So she finally came out and say the baby isn’t his and he killed himself in front of her and their I mean HER son before day June 8… one left her sorry whoring ass and the husband killed himself WEH JACKET A GO … mi all hear seh she start f**k round already RIP RAVON



  1. Look at this fine boy he could get any damn woman he want, where does these weak men come from, he’s a damn fool thats all i can say.

  2. Went on Rochelle page suh the boy baby she just had him like what 2mths ago? doesn’t the hospital give you paternity papers to fill out before yuh even hand in the papers to apply for the birth paper,I h=guess as the paper starts to out grow his newborn look questions a get ask or ppl a mouth him..either way R.I.P and I think there is more to the story than finding out baby isn’t his

  3. So sad, RIP. Not everybody is strong willed. Some people just cannot take shame, embarrassment, stress, etc.

  4. People really love to talk e mon nobody know di real reason leave di girl alone n go look a life mek di yute name rest in peace kmt bout baby not his unu just love chat guh suck unu self.

  5. All u crosses bout his sis kmt weh u know? Sump unu a try find out guh worry bou how unu aguh eat later nastiness bout yep really kill self cas baby kmt chat to much a dat wid unu unu need fi find a lifeeeeee .

  6. They say the baby is for the man that own the door Chris. And the youth get fired and she still work there anyway that’s what my neighbor told me Rip young man

  7. Some a unu likkle bit and too nuff him dead now him dead to blotclat leave the girl alone all when the baby a nuh fi him own weh ‘killing yuh self a guh’ him have him reason why him kill him self him dead and gone done off a him name.

  8. Uno bloodclaat nuff ehh!! Ntn more than uno want find out how d likkle boy dead! Uno too f**g nuff uno come offa him name now man cause him neva business bout ppl… if him want kill himself at d end a d day ano uno him ago answa to!!

  9. Smh…..this is f***y R.I.P Terro this should never reach here. The man just bury Saturday let him go plz

  10. You ppl need to let his family and wife grieve. Where is the empathy gone these days ppl need to leave this girl let her grieve the lost of her husband.

  11. A cudda wa cause this thou… We all know Rochelle was a hoe an a nain Ravon baby the bitch Mek one of her f**k boy kill the bredda and talk bout suicide no way on earth Ravon did ago kill himself over Pickney Weh Ano Fi him because him already have a daughter that’s his he done thru the worst so this saggy ass pussy gyal a try frame the dead man… Wats finna happen now?!? Ur husband dead an u deeven show no form of emotion from the Mawnin u see him “kill himself” till the day him bury? After him dead deeven two days after u gone fuvk other man?!??! Like Wat kinda wife u be?! A waa dem fuvk up. Have ur duty ex a post bout because him cya manage him kill himself

  12. Mi highly doubt is him kill himself. Mi kno this boy from prep school. Supm Nuh right bout this story the crosses gyal be telling

  13. While i do agree that the deceased should rest in peace, UNU STOP CUSS PPL BOUT DEM NUFF. PPLE AGO ALWAYS TALK..Dem juss a surmise and report what has been said, i DOUBT ANY HARM IS MEANT…May his soul find peace despite the fact he took his own life (ALLEGEDLY)….

  14. D whole a unu pussy guh suck unu mada..whe unu know..nuff nuh bloodclaat… see n blind hear and deaf unu dutty nu bloodclaat..sum a unu naav food fi eat or place to sleep worry bout that and make sure unu know who a fi unu bloodclaat sperms donor. Dat unu pick..come off her f**g name and gu look a life.. worthless mother f**s..hop off man . Rip rav

  15. All a uno go suck a dick a die slow uno kno the gal and wah she her man a go thru put uno self her position her man just dead and uno start chat already stop run off uno germs mouth some a uno stink and want bath with detol and jaze. Some uno not even kno Ravon uno just hear ppl a chat something and run with it. The rass baby is Ravon no question about it, uno sit dwn pon the gal bloth clatth name like bench, uno need a life and stop worry bout ppl own. Every min u cum wid something fi try bring down the gal and she stay in lane and still a live better than nuff uno weh borrow every Sunday fi cool out, conclusions middle finger to u f**s Trich & Baby is rocking

  16. @ Anon stfu a cause u know say a true. Bout see and blind hear and deaf, thats why Jamaica cant better. bitch, mout make fi chat, U and uh whoring fren fi stop trick di man dem and gi dem jacket. The man wrong fi kill himself but is yuh licky licky fren was the cause, hope him haunt har to har very grave. We are all adults and ppl need fi realize say them actions have consequences. Before u come and say everybody make mistakes so go easy wid har u come and a gwaan like the gal a bloodcl**t virgin mary. Maybe a all u and har nexx skirmage fren dem did a kip up wid and a encourage the slackniss make she do weh she do. Bun mi fi unuh cocky tractor prostitutes essi

  17. All u outsiders looking in and talking all kinds of crappie about baby belongs to who and what not. We never know when they was getting in much less having a baby and getting one was there in their lives to know what was going on so ppl need to leave things be we are not God so who are we to cast judgement upon another person. It is a tragic situation and due to that a life was lost please ppl u are saying she is not mourning everyone mourns different.leave this young lady and let her try to pick up the pieces of what’s left of her life and try to get better for herself and her child.u don’t understand the meaning of mourning.

  18. When somebody dead people have a bunch a stuff to say dirty bitches and hoes some of who a talk don’t even have papers

  19. Take note that she was married to this guy and it’s after he shot is self as they say she change her lastnight to his on social media

  20. So f**ng what she no need no f***g permission to do anything leave the blood klathe girl alone non progressive elements she married to him regardless what is blood klathe name change

  21. She married to him and look what she made him do …kill is fu&king self sound like that shit make sense to you should be charge for man slaughter lol

  22. Name never Change when he was alive thou but I guess that when the saying comes in you must have respect to the dead ….,you defending a lost cause

  23. Met ooo i hear this baby is for Ricky Grine!!!! Mi hear sey the baby look just like him ooo. Rip to the deceased. Real father please stand up!!! Sigh

  24. Everybody know this is bunx & his wife doing all of this. Bunx worry about the floor yah sleep pon. Unnu too dangerous. Nd bunx wife need to worry about the multitude of woman har husband still ah f**k pon ar wid. Trich & baby are just fine &well taken care of. Stop scandal the ppl dem and go look a life and a place to live. & also remember the young man have friends as well that won’t take this shit sitting down. Let the dead rest in peace

  25. @an likkle scabba foot dry head gal or bowy gu suck out yu mada ten times.. unu gwaan like unu sleep with d girl and her man.. yes mi like when dem a fuk yu de de a woooiii talk bout jamaicans unu too bloodclaat nuff a run off unu mouth and doe know shit.. whe unu de when dem go court house oh so a unu a witness. Hear mi se gu suck out unu muma. Look a life unu sad a siddung a stress ova people worry she good and always ago be good. A dat unu pick. Unu disgust me. Badmind a kill nuf a unu.. who are you to be talking bout whore to lol yu probably dun yaad and up ya anu dat duppy know a who fi frighten.. unu a ididot f***g clowns.. suck yu mada again.gwaan chat.. thats all unu cya do

  26. Lol if the man kill himself ova jacket and she don’t know her baby father why that concern unnu and how Bunx and his wife drop inna this unnu love talk and bring up people name unnu mixup nuh bloodclat

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