupting ways.I am confessing because you are using yuh ill-gotten gains to go after innocent people. You don’t know me but call me the Patriot because I exposed you to protect our country from the likes of you demon battymen.Stop with all the threats to everyone ,even Met is innocent on all this.You had already corrupted 2 young men and 3 a death as we say in Jamaica. I don’t sorry for Dl baller.Finally and I repeat I did all this and prepared to finish it anyway you want to demon Amba.I currently have my heat on my right leg,get at me Dog when you figure out who I am.Everyone is innocent in all this except you and maybe licky licky Barbara.Amba we have found you guilty and sentence you to goodbye

  17. Who hab d butta? Latty watch u foot n mine u kick oba mi jinx. Ispy duck likkle bit deh n clear mi view. Ms Met kindly leave out the sugar n tin milk outa mi tea bcuz enuff inna dis ya saga ya fi gi ebbry baddy diabetes.

    Amba do the world a fava and disappear. Nuh know how u ago dweet but just disappear. A bet unnu say smaddy dead inna all a this a bet unnu.

    Mi naah tell unnu fi accept slackness eno ladies but when unnu man gi unnu bun wid waah gal plus use boots just send up waah amen deh. The world f**k up longtime just that SM bring it right a u doorway. Met mi vote this as the nastiest mess splash pon the wall and nuff n mi mean nuff splash up bout ya.

  18. Amba is a real mix up coward. Hear how him a try use Barbara fi block bullets. He doesn’t sound like no bad man to me. Matter of fact he sounds scared. Barbara need fi run him wey. Bout I have something for you. Keep it yuh mixup germs.

    1. Save some a di tuff crakaz Dey fi Mi.

      Lol Met from Mi hear the voicenote and full name a call Mi kniw say a try clear him a try clear the balla n name.

      Granny used to say if you Neva go a fowl roost, fowl wouldn’t shit Pon you i

  19. Wait deh amber alert u mek me .. u was straight the other day n now a bad Man U f**k? U r a demon from the Pitt of hell u wicked dogshit u … do the world a favor a go jump!!

  20. But we’ve been telling you people facts about Amba long time. Amba used to be in drags and do him hair at Clock Tower den him start wear male clothes again and two twos we hear baby on the way. Dat nasty gyal from Waterhouse want a bitch lick, too lick licky. Well demon Amba weh love send threat take yuself out a this one. Yu better retire yu b*tty.

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