fdFretdem you a talk up pan Blair u must remember seh a three way p**y you have JLP , PNP AND NATIONAL SOLID WASTE… Fretdem you a the biggest batty gyal Cuz memba seh you dance gogo u suck hood and p**y and get f**k Inna u batty..suck ole fretdem..u ca dis Blair Cuz Blair f**k out you and you sista ole.. And you a bash the boy them and the whole the tallbottle bwoy them f**k u and mek u suck them h**.


Shemika wat a way you and you sister fretdem a bash blair and him f**k the two a uno


  1. I guess you will see my message here tiquila me want me money me want me money girl fret dem me want me money stop go round me with me money my girl me a call yo phone yo nah and me text yo yo nah answer me want me money unuh love take people things and don’t like pay me iggy fi yo

  2. No dis batty gyal too bright. And the gyal a fool. Which batty man can tell me. How man gi him hicky and and how him come and enjoy it. No sah a so man ration a Jamaica. This is a national disgrace. Me and no gay guy fi inna no man argument.

  3. But sanisha what a story u and Blair make up send in u and yuh battyman a gwan good yes am a dancer at taboo and overseas a nuh ntn weh mi hide mi proud a it bitch a it a mek mi finish sort out mi house and a it make mi buy car o shit mi three business a sort out rite now a just me fi com Jamaica com do d do mi nah dance and waste time mi never suckhood from mi born bbz Blair never f** mi yet and mi nuh battyman so nuh man CNT fuk mi in a my batty mi entitle fi fuk all a thousand fren bbbz but mi kud not know a man a f**k batty and mek him enter my passage hunny my life sort out and happy me nah waste nuh time u sad no f**k yuh nuh see a battyman and u a argu over your man yah send in pple pon pinkwall and yuh life sad and yuh pusc soon start rotten if it nuh start yet man looking girl sanish mi inbox yuh so ansa mi cause u big bad and brave mi wah shot off yuh man cocky and bomb out yuh BC hole cungoworm post to deh Nam yuh dung like chichy ya now unu need fi com with facts when unu a send in frwtdem cause a mi say nah stop shame dem mi nuh do ntn and hide cause a my BC life this not me and a soul mek d pple dem from maxfield tell bout mi laugh at pain and cry at joy #borndancer addicted to the f**g pole bbz mi CNT help it when mi com back a Jamaica and touch taboo y’all shud com tek mi in plz

  4. Chin bye girl when yuh did owe Britney r money how long and she afi do yuh up fa weh yuh beh do I guess we both do d same what is 8 gran and how much money Britni Howes u now I don’t give a fuk if u wah Iggy fi mi fone lost and mi change how much hear how it ago go when yuh get it if yuh get it

  5. oh ya chat so now when ya take me bldclaat hair yo never a talk so Britney come ya a when me owe yo whole heap a momey and you done me it everytime to tell me ya bring me money come to go round me since it so small why me ca get me 8gran me sure know u did buy hair yo just bldclat nuff and no like see people with nothing wicked gyal me hate gyal like unuh me 8gran nah make yo no betta but me want it cause yo no gi weh prayer and God wuk inna misterios ways yer memba me tell you that yo fi pay when yo owe people

  6. ya talk bout me owe Britney long donkey bldclaat year me nah chat bout that me a talk bout you weh love people things and weh love thief you me a chat them soon find yo decompose body bldclaat somewhere fi people things and Britney pay me o long

  7. Bbz mi born bless god nah take weh mi blessing mi never red eye nor badmind a soul mi own up to everything mi do nah nuh time fi hide a thing pple like you a funu blessings god tek weh cause unu love attention member yuh ever a baul and beg to me girl and say Britney a style yuh and nuh wah pay yuh see pple like u pple Eva try style mi nuh need fi thief bbz d only person mi Eva rob a my mother father sister yuh know y mi mother use to tell mi don’t thief dat she broke mi in a but yet still she always a tell mi fi thief mi father money mi a talk bout wen mi a pitney yuh si mi sister now when mi father use to GI mi she mek mi share d money between mi and r when a mi mother fi get it and mi tell mi mother say mi nuh get none so yuh know weh dat teach mi tek from pple weh have it not pple weh nuh have chin yuh don’t have shit so mi nuh see y mi fi thief from u yuh just love bc attention and yuh know if a did u owe mi 8gran mi wudnt a gwan so but it look like u hungry mi nah perlong this see cause hyping and attention a fi last if yuh wah yuh 8 gran yuh can more than get it b but wait mi afi spite yuh first mi plan fi com a yuh dance and mi a com do d do but guest what mi nah bring d 8 gran mi a leave yuh fi chat all yuh wNt yah so less chatting fi me zeen

  8. chin n fretdem this don’t look bloodclate good unnu done the bullshit on social media Remember we were all friends at one point none a this nuh call fa kmft dog just behave unnu self a people unnu want give things fi go chat unnu stop man fretdem just send the 80us give chin n call it a day

  9. so fretdem owe ppl money an av r money a mine man? Senda yuh too lie man stp tell lie she coulda neva a dun tmblair n him n him fren them f**k r thats sad tho fretdem, lol i didn’t know the selling of pussy is a blessing oh god hurry up an pay the ppl them dem money cuz when yuh pussy n yuh mouth dun yuh affi guh sell yuh batty like blair dwl

  10. @Anonymous if I laugh I ded mi nuh need fi sell pussy boo try again mi never suckhood from mi born boo try again mi nah lie unu Lil bit and nuff nuh BC unu just wah see pple business unuh get involve how yuh reach in a me and mi family business mi can more than BC pay r fi sure easy bc 123 a weh unu ago do when mi 3 business start run pon track a mad unu ago mad god go wid yuh boo seems like mi a mad yuh tho bbz a wonder if yuh know say mi own a car and a house weh a set up d rite way yah now boo yuh need fi do better stop being a f***g kunt and a BC hater take yuh Lil time and go suck sum dick and sell sum pussy and do yuhself better cause this here sure ain’t helping u mi nuh know weh unu call mine man like is a regular fi u tho mek yuh know bout it if mi even wah mind man bbz a mi swing pole fi mi money so tell mi now how u drop in no mad is like me is a headache to you this funny nuh BC and mi not even know how fi laugh sighss smfh b yuh sad

    And fi u chin mi av talk any weh yuh see pple like u a unu pple violate cause yah gwan like yuh bc hungry fi eight gran mi see yuh true colors yuh fuk since as a dah way yah yuh want it yah fi go beat mi fi yuh 8 gran cause god see and know mi nah GI yuh ntn mi man need a new shoes as weh anonymous say mi mine man lol shake my head

  11. A Blair gal sanisha send in that tru mi right off r man Blair kudnt fuk mi cause mi nuh see ntn pon Blair nor bout a nuh anything grab my eye and even if mi wah fuk whole a tallbottle mi suppose a two bc crew mi ever take a man from in a dancehall and a tallbottle family and chedda empire one from Spain and one from town and mi saying it proudly nuh one from each crew like unu y’all just wah hear dem name a call mi pussy ave principles one whole Heep

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