1. He’s a good looking guy. He just need to really understand what he’s doing because is not everything that glitters is gold.

  2. That’s why me have to respect Bounty killa down to the very ground that he walks on…if u call urself artist why would u want to sign a next artist to make money

    1. Bounty deal wid his thing the way he deals with it and he signs no contract because he aint looking for anything. That is his choice. Not because someone decides to do things by the book means they are wrong. If he invests in him he has all right to want back what he put in. All bounty do fi artiste and dem still ungrateful and give him bad name

        1. A dat run down the business. Dem nuh have NOTHINGGGGGGGGG about them as dem si lil sun reach dem , they swear they are the hottest ting. Mi a go write one article bout it this month. I havent done anything in a while and dem a get to me because they swear they have talent and dem nuh have nothing

          1. Exactly because who the frig is Blakkman and as for Dexta him just ah buss…wi not even know if him ago last long….how him get so much publicity offa do white ooman & di cocky pics and nuh mek ah big tune offa it…he should have ran with the hype and he didn’t….him have talent yes….but clearly him nuh suh bright. Dexta need fi buy out di contract….but I’m sure he won’t . I’m not defending Goofy bc mi nuh know if him have what it takes fi mek nuhbadda buss when him still nuh buss himself but Blakkman only people ah seaview know you….relax

          2. Dem too lickey lickey das why dem get wanga belly. Him think if tomorrow him run in pan a show n start get bookings more dan Dexta it nah go be a problem. Dexta fi gwaan build himself, him jus a come ina dis.

  3. Come on met goofy can’t help himself how him a gu help blakman…dexta is i way better position to help the youth su mek him gu on nu…business is business but if u doing business with a man n u losing money would U continue??tell mi the true met…

    1. Dexta is in a better position to also buy Blakkman out of his contract. One man invested in him and because blakkman thinks someone can do better buy him btw , that person never invested in him so yes…dexta can do better by him because now him a go hitch up pan dexta wanting dexta crumbs. Does Dexta Dapps have a career or is he just beginning to start his career? I would think one would have to have two firm feet in the door before they can help someone ..Goofy has been around for a long time, he knows the business, regardless of that fact that some people say he doesnt have a hit song, he had one and knows the ins and outs of the business. New broom sweep clean but old broom already conformed and knows the corners. Goofy says he wants his money he spent back , they should make some arrangement to pay that back, what about that??

  4. Is there a buy out clause in the contract, if there is indeed a contract. I know nothing of music. But on a business perspective. The iron must strike when it Hott. When Lil Wayne never happy with Birdman him leave. If Blackman not satisfied with his career direction he is free to change the direction. Ijs

    1. Sweet Blakkman thinks dexta can help him but in essence dexta jus a come up he needs help himself. Him seh him a write song and need riddim but Goofy seh him nah go studio so how him going to get the riddim? Dem so lickey lickey sometimes ..instead of looking for a feast dem a look fi a plate a food. What is he going to get in long term from Dexta? One or two run in pan di mic show?

  5. Den a how much money it cost fe buy out an up-coming-artiste from a contract? Also, what are the consequences (good and bad) if Blakkman just leave Mr G’s Management team and just go on his own like that? I’m not sure I’m understanding the money and contractual part of the arrangement here. Alkaline and Notnice split up, Busy and fe him Manager split up, Chin and Gully Bop split up, Bounty, Patrick Roberts, etc, and a long list of adda Managers and adda artistes split up and have moved on, so what’s up wid money and contract here?

  6. Di yute seh a goofy come step-een an push him crep-een lmaooo Blakkman facety sah dwl….pon a real level yute humble yuhself beefing wit a known producer will only make others nuh waa work wit yuh…..An y wud a producer invest him money inna yuh an a try stifle yuh? Mi nuh think goofy have money fi waste, is not much him can do if yuh nuh score a hit.

  7. Met!! I know u can read n write more than i do u probably have a college degree n I don’t but ur not speaking with any fairness here..the reason any artist need a manager is to help them reach there if blakman feel like his manager goofy is not doing a good job he reserve all the rights to tell him he wants the to end the contact…blakman biggest song is with daxta daps n dexta is moving in the right direction…su if dexta want him long time friend join him cuz him si where goofy not doing right by him fren wah wrong with that.

    1. Max mi never seh one time seh blakkman fi stay wid goofy..I said he can pay out of his contract or make the arrangements. Max Tarrus Riley have a big colab but a colab dont guarantee a career its still a gamble. What I am saying is this; What him a bank pan with dexta may not happen because dexta jus a come ina di business. Principle is principle, they all do the same. When people pick dem up and help dem up they `are happy when dem a get di help and as soon as dem head start push up they get ungrateful. Goofy say pay him so him fi do just that. Seh ok I want to leave and I am going to settle with this and I will pay u in such and such time. Mi sure u wudden waa tek up an artiste and spend pan dem then dem turn roun waa do other things n dont give u back none of the money u spent…they like to burn bridges too much

  8. Stop attack blakkman ,yute a do some good tune and can make it ,if G can’t help the yute stop hold back the yute ..

  9. Max 1:15 thank you! Met I can’t believe you would say a thing like that about the Yute don’t have no talent…on the contrary he’s very talented and will excel if he’s presented with the right opportunity. I’m from Seaview and know this little boy from he was a kid and he’s a very humble Yute! I don’t understand why people always do things for people and then turn around and talk about it like they’re looking a medal! Even if goofy did buy him clothes and shoes that’s nothing to talk about because I’m sure someone helped goofy when he was new to the music industry as well. But that’s what happens when you don’t have good people behind you because if Blakkman had any guidance at all he would’ve known not to sign any contracts so early in his career and especially with someone like goofy.

    1. When I said no talent it was a general statement for ALLLLLLLLLLL in the industry now because they all lame ..sorry. It was not a personal attack on him but in general …If goofy was doing something for him there wouldnt be a contract, now that its established that there is one, its time for him to see what can get him out of it and goofy said payment so he needs to pay. I dont care what he is

  10. Met u don’t even know what up and coming artist deal with on a daily basic, the things I see them take only them know. Goofy know him Neva spend no money pon Blackman like that. 40g Fi the video, any mix take no. Ask him friend to bring a few clothes from foreign Fi Blackman. Please me fair when u said pay back, goofy want dexta money so bad. Met some of the managers Fi get diss some man have to wash car, Mek up weed Fi manager Fi buss and all a take diss from dem. Go check judgement yard and see how them a wait pon the opportunity Fi buss.
    Goofy show u receipt of what u spend. Artist a get fight from managers, selectors and them don’t reach no way. Dexta I will give u praise cause a u help push Blackman single not goofy. (Let’s put shaggy in it. Shaggy had all right to leave Livingston because him did a thief him, so tell me was shaggy ungrateful to do that? Music business is not what u see, a lot of hidden agenda from the veterans.

  11. but goofy a contradict himself cause he clearly stated that he ddnt want blacks to enhance ur life u step in n enhanced his, to my understanding ur saying u was doing a favor n not looking for nothing in return, so i thats the case what the big business deal now for?

  12. MET its so hard to explain to people thats ignorant and dark to the business i can talk from experience as soon as a artist get a little shine or feel he can drive the same car as you his promoter he as no respect for you 3 people Artist respect WHITE MAN BATTY MAN AND BAD MAN and trust me that order is right

  13. Because before them did get the shine it was a hard road for them. They get hype yes but who wouldn’t when you can make a difference with your life.

  14. Prento come pon site come work one week den seh him know di business and quit, run guh open shop fi show you seh you and him a equal now, him a boss to. We all know how the story ends.

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