Ppl dont believe the hype.. these fake as* girl now a days on insta go to the extreme to look hype, whealthy but who them fooling? paying 44,000 for fake braces why though? Everybody wanna be in the hype unnu teeth soon drop out crome doll follow aneka dweet and itsrichrush been wearing it awhile ..then when every likkle ticky ticky start follow the trend here come miss crayfish who is next?? …its not only the girls some niggaz too like sadiki who always keep the all white dance ..these trend is being done at braceja you can find them on insta and u will see all the hot girl following them inquiring ..fyi real braces are between 300,000- 800,0000


58 thoughts on “FAKE GRILLS OH

  1. Some of these women actually really had bad teeth eg . I’ve seen snaps of RichRush’s teeth and it has come a far way very far way. If they can afford to get their teeth fixed why not go ahead and do it. People free fi use dem money do whatever if dem get cosmetic braces fi show off dem can suffer the consequences that’s on them.

  2. I don’t know why anyone would want to wear braces for fashion. I had them for years and it was not nice. I wonder if they know about all the extra work that you have to do to care your teeth when you have on braces.

  3. Niki cromaz own fake like the China cloth dem she put it on snap braces ja 24,000 fi top n bottom i can’t laugh n say she a hot gal kmt right a her yard the man dem come put it on that for sure i know fake

  4. Lol rich rush braces are real we go to the same orthodontists I can’t speak about the rest

  5. Can someone please come in and tell me how do a person put on fake braces? How is it done, some type of tool must be use to keep them stuck on the tooth without falling off????? I thought braces were very painful to put on what fashionable about it, I’m telling you the things people do for fashion that doesn’t make no sense what so ever… Just to look a quick hype that will die out soon enough.. smfh

  6. Crayfish lady braces is fake- Facts
    Aneka is real
    Crome doll mi still a guess cah she realy had buck teeth
    Rushell – don’t know
    Fashioniera whatever is fake she and the crayfish gyal do them braces through braceja
    Sadieke Sadieki sadieke don’t even have a vehicle back up sadieki don’t even live no where good is the other day him get notice from where him live a rock fort….braces mi rass.
    These ppl are sick and trying to create a hype…until unnu can tag unnu location of the orthodontist when unnu go fi tighten the braces then and only then we the ppl will believe unn.
    Kelly upsetter had braces and she did hers at smileja nad Shana all dolled up did hers through tingrinner same place as Aneka

  7. if they can afford it then its on them if they want to put it in, its just another trend like tattoos, piercings and accessories. Some of them like the crayfish girl needs real braces tho, so she should invest in that. She too frighten, I had to unfollow her too. The normal, everyday things weh she create excitement bout was so annoying.

  8. I cant stand ms cray fish i had to unfollow dat frighten frighten ASAP! TOO MUCH! Annoyance at its heighest! Yes her teeth needs braces! Wat a tink if instagram shet down??

  9. What is $300,000-$800,00 unu BADMIND . $300,000-$800,00 is NOT NO BAG A MONEY. PLUS THERE IS PAYMENT PLAN. All a di people dem weh unu a chat bout teeth did wah fix n dem a fix it LEAVE THE PEOPLE DEM. Everybody can afford braces because there is PAYMENT PLAN. SENDER A JEALOUS YUH JEALOUS BECAUSE YUH WANT BRACES AND CANT GET IT. GO VISIT A ORTHO AND THEY WILL EXPLAIN THE PAYMENT PLAN TO YOU BADMIND BITCH

  10. Like seriously badmind tun up! Low the people them, if it’s fake or not that’s there business how it affect unu because unu want put it in and can’t afford it ! People do what they want we live in a free world. Neff a unu nuh know shit and love chat cosmetic braces have been around for a while and it never hurt nobody unu need fi talk to unu dentist before unu come bout fake braces.

    1. everything unnu talk bout badmind weh we a badmind them fah ? the insta fame chile pleaseeeeeeeee!!!!! go have several seats and freeze right there. All a these hype gyal especially crome, should at least have bought a nice decent bed & bed head first before such an accomplishment, cah to them they are instagram rich…& dem bank book thirsty like mi P#$Y. why fake it to make it ? yea a fi dem mouth and a fi dem instagram supposedly rich money weh them probably haffi a juggle several balls to maintain ask Rich & Aneka how much appointments them miss cah them cannot pay the monthly installments…unnu gweh from yah like unnu can fool the foolish followers that are on insta but not some of us that are in the know.

  11. The news report bout fake braces so we ah talk bout fake braces….unnu hate the subject matter move up and go start a blog that praises and encourages f***ry and stop come yah and defend nonsense…..

  12. I was patiently waiting for this nonsense to reach here. I never thought I would live to see the day when braces would become fashionable. Braces wrecked many childhoods. Who remembers when Tom Cruise got invisible braces? The man clearly did not want traditional braces to ruin his career because at that time braces were uncool. He helped to make invisible braces become popular which drove down the cost of traditional braces.

    Anyway unto Nicki Chromazz……Mi just a learn how fi use Snap chat
    and in the space of 48 hours Chromazz change ar braces from green to black then she decide she hate the black so she a go back to green and then to pink…..this is a monkey see monkey do generation.

    Since young people CANNOT think for themselves people like Chromazz piss me right off…..in 48 hours I learned that she DON’T sleep…she party sun up to sun down and most of her calories comes from alcohol and KFC….ar skin bleach right out and it look like she a run competition with kartel in the tattoo department….she is either bisexual or bicurious and now this tormented fool is sporting a mouth full of metal and thinks it’s cool to change the bands to match her outfits. I feel sorry for her thousands of “fans” who are inspired by this airhead midget. I have no words of caution about bleaching or braces. Fi dem skin fi dem mouth.

  13. How Jamaican ppl can bawl fi bad mind so? some a dem a walk and a tek bus and live inna dem mother house and a talk bout bad mind kmt

  14. Badmind a the new name fi peaking yuh mind, exactly @Marie like a real orthodontist would have that much time on his / her hands pathetic ppl dem be!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. It look like seh ISPY can’t afford braces. Why you so bothered though? Yuh might go get the fake braces dem. Yuh all a call out the people dem who own real

  16. Marie you spoke pure facts ! I followed chromazz last night on snapchat and I saw a whole nother side to her, smh #FrightenFriday

  17. Suh if the people dem dont upload and tag dem braces nuh real. Unu fool as f**k . Thr whole a dem braces real . Braces is as low as 300,000 and yuh can get a payment plan. . Unu doah know nutn bout the people dem . 300,000 a nuh money suh unu a gwan like braces a 10 million dollar . That wid people unu love mek up when unu dont know shit. Braces is not a benz . Sender yuh dumb af bout how dem afford $300,000-$800,000 clearly sender YOU ARE BROKE. Because a nuh bagga money

    1. Nope…only person sounds dumb is you is defending what we know is occurring ….all if the girls above have real braces…clearly the fake braces thing is a “thing”….so no…you sound dumb…maybe you don’t know real braces from fake….

      1. Exactly! The fake braces is a in “thing” now smh.so why are they being so defensive?? Kudos to the planners and well i dont know wat to.say bout the fakers :hammer most a dem mouth nuh need braces! Mo0st.. it was a style wen lady saw and sean paul did it! Kartel have shark mouth soo mi naa guh seh nuttn bout him

    2. No them cannot tag their location because the way how them love tag them need fi sure them real rich, yes an 300,000 is chump change so why go for 40,000 van back braces!!!!

  18. Stick a pin, how it look like dhq sherr dem and dhq nickesha ina malace? Forgive me if I’m wrong but from weh day some ppl a comment pon sher and rene’s insta asking where’s nickesha? And nickesha a throw her word.. idk just asking if a me alone notice lol

  19. Lol damn groupies back it again with the messy shit. Lol cut n guh tru still. Put some respek on my TEETH loooool. Yall dnt kno the struggle lol i had to go thru n pain to tighten them lol. I might miss an appt date but NEVER miss my monthly tight i always reschedule! Three yrs nw still time fi dem come off. Look like me afi go start keep unuh posted every month n upload progress report to rass lol stay blessed- rush

    1. Richie honey, if you needed braces, could afford them and got them….congrats…it’s a good thing….but nuh tell mi seh yuh nuh know bout di whole heap fake braces weh people ah wear?

      1. Yea i know abt it n kno ppl tht got it. But im just a lil annoyed u kno tht ppl feel the need to put up my pic knowing damn well i had it for years n always snap when im at my ortho. But its cool tho cuz atleast ppl here commenting n kno its real.

  20. Braces were for nerds back then! Even the nerd glasses! These people were the same ones used to make fun at people then,and now they are the ones wearing the said things they teased people abt back then smh wat an irony!

  21. @Richrush….uhm where u get d money to live like u r doing; taking trips, shopping,spending on theeth etc? Talk up love a nuuffffff people want to know if ur selling like the fake clan

    1. Loool gyal? Fi fly gah merka a sumn miss? Tap it yah! U see me in nuh guiseppe or chanel? 90 percent of the time me deh a me yaad snap can attest to that lloool dont draw me out. Me broke miss. N ithe word is teeth* n its called budgeting properly and prioritizing.

    1. lame come sumn better *rolls eyes* come with ur real name on here n then ill have time to address ur bullshit. Anyways me gone yah. Cyah entertain foolishness

      1. I dont give a f**k bout dis lilly girl yes lilly! But a puuuure assumptions this! Di gyal life is mystery like the late prince! Girl a ur life u nuh care who me a f**k or weh me aget mi money from suh who me to want pry ina yuh life?? Live it up girl mi nuh bizniz weh u a du and dnt care to0 kno0!

      2. Does Marie sound like a fake name or does Richrush?? Now that the name thing is out of the way please do return and address my bullshit as you said.

        AGAIN yuh stawt respek yuh front and stop sell?

  22. @richrush you know you out here popping pussy for some white old married American man. You know the man that is spending on you is an old married man. You don’t even reach 21 much less. Have respect fi you self. Too young to be thirsting for money

  23. @richrush you know you are sleeping with a old married man for money. You don’t even reach 21. No shame. Have some respect fi you self . Thotting so early with married man fi things

  24. I don’t see what miz crome had to brace but anyways she need fi change that sheet on her bed now it wah wash and the money spent for braces just yo skin u teeth and make IG think u the bomb u would buy a proper bed …just a thought

  25. It use to amaze me to see Anika come to element 86 a night time sniff har coke get high then hit the pole and when she done skin out har raw pu$$y if the tip them no nuff and no Lapdance or bj request nah come een fi har she fight the other dancers..lol Anika u remember the night when u were giving the 2 white man them bj in the redroom with the other russian girl u were so high you threw up on yourself? It was such an embarrassment we had to give them complimentary passes as compensation. Everytime I see you on ig I just laugh you dancer girls sick stomach I swear. You still selling hun or you retire? I just might have a Lil gig for you…link up met for the info. You Mscromedoll you need to get some egyptian cotton sheets and dash weh dem bad colour something deh u too hot fi dat..
    A headboard would look nice in your pictures and snaps …how you doing?

  26. All d liikle gyal dem deh wid old married man…my ex-husband old like dirt n is baaaaay 15-19 him deh wid.

    Right now its d talk a d town how one n har madda tie him n mi know him get tie goooood good bc that man respect no1 n is a womanizer but him cant even talk to d 1 him live with who is 40 years older than;well the mother say she affi calm him bc her daughter cant manage him.

    Eeeeeevery one a d likkle gyal dem a Jamaica as young as 13 a whore….well majority of them not all.

  27. So due to how onnu badmind the gal them bad Inna real life .. Richiann a wear braces from we ago wolmers if she a f**k white married man how that concern onnu no her pussy .. At least she a get ahead with Hers some onnu a get f**k and duck .. A f**k he.. She and the old lady and still at one place in life . onnu badmind and I want smaddy say nothing to me .. Me big and bad . Me no want no anonymous answer me either

  28. DWL!!!! Im laughing at all these comments. Thats why I dont envy a soul. on insta, because i dont know where they getting their money from.

  29. One thing is certain, people who actually has a life and has progressive things to do everyday don’t have time to be posting all these negative shit I read. Uno life sad and boring go find a work, start a business go back a school or something. “Hating people ain’t happy…… Happy people ain’t hating”
    And people who had their shit together and doing their thing would not have the time to sit on groupie met commenting shit cause they would be too busy minding their damn business.

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